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Kjeringi (1314m) on skis, Jan 16 2010

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Kjeringi summit ridge

Kjeringi summit ridge
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I was visiting Anne Rudsengen in Sogndal, and even though my health-o-meter had a fairly low "reading" (from a very recent virus), I decided to sign up for a ski-trip to Kjeringi. I knew it would be a fairly long trip, but as the vertical gain only seemed to be about 1000m, I reckoned I could get away with it. Along came Knut Rydgren - a professor at the Sogn og Fjordane University College. I hadn't met him before, but he was very nice company. Knut had spent quite some time where I grew up in the north, so we had plenty to talk about.

We started out from the Kleppa trailhead 10:44am. Anne and I skied with skins on, while Knut was cruising on wax. It was a brilliant day, but there was a cold wind at the trailhead. We wondered what was awaiting higher up on the mountain. Knut and Anne had been up here several times before and commented on how little snow there was.  


Across Viddmyrane

Across Viddmyrane
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The Sogn and Fjordane mountains are surely different from the Møre and Romsdal mountains I know. I acknowledged the fact that I do enjoy a steep ascent more than flats, ups and downs. But eventually, the proper climb up the mountain began and the skins provided valuable grip instead of irritation.

The wind increased to gale-force strength and full winter gear had to come on as we ascended Fagreggi. But we had good clothes and continued towards Kjeringi with little to worry about except cold faces. But it was the kind of weather where just losing one glove can give you serious problems. After a while, we found a slightly sheltered spot and had lunch. And Knut found it best to proceed with skins.


Approaching the summit

Approaching the summit
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We reached the summit 2pm and the summit cairn provided a little bit of shelter. After a round of pictures, the others were already ready to leave. I had borrowed a backpack for the occasion, one I was totally unfamiliar with. I couldn't find my winter gloves in it and left the summit with just thin gloves on. That didn't work at all, and I felt stress come upon me. I had to call for a technical break and I found the gloves at last. Then I lost both my snowflake baskets (from my brand new poles) in a downhill run. Without these, one is quite helpless in deep snow. But fortunately we were on our way down the mountain and things could have been far worse.

Once we reached the prepared tracks, I was no longer hindered by defective poles and could enjoy a fun descent. Back at the trailhead at 400m (3:33pm), I told the others that I would continue down the road. I stopped at 260m and waited for the others to pick me up.

In retrospect, this trip was probably not the best way to recover from a virus, but I'm still glad I got to see this beautiful part of the country.  I had been unfaithful to my "know your equipment" motto by borrowing a backpack, and going on a long trip with untested poles. All in all - a valuable lesson learned.


Knut and I on Kjeringi

Knut and I on Kjeringi
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Fagreggi

0. Trip tracks 1. Kleppa trailhead 2. Trailhead signposts 3. View from the trailhead 4. Right-turn after 500m 5. Anne makes a point 6. Across Viddmyrane 7. The route begins to climb 8. View up the mountain 9. Fagreggi 10. Sognefjorden 11. Fagreggi 12. Skriki 13. Looking back

Up Fagreggi and To Kjeringi

14. Knut 15. Knut will soon put skins on 16. It is getting quite windy 17. View up the mountain 18. Windy mountain 19. Sognefjorden 20. Anne and Hurrungane 21. Fresvikbreen mountain region 22. Kjeringi summit ridge 23. On top of Kjeringi 24. Storen and Hurrungane

Wide-angle view from Kjeringi

25. Wide-angle view from Kjeringi

Zoom views from Kjeringi

26. Zoom view from Kjeringi 27. Zoom view from Kjeringi


28. Sognefjorden 29. Descending Kjeringi 30. The wind screams at us 31. Descending the mountain 32. Yihaa! 33. Nice afternoon colors

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