Vedafjellet, 661m

Mountain area : Osterøy
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Osterøy
Maps : 1216-III Stanghelle (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: 170m
Hiked : Feb 2003
See also : Stangfjellet
See also : Såtefjellet
Vedafjellet seen from Rolland

Vedafjellet seen from Rolland


Vedafjellet is located on the north end of a long ridge, in the southern Osterøy region. Views from the summit is excellent in all directions, except straight east, where the view is obscured by the higher Brøknipa.

The mountain is easily accessible from Vedo/Vedå and a couple trails will take you onto the mountain. From the summit, one can hike the ridge southbound to Såtefjellet, 666m, the highest point on this ridge. The Vindeggi ridge also provides a further route to Brøknipa. The Vindeggi ridge is narrow at one point.

Primary Factor

Vedafjellet (M711: -, Ø.K: 673m) has a primary factor of 170m, towards the higher Brøknipa (822m). The saddle is found on Vindeggi. Ref. Økonomisk Karverk (5m contours), you cross the 505m contours on the high route, but not 500m. The saddle height is interpolated to 503m. M711 Point 661m (660,97m on Ø.K) is the trig. point, and not the high point.

Trail descriptions:

Note: Class ratings are in reference to YDS (Yosemite Decimal System).

Vedå - Vedafjellet (summer/autumn)

Difficulty : Class 1
Comments : Easy trail. No difficult parts
Distance : Approx. 3,6Km to summit
Time : Approx. 1-2 hours to summit
Starting Elev.: Approx. 230m

Map of the area
Map of the area
Detailed map
Detailed map


From Bergen, follow E16 towards Oslo. Not too far after the Arnanipa tunnel (approx. 30min from Bergen), exit right towards Osterøy. Cross the bridge, pay the toll fare (currently NOK 45,-) and set your odometer.

Follow the road straight into the tunnel, and after 4,6Km, exit right towards Gjerstad. Follow this road 3Km, and exit right towards Vedå/Teigland. Follow the road straight ahead for 1,5Km, and turn sharp left next to a wooden rack of mailboxes. Follow the road 400m and notice a gravel road going up to the right next to a green barn. This is your trail. Find parking in the area. Also check the "trailhead" picture below, in case the barn gets a new color.

The route

Follow the forest road upwards. Soon, the forest road forks. Do not follow the road to the left, but go up towards the right. The quality of the forest road gradually decreases, and turns into a trail. This trail eventually ends at a vista point, and a much smaller mountain trail runs straight ahead, and curves around a ridge. Once around this ridge, go down a small valley and then ascend the main ridge that will take you all the way to the summit.

If you lose the trail going up the ridge, then don't worry. The direction is obvious, and the terrain is easy to hike. You will first arrive Setevarden (620m), descend slightly before hiking up to Vedafjellet. There is no summit cairn. Descend your ascent route, or consider hiking to Såtefjellet and return towards Teigland.

Trip report Feb 23 2003

Once again, I had to leave the dog back at the house. Thus, I had to go to a mountain in the "neighbourhood". My choice fell on Vedafjellet, as the drive wasn't long, the mountain not too high, and I expected great views on this sunny Sunday. From the Gullfjellstoppen hike the day before, I also noticed that there was hardly any snow below 500m, on the south Osterøy mountains.

I parked at Vedå and asked around for the trail. I got good instructions, left the car 11:50AM and hiked quickly upwards the forest road. When I got to the north side of the Vedafjellet ridge, I had excellent views towards Stangfjellet, and even though I lost the trail when I hit the snow at approx. 500m, the terrain was easy to hike in.

I reached the summit approx. 13:00PM and took a good look at the Vindeggi ridge leading to Brøknipa. I made a mental note to try route one day. The guy I spoke to down at Vedå said the ridge was narrow and scary, but I couldn't verify this from my position on the Vedafjellet summit. I followed the Vedafjellet ridge for a little while, wondering if I should include Såtefjellet on the trip. But the snow was soft, and I would make slow progress on the way over. Under normal circumstances I would have hiked all day in such great weather, but when the dog is ill, then priorities are given.

I decided to make a shortcut direct towards Vedå, which led me into steep forest. Fortunately, I found a trail that took me down the mountain and onto a forest road which led straight to Vedå.

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Stangfjellet and Storavatnet (222KB) On the way up the ridge (496KB) Western panorama (593KB) Uskedalen mountains in the horizon (170KB) Vaksdal mountains (323KB) View towards Broknipa (646KB) View towards Gullfjellet (296KB) View towards Graafjellet (157KB) Gullfjellstoppen, 987m (146KB) West view towards Veten (178KB) Saatefjellet, 666m (251KB) The trail up and the trail down (427KB) The trailhead (159KB) Vedafjellet seen from Rolland (251KB)

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