Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Innerbergsalen and Storøra, Aug. 27 2006

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Trip report, Aug 26-27 2006


After having visited Skarven and Jørenvågsalen on Tustna, we drove to Stabblandet to set up camp for the night. We knew that shortest route up and down Innerbergsalen and Storøra, was from Fjellnesdalen. It was unclear how far into Fjellnesdalen we could drive.

As we reached the road end at Innerberg, we realised that the road towards Fjellnesdalen would be rough, but possibly doable. This was not a road suited for low-clearance vehicles, and I had to position the left-side wheels on the middle of the road. Careful and steady driving was called for! The road got increasingly rougher, and then there was one hill I simply wasn't able to drive up. I found a spot where I could turn the car around, and then I backed the car up the hill, while Petter was guiding me past rocks that would be bad for the car. I think I drove in reverse for about a kilometer before I turned it around again. After 2,6Km, and just before the final hill down to Fjellnesdalen, we decided to find a place to park. We had a great spot for a camp on our right-hand side, and Petter ran down to the houses to ask for permission to camp. Permission was granted, and soon the campsite was up and running. After dinner, we enjoyed the nice evening, although a bit bothered by insects.


We woke up around 06:00AM the following morning and were ready to hike 07:10AM after breakfast. Petter had received instructions about how to ascend Innerbergsalen, but we ended up too high in the forest. We descended and eventually got on the right track after some off-trail hiking in the lower forest. The track was barely visible, but good enough to follow. Although the morning was a bit cooler than mid-day, the shade in the forest was quite welcome. No doubt today would be a hot day too.

Above the tree-line, there track vanished and we hiked off-trail the remaining 500 vertical meters up to Innerbergsalen summit, which we reached 09:30AM. Just like on the other summits, the cairn was impressive. The weather was gorgeous, and no local fog obscured the views. We spent about 40 minutes on top, and were on our way down 10:10AM. We were able to follow the track all the way down to the valley, and we were back at the campsite 11:15AM. I had carried my dog "Troll" most of the way up and down the mountain.

We could have hiked Storøra directly, but on my request, we returned back to the camp. This was only a 5 minute detour, and allowed us to get a warm lunch, refill of water and a good rest. Had we not been able to drive into Fjellnesdalen, we would either have to carry the campsite equipment a long way, or do the entire hike with sufficient food and water. I figured the backpack was heavy enough with a dog inside.


12:10PM, we were on our way to Storøra. We followed a track that later became a visible path, all the way to the Innerbergsalen - Storøra saddle. We followed the ridge towards Storøra on a fine path, but went off-trail on grass in order to bypass the Runden hump. The final hill was a "killer". Steep and "infinite". We reached the top 13:45PM and I was very happy about the fact that there would be no more uphill today.

3 other hikers came from the north, and we chatted for a while. A very senior lady impressed us. She obviously knew this mountain well. We left the summit 14:20PM and followed the same route back down. Troll was able to walk all the way back to the trailhead, which we arrived at 15:35PM.

Heading home

After breaking camp, it was time to take on the 2,6Km rough road towards Innerberg. This time, everything went smooth, or as smooth as it can get on a road like this. We were back in Tømmervåg in due time for the 17:00PM ferry. I dropped Petter off in Kristiansund downtown before I headed back towards Ålesund. On the ferry from Molde, Petter called me and told me that his flight had been cancelled, and that he had to spend the night in Kristiansund. "The upside", I told him, "is that you now have time to hike Freikollen (629m)". A bit later, 10 minutes before I reached Ålesund, he phoned me from Freikollen summit..

Pictures from Aug 26-27


1. Passing Stabben and Storøra (126KB) 2. Passing Stabben (175KB) 3. Campsite in Fjellnesdalen (175KB)


4. Early morning (350KB) 5. Where the trail leaves the Fjellnesdalen road (494KB) 6. Off-trail in the forest (450KB) 7. Above the forest (295KB) 8. The long hill (217KB) 9. Traffic (104KB)

360 deg. wide-angle view from Innergbergsalen

10. 360 deg. wide-angle view from Innerbergsalen (644KB)

Other Innerbergsalen pics

11. 50mm view from Innerbergsalen, part 1/2 (515KB) 12. 50mm view from Innergbergsalen, part 2/2 (401KB) 13. Zoom view (medium res.) from Innerbergsalen (929KB) 14. Kristiansund (203KB) 15. Soleimsundet (203KB) 16. Zoom view from Innerbergsalen (454KB) 17. The ridge to Stabben (236KB) 18. Stabben zoomed-in (234KB) 19. Skarven seen from Innerbergsalen (214KB) 20. Innerbergsalen summit cairn (108KB) 21. Troll on Innerbergsalen (175KB)


22. 50mm view (346KB) 23. 50mm view (248KB) 24. The ridge to Fjellnesdalen (205KB) 25. Troll working hard in the boulder (397KB) 26. Lunch back at the campsite (311KB)


27. In the Innerbergsalen - Storøra saddle (287KB) 28. On the ridge (295KB) 29. Innergbergsalen detail (294KB) 30. Innerbergsalen (303KB) 31. Troll and Petter (295KB) 32. Our campsite (335KB)

360 deg. wide-angle view from Storøra

33. 360 deg. wide-angle view from Storøra (1260KB)

Other Storøra pics

34. Petter on his fourth -stabb- (313KB) 35. Troll has found a good spot (416KB) 36. Zoom view from Storøra (667KB) 37. Fjord view (480KB)


38. Descending Storøra (682KB) 39. Innerbergsalen (273KB)

Waiting for the ferry in Molde

40. View from the ferry harbor in Molde (955KB) 41. View from the ferry harbor in Molde (604KB)

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