Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Skarven and Jørenvågsalen, Aug. 26 2006

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Trip report, Aug 26 2006

My friend Petter was heading towards Nordmøre to make progress on his primary factor list. As I hadn't seen him since he left for Mt. McKinley in May (and a bunch of other mountains later on), I decided to drive up to Kristiansund to join him. I picked him up at the airport Saturday, 12:08PM, after having visited Kvernberget. We took the 13:00PM ferry towards Tustna and drove to Leira for a final round of grocery shopping.

We then drove to Halsnes, followed a rough forest road for a little while, and were on our way towards Skarven 14:00PM. I carried my dachshund "Troll" from the end of the forest road. I knew this week-end involved a lot of dog-carrying, and a whole lot of vertical meters. The fact that the weather was fairly good was uplifting, and now we were on our way to the first peak.

We followed a vague, yet visible forest path towards Skarven's south flank. The path vanished and we headed off-trail up to the summit, which we reached 15:45PM. We had ascended approx. 830 vertical meters in 2h:45min, taking it easy along the way. After all, it was a hot day. The views from Skarven were mightly fine, although fog obscured some of the views. A couple of hikers came up the north ridge.

We left Skarven 16:00PM and headed down the fun south ridge. We descended to the Skarven - Jørenvågsalen saddle before following the distinct ridge leading up to Jørenvågsalen. Troll walked most of the way down from Skarven, but on the way to Jørenvågsalen, I picked him up again. This was also a fun and easy route, and we reached Jørenvågsalen summit 17:15PM. It had taken us 1h:15m to descend Skarven and climb 367m up to Jørenvågsalen summit.

The fog was now lifting and the views got gradually better. It was - in a way - "rewarding" to be in a completely new place, with a brand new view. Tustnastabbene contributed significantly to the manifold landscape. Two hikers arriving from Gullsteinsdalen arrived the summit shortly after us. We spent half an hour on the summit and were on our way down 17:45PM. Back in the saddle, we followed a marked trail that we assumed would take us all the way back to the trailhead - on a new route - but we lost it on the way into the bowl south of Jørenvåsalen and Skarven. Actually, we didn't lose it. The trail started to climb towards the east, which didn't make any sense to us. We decided to hike off-trail until we joined our ascent route. With all 8 legs in motion, we were back at the car 18:57PM.

We continued to Stabblandet island to set up the campsite near Fjellnesdalen. See the trip report for the next day.

Pictures from the July 26 2006 hike

To Skarven

1. Waiting for the ferry in Seivika (252KB) 2. On the way to Skarven (307KB) 3. Skarven zoomed in (192KB) 4. Trailsign (208KB) 5. The ridge to Jørenvågsalen (184KB) 6. Still a long way to Skarven (221KB) 7. View, on the way to Skarven (373KB) 8. Innerbergsalen (222KB)

360 deg. wide-angle view from Skarven

9. 360 deg. wide-angle view from Skarven (777KB)

Other Skarven pics

10. Skarven summit (143KB) 11. 50mm view from Skarven (487KB) 11. 50mm view from Skarven (499KB) 12. Jørenvågsalen (154kB) 13. Smøla windmills (103KB)

To Jørenvågsalen

14. Dark sheep (164KB) 15. White sheep (315KB) 16. To Jørenvågsalen (234kB) 17. Descending Skarven (143KB) 18. Descending Skarven (181KB) 19. Descending Skarven (188KB) 20. To Jørenvågsalen (207KB) 21. To Jørenvågsalen (172KB) 22. To Jørenvågsalen (218KB)

360 deg. wide-angle view from Jørenvågsalen

23. 360 deg. wide-angle view from Jørenvågsalen (970KB)

Other Jørenvågsalen pics

24. Skarven (369KB) 25. 50mm view from Jørenvågsalen (596KB) 26. 50mm view from Jørenvågsalen (137KB) 27. Zoom towards Trollheimen (108KB) 28. Zoom view from Jørenvågsalen (249KB)


29. Descending Jørenvågsalen (250KB) 30. Descending Jørenvågsalen (242KB) 31. Trailhead (187KB) 32. Passing a slightly airy point (324KB) 33. Afternoon colors on Skarven (176KB) 34. Troll chasing Petter (370KB)

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