Hiking Log 2008

This is my 2008 hiking log. Mountains I've done before appear in italic style. "VM" means actual vertical meters climbed. An asterix (*) after "Time" means I hiked after dark. PF means primary factor. indicates nice & sunny pictures. A new top (blue) should have PF 100m+, unless the top was the target for the hike.

Statistics 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
# of New mountains   101 120 154 133 100 130 123 119
Ulriken (Bergen)   2   1 162 151 140 136 127
# of other mountains   199 199 125 47 52 32 37 24
TOTAL   302 319 280 342 303 302 296 270
Vertical meters   141600m 140750m 147200m 160600m 146350m 145450m 126000m 88100m

Clickable (+ scroll,zoom) map of tops visited in 2008. Green marker = new tops, red = tops visited before.


# Mountain Hgt PF Kommune Date Time VM Comments
302 Leinehornet 366m 366m Herøy 30.12.08 18:10PM* 300m 2,8km. Great sky for pics, but too windy.
301 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 29.12.08 18:25PM* 250m 2,2km. Didn't want to go, but I did..
300 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 28.12.08 22:35PM* 250m 2,2km. Another "magic" number (300)
299 Gardnestua 653m 415m Ulstein 28.12.08 13:50PM 650m 8km. Beautiful day. Very icy. Pics
- Flåna 613m 28m Ulstein 28.12.08 13:25PM
298 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 27.12.08 16:25PM* 250m 2,2km. w/Morten & "Odin". 140K. He he..
297 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 27.12.08 14:50PM 250m 2,2km. On the way home..
- Eggesbøsteinen 68m 58m Herøy 27.12.08 13:55PM 50m A cool coastal hill. Info soon.
- Frøystadtua 134m 91m Herøy 27.12.08 13:05PM 100m 2,4km. Had overlooked this top. "Discovered" this morning. Info soon.
296 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 26.12.08 19:30PM* 250m 2,2km. Shakin' off the six-pack..
295 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein 26.12.08 11:25AM 650m 5km. Nice round trip from Haddal. High point on Hareidlandet. Pics
294 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 25.12.08 19:50PM* 250m 2,2km. Shakin' off the Grandiosa..
293 Koppefjellet 940m 602m Volda 25.12.08 12:10PM 650m 5,2km on skis. From Aldalen. Windy but nice. A bit nervous about avalanche danger. Pics.
292 Haddalshornet 611m 103m Ulstein 24.12.08 13:15PM 550m 4km. Cloudy. Up west ridge via Hammaren. Down Klungsdalen. Pics.
291 Laupsnipa 558m 380m Herøy /
23.12.08 18:30PM* 550m 4,2km. Light rain. Summit pic.
290 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 21.12.08 20:15PM* 250m 2,2km. Howlin' gale-force wind.
289 Barmen 278m 244m Herøy 21.12.08 12:30PM 300m 5,6km. Pouring rain and strong wind. Koh! Very cool cliffs. Pics.
- Muletua 253m 65m Herøy 21.12.08 12:05PM
288 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 19.12.08 18:20PM* 600m 7km. Starry sky & showers. Gale-force wind w/whipping snow. Hostile, but we've seen worse.
287 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 17.12.08 19:45PM* 250m 2,2km. Very windy.
286 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 15.12.08 18:00PM* 250m 2,2km. A "quickie"..
285 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 14.12.08 19:20PM* 400m 3,8Km. Had been to the western top, but not on the high point. Pics.
284 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 14.12.08 14:05PM 300m 5,2km. Nice Sunday weather, but no car (yet) after Saturday's party..  Pics.
- Lidafjellet 200m 42m Herøy 14.12.08 12:40PM
- Dyrkyrkja 192m 15m Herøy 14.12.08 12:25PM
283 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 13.12.08 14:35PM 250m 2,2km. Gale-force wind on top. Pics.
282 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 12.12.08 18:40PM* 250m 2,2km. Full moon and light gale-force wind on top.
281 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 11.12.08 19:50PM* 600m 7km. Ski-trip under the full moon! Omigod.. Pics
280 Bakkehornet 327m 4m Herøy 10.12.08 18:55PM* 300m Gave up on Rjåhornet because of thick fog and deep snow. Pics.
279 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 08.12.08 19:10PM* 250m 2,2km. In-betw. showers. Magic sky.
278 Skarphornet 695m 165m Volda 07.12.08 12:40PM 650m 11km, 2h:40m on skis. Up & down Himmelstigen. What a descent! Pics.
277 Veirahaldet 1206m 173m Ørsta 06.12.08 14:00PM 1150m 10,8km, 4h on skis. From Tvergrova. Failed attempt on Blåtinden. Gorgeous weather. Pics
276 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 04.12.08 21:10PM* 250m 2,5km. Didn't find the trailhead. Ended up on the SE ridge. Descended NE ridge. Pics.
275 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 02.12.08 20:00PM* 600m 7km. Millions of stars. Flashed my Pila torch to Morten, living on Dimnøya.
274 Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy 30.11.08 13:46PM 100m Rising from my new house on Gurskøya
- Kleppeåsen 151m 98m Herøy 30.11.08 13:00PM 100m "Discovered" this top from Heida.
273 Heida 239m 126m Herøy 30.11.08 12:00PM 200m Good path. Nice views. Pics.
272 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 29.11.08 19:10PM* 600m 7km. After-dark panorama.
271 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 29.11.08 15:40PM 250m A happening. The "Real Star" was lit. Pics.
270 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 28.11.08 18:40PM* 600m New deal. First hike (7km) after moving to Gurskøya. Snow on the ground and starry sky above. Wonderful!
269 Lidaveten 592m 439m Volda 23.11.08 13:25PM 600m Beautiful day. Tormenting ascent with up 60-70cm of snow. Pics
268 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 21.11.08 20:20PM* 250m w/Olav. Normal route. Snow storm. Quite serious weather.
267 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 18.11.08 19:00PM* 300m w/Olav. Traverse. Down Trollråsa. Snow.
266 Spjelkavikfjellet
456m 102m Ålesund 16.11.08 12:10PM 450m Straight up from Vasstranda and down the road from Langevatnet. Rain & snow.
265 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 13.11.08 20:55PM* 300m w/Olav. Traverse. Full moon.
264 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 11.11.08 21:35PM* 250m w/Olav. Normal route. Full moon.
263 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 10.11.08 19:10PM* 250m w/Olav. Normal route. Starry sky.
- Kjerringane 848m 58m Stranda 09.11.08 13:30PM 950m w/Svein Myhre. 7,5km, 4h:40m. Steep & rough ascent. Windy. Pics.
262 Herdalsnibba 1231m 201m Stranda 09.11.08 11:50AM
261 Båsenibba 910m 120m Stranda 08.11.08 12:50PM 700m 7,3km. Very enjoyable hike. 1st class view towards Geirangerfjorden. Pics
260 Sætrenibba 859m 109m Stranda 08.11.08 12:15PM
259 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 06.11.08 19:10PM* 350m w/Olav & Andreas. Watching satellites & shooting stars from Trollråsa. Nice!
258 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 05.11.08 19:50PM* 250m w/Olav. Normal route. Starry sky.
257 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 04.11.08 20:00PM* 250m w/Olav. Normal route.
256 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 03.11.08 20:10PM* 300m U & d Trollråsa, strong wind
255 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 02.11.08 16:00PM 300m U & d Trollråsa, descending w/Magnus. Gale force wind.
254 Liahornet 961m 91m Stranda 01.11.08 14:10PM 700m 11km ski-trip. Terrible skiing conditions. Nice weather. Cold wind. Pics .
253 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 30.10.08 18:55PM* 400m 6km. w/Åsmund & "Ronja". Nice after-dark walk in a snowy landscape
252 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 29.10.08 20:20PM* 300m U & d Trollråsa, after dark, on snow and ice. Intense and beautiful.
251 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 28.10.08 16:40PM 400m 6km. And then came the snow. Pics .
250 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 27.10.08 16:55PM 400m 6km. F/T Høgelia. Rain. Racing dark
- "Hesteraua" 735m 37m Haram 26.10.08 12:05PM 800m 10km. Sunshine, rain, hail, snow, winds.. The full woks.. Pics.
249 Hildrehesten 740m 486m Haram 26.10.08 11:50AM
- Høgenakken 130m 87m Ålesund 26.10.08 00:10AM 100m Just after a 6-pack, I decided to check out the storm Ulrik. Rough, but not impressive..
248 Spjelkavikfjellet
456m 102m Ålesund 25.10.08 15:10PM 400m Straight up from Vasstranda. Pics.
247 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 24.10.08 17:00PM 250m w/Åsmund & "Ronja". Roundtrip from Eikenosa. 3,3km.
246 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 23.10.08 23:30PM* 250m w/Erlend & Olav on the normal route (3,5km tot.) Strong gale. Odd hours..
245 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 22.10.08 16:55PM 400m 6km. From/To Høgelia. Pics.
244 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 21.10.08 17:50PM 400m 6km. From/To Høgelia. Rain. 0:50 total
243 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 19.10.08 14:20PM 400m 6km. From/To Høgelia. Rain. 1:03 total
242 Grøthornet 650m 37m Sula 18.10.08 13:40PM 700m 15,5(+)km, 3h:55m roundtrip from Molvær via Eltraneset, up a steep couloir and down via Blåfjellet. Pouring rain on the plateau. Pics.
- Langerabben 591m 23m Sula 18.10.08 13:10PM
241 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 17.10.08 17:05PM 400m 6,4km. Up Høgelia & down Bigtonhytta
240 Nihusen 438m 340m Skodje 16.10.08 16:40PM 450m 8,5km. Up west ridge, down southwest ridge. Pics.
239 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 15.10.08 16:30PM 350m Up & down Trollråsa
238 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 14.10.08 16:55PM 400m 6km. Rain showers all around. Pics.
237 Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje 12.10.08 16:15PM 300m Via Langdalen (1st time) & Smørdalen. Rain!
236 Liafjellet 533m 385m Ørskog 11.10.08 12:05PM 400m Work day, but a break is allowed. Pics.
235 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 10.10.08 17:55PM 400m 5km(+) roundtrip. Cloudy. Light rain.
234 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 09.10.08 18:40PM 250m Up normal route. Cloudy. Light rain.
233 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 08.10.08 18:55PM 300m Light rain. Hmm.. almost dark. 1st visit since May.
232 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 07.10.08 18:20PM 300m Up & down Trollråsa. Cloudy.
231 Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje 06.10.08 18:10PM 300m 1st visit since May. Light rain. Nice walk.
230 Nøta 199m 116m Rauma 05.10.08 12:45PM 400m Nice forest stroll while strong winds, rain and snow rage higher up. Pics.
229 Lundsfjellet /
296m 278m Rauma 05.10.08 12:05PM
228 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 04.10.08 13:10PM 300m w/Per & Ola. Up Trollråsa & traverse.
227 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 03.10.08 18:40PM 350m To Trollråsa mailbox
226 Ulriken Tower 605m 34m Bergen 01.10.08 17:05PM 400m w/Rune Dalhaug. Rainy hike. Pics.
- Ørnebakken 25m 25m Giske (High point) 28.09.08 11:45AM - A drive around Giske and Godøya. Snow has fallen in the mountains. Amazing waves at Alnes. Foot is recovering from inflammation.
- Havsteinen 62m 62m Giske 24.09.08 18:20PM 50m Thanks to Pål, I finally got to visit this cool sea rock outside Godøya. And a fun boat trip we had too! Pics
225 Leirvågfjellet 254m 231m Sula 23.09.08 18:30PM 200m GPS tracking the new route
224 Leirvågfjellet 254m 231m Sula 22.09.08 18:40PM 200m 1 new route. Pics.
223 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 18.09.08 18:10PM 600m Walked normal route up, down Trollråsa, then guided Marit, June, Mariann and Inger up Trollråsa, then down the normal route. Pics.
222 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 18.09.08 16:15PM
221 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 17.09.08 18:40PM 300m From Olav's house. 14mins to the top. Some jogging involved (which I hate)
220 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 16.09.08 17:45PM 350m From Olav's house. 14m:45s to the top. Mostly fast walking.
219 Borgundnuten 462m 462m Kvinnherad 14.09.08 11:10AM 350m w/Torbjørn. Superb campsite at Gardavikja. Nice walk to the top. Juniper forest!  Hordaland PF top 40 completed! Pics
218 Helgedalsnuten 1441m 486m Etne 13.09.08 13:35PM 1500m w/Torbjørn 24Km, 7,5h strenuous but great hike. Finally! After all these years of thinking about it. Pics
217 Ulriken Tower 605m 34m Bergen 12.09.08 20:00PM 400m 1st visit since '06. Good to be back..
216 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 10.09.08 20:05PM 300m w/Per up & down Trollråsa
215 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 09.09.08 20:00PM 300m Down Trollråsa w/Nini & Hege
214 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 08.09.08 20:10PM 300m U&D Trollråsa. Nice sunset. Pics
213 Trollvasstinden N. 1422m 427m Rauma /
07.09.08 14:55PM 1100m 19km (total), 6h fast pace up & down a superb peak. From Pjusken, via Ådalen and the east ridge. Some very airy points. Pics
- Storknausen 600m 82m Haram /
06.09.08 14:30PM 1200m Becoming familiar with Blåskjerdingen's east side. From Botnavatnet (Nakkedalen), then ascended the NE ridge. Descended to Storknausen and passed Forsevatnet. Pics
- Skjerdingen 1061m 51m Haram /
06.09.08 13:10PM
212 Blåskjerdingen 1069m 771m Haram 06.09.08 12:50PM
211 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 04.09.08 18:35PM 300m Up & down (w/Geir) Trollråsa.
210 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 02.09.08 18:45PM 350m 16,5m up (walking from Olav's house), 8m down (easy running). Also down to the Trollråsa mailbox.
209 Nipahøgdi 1375m 145m Ulvik 31.08.08 10:00AM 400m 2h:15m, 8Km walk from the high trailhead (1040m) in Floskefonndalen. Pics.
- Storeflåtten
(did not summit)
1616m 466m Ullensvang 30.08.08 12:55PM 1200m A decent effort in getting Liv to the top of this big mountain, but we had to turn back at 1220m. 17,5Km total. A very nice trip. Pics .
208 N. Høyholmstind
(west top)
1015m 715m Vevelstad 23.08.08 14:10PM 1100m Finally sunshine, and finally this top which I have wanted for so long. Airy traverse between the two tops. Pics .
- N. Høyholmstind
(east top)
50m Vevelstad 23.08.08 13:45PM
207 Amundsgjerdfjellet 301m 103m Sømna 22.08.08 11:50AM 400m Nice traverse in light rain. Pics.
206 Malmsfjellet
307m 269m Sømna 22.08.08 11:20AM
205 Kvaløyfjellet
305m 305m Sømna 21.08.08 14:15PM 300m Traverse of Kvaløya's high point. Cloudy. Pics.
204 Sømnesfjellet 307m 184m Sømna 21.08.08 12:11PM 300m Nice traverse of Mardalsfjellet little neighbour. Cloudy. Pics .
203 Mardalsfjellet 435m 417m Sømna 20.08.08 17:45PM 550m w/Mom, just after driving 772Km. Also visited points 405m and 406m. Local fog. Pics
202 Snowdon
(Yr Wyddfa)
1085m 1038m (Highest in Wales) 17.08.08 13:05PM
(UK time)
2950m The Three Peak Challenge w/Matt, Joe & Olof on the trail and Anna, Lou & Jim in the logistics team. The goal is to do the highest peak in Scotland, England & Wales in less than 24h. Our time was 21h:40m. An unforgettable adventure. Trip total (from/to Birmingham): 34 hours, 1058 miles, 40Km hiking. Legs OK, head busted (little sleep) Pics .
201 Scafell Pike 978m 912m (Highest in England) 17.08.08 04:40AM
(UK time)
200 Ben Nevis 1344m 1344m (Highest in Scotland) 16.08.08 19:13PM
(UK time)
- Tretindane 922m 72m Sykkylven 10.08.08 16:15PM 850m 11Km, 4h:20m brilliant traverse! This ridge walk is so recommended. Pics
- Dravlausnyken 980m 35m Sykkylven 10.08.08 15:45PM
199 Dravlausegga 1059m~ 536m Sykkylven 10.08.08 15:15PM
- Storbotnshornet
(Did not summit)
1370m 372m Stordal 09.08.08 18:10PM 1400m Failed attempt @1280m on the north ridge and @1320m on the east ridge. Rain and hail(!) made the mountain very dangerous. 17,5Km. 6h:20m. Pics.
- Storhornet 1181m 61m Stordal 08.08.08 16:40PM 1100m 11,9Km, 4h round trip. Traversing Vadbotnen upon descent. Fog above 1100m. Pics.
198 Medhornet /
1205m 335m Stordal /
08.08.08 16:15PM
- Heihornet 1033m 43m Stranda 08.08.08 15:40PM
- Bladet 1300m~ 20m~ Ørsta 04.08.08 19:45PM 1200m Super 7 hour trip w/Anna, Matt, Joe & Terje. Everyone up on Bladet. After rain (and thunder) Molladalen presented the most beautiful colors and light. Pics
197 Mohns Topp 1359m 84m Ørsta 04.08.08 18:55PM
196 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 02.08.08 - 400m Climbing in Trollråsa w/Kirsti, Bjørn, Anna & Matt. Pics.
- Kaldtinden 1115m 45m Rauma 01.08.08 20:40PM 1250m 4,5h, 13,1Km nice roundtrip. Fine weather and a fine sunset. Pics
- Grøntinden 1179m 59m Rauma 01.08.08 20:15PM
195 Prosten 1263m 673m Rauma 01.08.08 19:25PM
194 Hundatinden 1234m 184m Sykkylven 30.07.08 19:00PM 950m w/Anna & Matt. A nice 5-hour hike to a fun & airy peak. Climbed the summit section 3 times. Pics
193 Svartevasstinden 1259m 149m Vestnes/
29.07.08 19:50PM 800m w/Odd Arne Maridal. What a cool peak! 7 hour trip. Rope climbing and abseiling with a wonderful sunset as background. Pics
- Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 28.07.08 - 200m Climbing on a bolted route w/Matt, Anna, Joe & Louise. Great fun. Most difficult route I've climbed. Pics soon.
192 Vatnedalsegga 1420m 170m Stranda 27.07.08 16:45PM 1600m Terrible bush fight to Kvitegga. Missed the path by 90m! Another superhot day. 6,5h, 14,8Km nice roundtrip. Beautiful waterfall (Litledalsfossen)!! Pics
191 Vatnedalsegga NE-1 1372m 122m Stranda 27.07.08 16:05PM
190 Blåfjellnibba 1487m 132m Stranda 27.07.08 15:20PM
- Blåfjellnibba SE-1 1451m 81m Stranda 27.07.08 14:50PM
189 Kvitegga 1489m 704m Stranda 27.07.08 13:55PM
188 Rollsbotnskorka 1333m 315m Vestnes/
26.07.08 15:50PM 1850m 6,5h, 13,1Km round trip in sweltering heat (28 deg. C.). But what a great hike! Pics
187 Brudefølget 1345m 115m Vestnes/
26.07.08 13:45PM
186 Litleskorka 1164m 194m Vestnes 26.07.08 11:50AM
- Rimøykammen 184m 41m Herøy 25.07.08 17:25PM 300m Walking across most of Remøy island, incl. a 1,5Km rough boulder walk along the shore. Finished off with a good swim in Remøyvika. Pics
185 Vardane /
188m 188m Herøy 25.07.08 17:05PM
- Vasseidet 162m 69m Herøy 25.07.08 16:45PM
184 Blåskjerdingen 1069m 771m Haram 24.07.08 19:50PM 1100m w/Torill. Up via Vestresætra, ridge traverse to Skjerdingen and descent towards Krogsætra. Beautiful weather. 4hrs round trip. Pics
- Skjerdingen 1061m 51m Haram/
24.07.08 19:35PM
183 Tindfjellet 960m 50m Haram 24.07.08 18:55PM
182 Høgehornet 1040m 150m Ørsta 20.07.08 17:50PM 1050m Superb, airy ridge traverse to a beautiful, alpine peak. YDS class 4. 4,5hrs, 8.4Km round trip. Pics
- Point 967m 967m 37m Ørsta 20.07.08 16:50PM
- Point 968m 968m 68m Ørsta 20.07.08 16:30PM
- Litle Kuven 768m 38m Ørsta 20.07.08 15:45PM
- Point 943m 943m 73m Rauma 19.07.08 15:10PM 1400m 5h hike up and down a beautiful peak. Lots of boulder! Tracking the owner of a dead sheep. Pics
181 Middagstinden 1569m 719m Rauma 19.07.08 13:50PM
180 Strengen 890m 747m Surnadal 18.07.08 10:55AM 1200m Long hike (20Km). Mix of sunshine, clouds and rain. Pics.
179 Syltnebba 667m 139m Surnadal 18.07.08 09:10AM
178 Bølia 703m 670m Surnadal 17.07.08 21:10PM 650m Rainshowers. Good sleep in tent. Pics.
177 Hjelmen 978m 675m Surnadal/
17.07.08 18:30PM 750m High point Halsa K. No rain! Pics.
176 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 16.07.08 19:55PM 300m Up Trollråsa. Testing bad foot. Hmm..
175 Kongen 1614m 464m Rauma 11.07.08 13:05PM 1250m Superb hike to two mighty peaks, w/Arngeir (Bispen only), Torill & Inka. Pics
174 Bispen 1462m 332m Rauma 11.07.08 10:45AM
173 Næremstindan 1169m 630m Vestnes 09.07.08 16:40PM 950m 4h:15m trip with Svein. Easy to get to the high point. Further east the terrain became difficult, but a traverse was not on the agenda. Pics
172 Råna
(N. Regndalstind)
1586m 776m Sykkylven/
08.07.08 08:45AM 1800m 5h:50m hike to two 1st class peaks, incl. hike up to 670m in Urkedalen, where I found my GPS. Råna is the highest top in Sykkylven. Pics
171 Midtre Regndalstind 1540m 150m Sykkylven/
08.07.08 07:50AM
170 Urkedalstinden
(S. Regndalstind)
1534m 164m Sykkylven/
07.07.08 17:40PM 1300m 5,5h rough hike to a mighty peak. Ascent on axe and crampons. Lost my GPS. Pics
169 Store Smørskredtind 1631m 1306m Ørsta 06.07.08 12:50PM 1050m 5,5h, 12Km (2D) solo trip to one of Sunnmøre's very finest peaks. Ice-axe and crampons from 1380m. Fog. Pics.
- "Ljøsabrepiggen" 1364m~ 29m Sykkylven 05.07.08 16:50PM 1750m 6h+, 12,5Km (2D) round trip solo (w/only two appleas to eat.. sigh). Two ice-axes felt comfortable upon climbing Blåbretinden - a truly majestic peak. Pics
168 Blåbretinden 1476m 266m Sykkylven 05.07.08 16:00PM
- NW of Blåbretinden 1459m~ 49m Sykkylven 05.07.08 16:25PM
- 1412 on Ljøsabreen 1412m 32m~ Sykkylven 05.07.08 15:30PM
167 Litlehornet 1198m 118m Sykkylven 05.07.08 14:10PM
166 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 04.07.08 20:00PM 350m Scrambling in Trollråsa.
165 Langeheida (Eggja) 982m 70m Ørsta 03.07.08 21:30PM 1100m Awesome hike/scramble/climb (w/Arngeir) to an outstanding peak (Liadalsnipa). YDS Class 4 terrain, up and down during the airy traverse. Pics
164 Bjørnastighornet 940m 90m Ørsta 03.07.08 21:00PM
163 Liadalsnipa 924m 131m Ørsta 03.07.08 18:20PM
162 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 02.07.08 17:20PM 400m Rope climbing in Trollråsa w/Torill & Svein. Trollsvaet, Lille Trollvegg, Postkasseegga & Poste Restante. Pics.
161 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 01.07.08 20:20PM 300m Up & down Trollråsa.
- Tvillingene N. 1319m~ ? Ørsta 29.06.08 14:55PM 1350m Via Mohnsrenna. Partly cloudy, partly sunny. Rain sat in when I was back at the trailhead. Very interesting hike and fun pinnacle scrambling/climbing. 6 hours total. Pics
160 Randers Topp 1414m 144m Ørsta 29.06.08 14:25PM
- E of Bladet 1300m~ 15m~ Ørsta 29.06.08 13:50PM
159 Mohns Topp 1359m 84m Ørsta 29.06.08 13:25PM
158 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 27.06.08 20:05PM 350m w/Even, Jonatan, Marie & Sofie. Visit to the Trollråsa mailbox, then swimming at Kvitesanden, and visits to Alnes Fyr & Skjonghellaren. Pics.
- Home - - Ålesund 26.06.08 - - Backyard climbing w/Arngeir.
157 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 25.06.08 20:00PM 300m Tyskerstien, Trollsvaet, Trollråsa
156 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 24.06.08 20:20PM 350m Trouble in Trollsvaet
155 Tverrfjellet 856m 156m Ørsta 22.06.08 15:15PM 850m Airy traverse across "Hesteryggen". A walk dedicated to my dog Troll, who passed away this morning. Pics
- Hestefjellet 801m 31m Ørsta 22.06.08 14:50PM
154 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 20.06.08 19:50PM 350m w/Olav to Trollråsa mailbox. Rain & wind.
- Hundsvær 33m 33m Ålesund 18.06.08 20:40PM 100m Island hopping w/Pål. Svinøya was the last 50pf top in Ålesund that I hadn't been to. Fighting with seagulls on Brattholmen, rock scrambling and juniper jungle on Hundsvær. Pics
- Brattholmen 25m 24m Ålesund 18.06.08 19:40PM
153 Svinøya 54m 54m Ålesund 18.06.08 18:15PM
152 Tverrfjellet 835m 62m Fræna 15.06.08 14:55PM 1100m Suberb hike; visited 2 of the Troll Church grottos (spectacular waterfalls inside) plus a traverse of the Sandnestindan peaks. 5h:20m (fast pace) and 12Km (map distance). Pics
151 Trolltindan 891m 73m Fræna 15.06.08 14:20PM
- Point 847 847m 24m Fræna 15.06.08 14:05PM
150 Stordalstinden 895m 383m Fræna / Eide 15.06.08 13:35PM
149 Blåfjellet 864m 116m Fræna / Eide 15.06.08 13:05PM
- Trollkirka (grotto) 484m - Fræna 15.06.08 11:50AM
148 Masdalhornet 977m 307m Ørsta 14.06.08 13:40PM 750m 4h+ sunny round trip on this huge plateau. 2,9Km between Trongegga and Masdalshornet, about the same as Kolåstinden vs. Romedalstinden. Pics
- Storhylla 960m 50m Ørsta 14.06.08 13:10PM
147 Trongegga 959m 69m Ørsta 14.06.08 12:35PM
146 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 13.06.08 19:05PM 400m Climbed Trollsvaet 2 times without rope
145 Leirvågfjellet 254m 231m Sula 12.06.08 22:00PM 200m 2 new routes; up Leirvågdalen + north ridge, down south route. .
144 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 10.06.08 19:05PM 400m Clmbing in Trollråsa, a route now named Trollsvaet.
143 Storgrovfjellet 1629m 299m Rauma 08.06.08 11:06AM 950m Summer-skiing above Trollstigen w/Svein & Geir. Pics
142 Nonshornet 1305m 215m Ørsta 07.06.08 12:40PM 1000m Nice walk up the north ridge. Pics
141 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 06.06.08 19:30PM 350m Scrambling in Trollråsa, doing things I was too nervous to do earlier.
140 Otrefjellet 626m 203m Haram 05.06.08 20:15PM 500m w/Per. Fun climbing in "Jaws". Pics
139 Tinden  (Samhjartet) 437m 124m Haram 04.06.08 18:10PM 400m w/Arngeir. The "official" initiation of the nice Tinderåsa (YDS 2+) route. Pics
- Kjerringtindane ? 4m Giske 03.06.08 19:10PM 500m Climbed the highest of the two Kjerringtindane pinnacles (YDS 4). The lower needs a rope, and I will be back. Height approx. 300m? Pics.
138 Lesten 401m 125m Giske 03.06.08 18:45PM
137 Middagstua 243m 45m Ålesund 01.06.08 17:52PM 200m 5,5Km forest walk. Off-trail on Middagstua. Wet to the bone.
- Bringsdalsheia 239m 26m Ålesund 01.06.08 17:34PM
- Holsfjellet 210m 12m Ålesund 01.06.08 17:19PM
- Skothaugen 192m 14m Ålesund 01.06.08 17:06PM
136 Raudtua 590m 392m Fræna 31.05.08 15:25PM 400m Gentle top, warm hike, hot dog. Pics.
135 Skardsettinden 554m 91m Fræna 31.05.08 13:25PM 500m Airy top along the Nordmøre coastline. Pics
134 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 29.05.08 18:55PM 350m via Trollråsa. Nice evening.
133 Meraftafjellet 578m 578m Skodje 28.05.08 19:00PM 550m w/Åsmund. Long round trip. Pics.
132 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 27.05.08 20:50PM 300m w/Martha up Trollråsa. My first picnic in Trollråsa. Pics soon.
131 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 26.05.08 18:50PM 250m Just walking the dog..
130 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 25.05.08 20:15PM 350m w/Per, visiting Trollråsa.
129 Kvasshornet 1409m 760m Ørsta 25.08.08 12:45PM 1050m Memorable ski-trip w/Daniel from Bakkedalen. Gorgeous weather, sping avalanches all around. Pics
- Jolhornet 1390m~ 20m Ørsta 25.05.08 12:25PM
128 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 24.05.08 14:50PM 350m w/Terje & Trond. Up Tyskerstien and Ufseråsa. Down Hyllene. All unroped and with an awkward balance after a night on the town.. Pics.
127 Ursfjellet 563m 213m Skodje 22.05.08 20:00PM 550m w/Per. Nice weather. Border research. Pics
126 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 20.05.08 19:30PM 350m Sunny weather with a touch of rain
125 Manfjellet 668m 200m Midsund 18.05.08 14:45PM 900m 4h:15m round trip (in good pace) across the two remaining peaks in Midsund that I hadn't been to. Sunshine, hail, rain and fog. Fresh snow in the mountains. Pics.
124 Myrsethornet 670m 227m Midsund 18.05.08 13:45PM
- Tverrheia 667m 29m Midsund 18.05.08 13:30PM
- Sætretippen 705m 13m Haram 17.05.08 14:34PM 1100m The plan was only Skoraegga, but ended up with a 12,5Km, 4h:45m traverse across Haram's 2nd highest mountain. Brought a flag, as it's Norway's national day. A bit cold and windy, some rain, but mostly OK. Pics .
123 Storfjellet 950m 892m Haram 17.05.08 14:05PM
- Keipen 916m 38m Haram 17.05.08 13:40PM
- Grønhornet 653m 53m Haram 17.05.08 12:50PM
122 Skoraegga 536m 33m Haram 17.05.08 12:05PM
121 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 16.05.08 20:00PM 300m It's full summer here now..
120 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 13.05.08 19:15PM 300m Climbing in Trollråsa w/Marc Arstall.
119 Storhornet 497m 497m Giske 12.05.08 14:10PM 500m w/Sveinung. From Alnes to Storhornet via Johan Skytt. Brilliant weather, albeit windy. Pics
118 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 12.05.08 09:45AM 300m Up Trollråsa w/Sveinung. Pics.
117 Sylvkallen 1310m 180m Ørsta 11.05.08 13:20PM 1000m Partly rainy ski-trip with Sveinung Klyve and Terje Bergset. Mojo good. Pics.
- Vardfjellet 1050m 20m Stranda 10.05.08 15:10PM 1550m Brilliant 6,5h ski-trip to the highest peak in Sunnmørsalpane, w/Sveinung Klyve and Svein A. Myhre. Gorgeous weather. Questionable descent. Pics
- Kvanngrønibba 1496m 46m Stranda 10.05.08 14:35PM
116 Kvitegga 1707m 1319m Stranda /
10.05.08 13:15PM
- Blåfjellet 1274m 39m Stranda 10.05.08 11:25AM
115 Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje 08.05.08 20:35PM 300m Nice forest walk w/Torill & Inka. ML 50%. Pics.
114 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 07.05.08 19:45PM 300m Up Trollråsa. On medication. Mojo level 50%.
113 Sætreheia 329m 54m Ålesund 06.05.08 19:30PM 350m More Ålesund 50m PF "work". Got 16 of 17 now.
- Funnin 245m 37m Molde 04.05.08 14:05PM 250m A 10-hour trip to collect the two highest points on Sekken island in Romsdalsfjorden. Pics.
112 Ørnahaugen /
302m 109m Molde 04.05.08 13:35PM
111 Tranhaugen 304m 304m Molde 04.05.08 12:30PM 150m
110 Nøråsen
107m 84m Ålesund 03.05.08 18:15PM 100m 3,7Km round trip. Claiming 1 new top from today's 7 hills. Just for the effort. Mojo's up...
- Skolefjellet 102m 54m Ålesund 03.05.08 15:10PM 250m More baby-steps and on duty call. More research of Ålesund 50-100m PF tops. Troll is getting confused..
- Olsfjellet 107m 67m Ålesund 03.05.08 14:30PM
- Pilen 103m 56m Ålesund 03.05.08 14:05PM
- Storhaugen 52m 52m Ålesund 03.05.08 13:40PM
- Åsemulen 105m 22m Ålesund 03.05.08 11:20AM 100m Baby-steps back to life, after 1 month of virus f$#&%. Forest research regarding a new list of Ålesund tops in PF range 50-100m.
- Kyrkjehaugen 106m 53m Ålesund 03.05.08 10:55AM
109 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 27.04.08 18:40PM 250m Walking the dog..
108 Kvitegga 1311m 61m Stordal 27.04.08 12:05PM 950m Very nice ski-trip (from the car) w/Svein, Åsmund,Hildegunn & dogs Ronja & Balder. Pics
- Skagetåa 315m 107m Herøy 24.04.08 15:50PM-
100m Attempt w/Rune Olsen to climb Skagetåa's SW ridge. Brave soldiers, but not brave enough. Pics.
107 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 23.04.08 20:00PM 300m Up "Hyllene" w/Trond Leira. Met Olav, Kenneth, Terje and Virginia in Trollråsa. A gathering! Pics.
- Høgenakken 130m 87m Ålesund 22.04.08 20:45PM 100m The fatigue is back. Damned! Pics soon.
- Breifjellet 424m 56m Ulstein 21.04.08 18:00PM 350m Two hills above Ulsteinvik. Good views and brilliant weather. 6,2Km round trip. Pics
106 Kiberget 438m 65m Ulstein 21.04.08 17:15PM
105 Storhornet 497m 497m Giske 20.04.08 16:40PM 450m On the way home from the airport. 27min up (fast walking).
- Ljosarhaugane 85m~ ? Bergen 20.04.08 12:24PM 100m Waiting for the plane to Ålesund. Two small forest hills near the airport.
- "Lilandsåsen" 97m ? Bergen 20.04.08 12:00PM
- Somewhere above RFV 3030m - Graian Alps, Italy 19.04.08 15:13PM 300m Short ski-trip while Petter summited Gran Paradiso (4061m), 1000m above... Pics
- Rifugio Vitt. Emanuele (RFV) 2735m - Graian Alps, Italy 18.04.08 18:55PM 750m Steep ascent from 1970m in bad weather. 14 hours of headache in Paradise was awaiting.
104 Furekampane 134m 106m Bergen 17.04.08 19:00PM 300m Forest hill research related to Petter's prominence ladder to Mt. Everest. Pics.
103 Dyngelandsåsen 196m 116m Bergen 17.04.08 17:30PM
- "Skolefjellet" 102m 54m Ålesund 15.04.08 19:45PM 50m Sukkertoppen's eastern neighbour
102 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 15.04.08 19:00PM 350m Virus gone, but the back is in havoc.
- Høgenakken 130m 87m Ålesund 13.04.08 20:10PM 100m Walking the dog. Rising curve.
- "Mt. Gåseidnes" - - Ålesund 13.04.08 - 50m Rock climbing w/Per.
- Borgundgavlen 71m 68m Ålesund 07.04.08-
- 1100m Totaling number of walks while fighting virus. Pics.
101 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 12.04.08 15:20PM 300m w/Svein. Tyskerstien, Ufseråsa and Trollråsa. Not well yet. Not well at all.. Svein's report.
100 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 09.04.08 20:45PM 350m w/Olav. Scrambling in Trollråsa.
- Franskhelleren - - Midsund 06.04.08 16:00PM - Cave on Dryna's west side. Pics.
99 Oppstadhornet 737m 737m Midsund 06.04.08 13:45PM 950m One of the best plan B's ever. Nice coastal ski-trip on Otrøya with Petter Bjørstad. The flu is worse. Pics
98 Heggdalshornet 684m 176m Midsund 06.04.08 12:40PM
97 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 02.04.08 17:45PM 350m Up Trollråsa (+scrambling). Evil virus. Poor body.
96 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 01.04.08 16:45PM 300m Up Trollråsa. The snow has gone. Got a mild stroke of the flu.
95 Instehornet 653m 200m Volda 30.03.08 15:25PM 650m From Rotset. Hard struggle in deep snow. OK weather. Steep forest.
- Rotsethornet 649m 26m Volda 30.03.08 15:15PM
- Sandtinden 1065m 55m Vestnes 29.03.08 17:40PM 1100m A winter ascent of the north ridge (from Skorgedalen). Climbing mate (and leader) was Daniel Due-Tønnesen. My most "insane" climb ever. 8,5Km, 8 hours. Pics
94 Sprovstinden 1194m 821m Vestnes 29.03.08 16:45PM
93 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 28.03.08 18:40PM 300m Should have brought skis..
92 Sulafjellet 776m 776m Sula 27.03.08 17:50PM 700m Most excellent ski-trip w/Svein Myhre. Still top-quality snow. Pics.
91 Aksla 188m 188m Ålesund 27.03.08 13:50PM 200m 5Km roundtrip, walking the dog. Day off work.
90 Sulafjellet 776m 776m Sula 26.03.08 18:14PM 750m Most excellent ski-trip w/Arngeir Syversen. The snow and the weather. Whoa.. Pics.
89 Hornseten 190m 152m Herøy 25.03.08 18:00PM 100m Short walk, nice views and a great sunset. Pics
88 Storhornet 497m 497m Giske 24.03.08 17:50PM 450m Struggle in deep snow. Pics.
87 Raudheia 670m 357m Gjemnes /
24.03.08 12:45PM 450m Nice and easy skiing mountain. Sunshine after a while. Pics.
86 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 23.03.08 14:10PM 400m Ski-trip from Blindheim. Snowfall all day.
85 Melshornet 807m 564m Ørsta /
22.03.08 12:55PM 550m Very nice ski-trip in less nice weather. I now understand why this top is so popular. Pics.
84 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 21.03.08 18:25PM 300m Up Trollråsa in deep snow. Exhausting and cold hike. Pics.
83 Kvannfjellet 980m 527m Fræna /
21.03.08 13:35PM 800m Memorable ski-trip with Siv & Jørgen. Very rough on top, but delightful skiing conditions. Pics
82 Aksla 188m 188m Ålesund 20.03.08 13:20PM 150m 5Km roundtrip, walking the dog. Shitty weather.
81 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 19.03.08 18:30PM 250m A nice before-sunset stroll with the dog. Pics.
80 Nihusen 438m 340m Skodje 19.03.08 15:15PM 400m Nice ski-trip w/Torill. Pics.
79 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 18.03.08 19:10PM 350m w/Olav & Andreas. Down to the Trollråsa mailbox. More amazing weather. Pics.
78 Storhornet 497m 497m Giske 17.03.08 18:05PM 450m w/Åsmund & "Ronja". NO Hailshowers!! Nah... just kidding. Of course it hailed. Pics .
77 Storhornet 497m 497m Giske 16.03.08 14:05PM 500m Hailshowers and sunshine. Fun walk from Godøy to Alnes and back via the tunnel. Pics.
- Sloktinden 442m 34m Giske 16.03.08 13:40PM
- Isflåna 964m 29m Ørsta 15.03.08 12:35PM 1000m A beautiful weather day. On foot to the Åvasstinden's lower cousin. Pics.
76 Vardehornet 986m 136m Ørsta 15.03.08 12:03PM
75 Lesten 401m 125m Giske 14.03.08 17:25PM 400m Too few eagles & waves on wcp?. Plus a new route up by Kjerringgjølet. Pics .
74 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 13.03.08 18:40PM 300m Up Tyskerstien w/Per. Milestone: Walked Trollråsa all the way down without using my hands. There were a few airy jumps. Pics.
73 Roppehornet 421m 45m Ulstein 12.03.08 16:40PM 400m Steep cliff above Flø on Hareidlandet. Pics.
72 Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje 11.03.08 17:00PM 350m From Høyvika. Steep forest up to Varden (330m). Via Rødlandstua and down Smørdalen. Pics.
71 Skagetåa 315m 107m Herøy 10.03.08 15:35PM 300m Nice coastal top on Nerlandsøya. And more eagles too. Pics .
70 Myklebosthornet 329m 329m Ålesund 09.03.08 16:05PM 300m Walking the dog and studying eagles. Pics .
69 Melen 807m 499m Vestnes 09.03.08 11:15AM 500m Brilliant spring traverse with Daniel and Åsmund. Pics .
68 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 08.03.08 17:25PM 300m Finally, the dog's turn..
67 Lesten 401m 125m Giske 08.03.08 14:30PM 450m w/Per Olafsen. Superb round trip. 9 eagles above!! Pics .
66 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 07.03.08 20:00PM* 300m Nice evening. 5 deg. C. on top.
65 Svanshornet 552m 59m Sula 06.03.08 18:00PM 550m 3h ski-trip via Rollonhytta w/Svein Myhre.
64 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 05.03.08 18:00PM 300m Up Trollråsa w/Daniel Due Tønnesen. Snow, ice and gale. Down via Skarbøvika.
63 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 04.03.08 17:30PM 300m Up Trollråsa. Snow, ice and gale. Down via Skarbøvika.
62 Leinebjørnen /
271m 108m Herøya 03.02.08 17:20PM 200m Crystal white Ørsta peaks and an amazing sky! Pics .
61 Signalen 231m 231m Giske 02.02.08 15:00PM 250m Fun traverse. Up a steep gully above the tunnel. Sunshine and snowshower. Pics.
60 Meraftafjellet 578m 578m Skodje 01.03.08 13:00PM 550m Two new direct routes. Snow-struggle. Pics.
59 Høgekubben 462m 103m Ålesund 29.02.08 17:45PM 450m 6Km hike. Deep snow. Pics.
58 Solavågsfjellet 263m 210m Sula 28.02.08 18:30PM* 250m 5Km roundtrip w/Terje & Andrine (6). Rain, but mostly OK. Incredible boggy ground..
57 Leirvågfjellet 254m 231m Sula 27.02.08 17:00PM* 250m w/Kåre Olav & Åsmund, plus dogs Cæsar, Ronja and Troll. Hailshowers. Pics.
56 Skafjellet 573m 82m Hareid 26.02.08 17:05PM 500m w/Rune Olsen. Perfect weather timing. Pics soon.
55 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 25.02.08 20:35PM* 300m Up Trollråsa. Nice evening. Some stars..
54 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 24.02.08 17:00PM 300m w/Olav. New route; "Sævollenråsa" to the mast. Geocaching & scrambling + steep forest route down. Pics.
- Budafjellet 61m 24m Giske 24.02.08 11:55AM 50m Cruising around Vigra, looking for cool waves. Pics.
53 Silsetfjellet 629m 576m Eide 23.02.08 13:25PM 600m A long drive, searching for better weather. Found it. Gale-force wind and very cool snowdrift.
- Stortua 449m 31m Eide 23.02.08 12:35PM
52 Storhornet 497m 497m Giske 22.02.08 16:35PM 450m Hailshowers and a strong gale. Awesome. Pics.
51 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 21.02.08 19:30PM* 250m w/Olav. Full storm/hurricane on top. My estimate is around 30m/s. Very hard to stand upright, hard to breathe and hard to think..
50 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 20.02.08 16:55PM 300m Up Trollråsa. Long walks for Troll these days.
49 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 19.02.08 20:45PM* 300m Rain. Fog on top.
48 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 18.02.08 21:05PM* 300m Up Trollråsa. Thickest fog I've seen on Sunnmøre. 1 Picture
47 Blåhammaren 508m 120m Midsund 16.02.08 13:35PM 500m Via (sigh..) Harøya and Fjørtofta. Strong gale. Made it down before the rain.
46 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 15.02.08 16:00PM* 400m w/Olav. Failed attempt halfway up Tyskerstien, with Troll on my back. Found a new entry point. Hillside traverse past the climbing cliffs to Trollråsa. Pics
45 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 14.02.08 20:00PM* 300m Up Trollråsa. New loop. 5,6Km.
44 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 13.02.08 20:00PM* 300m Up&down Trollråsa after dark. 18min up, 12min down
43 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 12.02.08 20:20PM* 300m Gorgeous day, but rain in the evening.
42 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 11.02.08 15:15PM 400m w/mom. Great day (double mailbox trip..) Pics.
41 Auskjeret 1340m 190m Stordal 10.02.08 14:00PM 600m While the others had lunch...
- Avalanche

- - Ålesund/
10.02.08 10-16 100m Basic introduction to avalanches and search & rescue techniques. Got a visit by one of the Sea-king helicopters! Gorgeous weather. Pics .
09.02.08 11-16
08.02.08 18-21
40 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 07.02.08 18:20PM* 300m Nice evening.
39 Nihusen 438m 340m Skodje 05.02.08 20:25PM* 400m w/Torill. Nice weather and lots of snow.
38 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 04.02.08 17:15PM 250m w/Olav. A good, snowy trail..
37 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 03.02.08 11:15AM 350m A nice walk before a BIG and lasting snowstorm. Met the "Wild Bunch" at "the rock". Down Trollråsa w/Terje.
36 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 02.02.08 16:20PM 300m Probably the 1st ski-descent in 2008.
- Vonhytta 507m 0m Sula 02.02.08 14:30PM 400m Aborted Sulafjellet due to a bad snowstorm.
35 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 02.02.08 11:20AM 350m Watching snowshowers go by + Trollråsa. Pics.
34 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 01.02.08 19:30PM 300m Snowfall and not good weather at all.
33 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 31.01.08 20:20PM 400m w/Erlend. Nice hike. No wind. +4 deg. C at 313m.
32 NW of Høgkubben 406m 13m Ålesund 30.01.08 17:15PM 350m Fresh snow. Breaking trail.
31 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 29.01.08 21:20PM 300m Rain stopped. Stars came out. Perfect snow, and a walking (up & down) dog. Quick; the lottery..
30 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 28.01.08 19:30PM 250m w/Olav. Neither one were singing in the rain..
29 Storhornet 497m 497m Giske 27.01.08 13:30PM 500m From Alnes. Troll walked up & down (!). Pics.
28 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 26.01.08 15:00PM 300m Not where I should be on a Saturday, but..
27 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 25.01.08 18:30PM* 300m More hail, rain and snow. Starving for other mountains, but work is busy..
26 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 24.01.08 21:20PM* 300m Hailstorm, thunder and lightning. Just above!
25 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 23.01.08 18:15PM* 300m 4Km round trip. Partly deep snow.
24 Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje 22.01.08 19:30PM* 300m PERFECT!!. Pics .
23 Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje 21.01.08 19:45PM* 300m w/Per & Kristin. Deep snow hike w/o headlamps. Troll walked down. Outstanding! Work weekend.
22 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 20.01.08 15:45PM 300m w/Olav up Trollråsa. Storm by the mailbox!
21 Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje 19.01.08 20:20PM* 300m A nice windy & snowy hike on fresh snow.
20 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 18.01.08 20:10PM* 350m Trollråsa. Met Olav at the top.
19 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 17.01.08 19:25PM* 300m w/Per. Trollråsa winter ascent from base. Pics.
18 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 16.01.08 19:10PM* 300m Snowstorm. Watching my tracks disappear < 60s.
17 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 15.01.08 16:55PM* 450m Round trip from Blindheim. More horrow show on ice and a steep cliff that didn't let me pass.
16 Høgelia 313m 0m Ålesund 14.01.08 20:15PM* 300m Horror show on ice!
15 Langedalsegga 982m 97m Stranda 13.01.08 12:30PM 550m Quick ski-trip. Had overlooked this top.
14 Julaksla 556m 303m Molde 12.01.08 13:50PM 550m Very nice hike. Icy path. From spring to winter.
13 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 11.01.08 19:25PM* 250m w/Olav. Watching starry sky while rain is falling..
12 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 10.01.08 20:30PM* 250m w/Olav & Andreas. Mix of rain & starry sky
11 Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje 09.01.08 20:25PM* 300m Another nice evening. 3 pics.
10 Storhornet 497m 497m Giske 08.01.08 20:35PM* 600m w/Olav. Starry night and fantastic after dark views. Drove home w/roof down (1,5-4 deg.)
9 Lesten 401m 125m Giske 08.01.08 19:45PM*
8 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 07.01.08 20:55PM* 250m w/Erlend. Met Paul & Kjartan from Josten trip.
7 Rødlandstua 355m 287m Skodje 06.01.08 21:55PM* 300m Light rain/snow. Troll fell into a frozen creek..
6 Myklebosthornet 329m 329m Ålesund 06.01.08 13:55PM 300m Direct off-trail route from the sports field. Pics.
5 Veten 503m 400m Rauma 05.01.08 13:30PM 550m Forest hill north of Isfjorden. 8Km west of Åndalsnes. Very windy. Storm on the coast.
4 Nihusen 438m 340m Skodje 04.01.08 20:25PM* 400m w/Torill, Inka, Åsmund, Olav + dogs Ronja & Troll.  Group pic. A new tradition to visit Nihusen in the beginning of the year (1/1/06,5/1/07, 4/1/08)
3 Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund 03.01.08 19:35PM* 400m w/Olav. From Spjelkavik. Troll descended in hyperdrive on perfect snow. 2 pics.
2 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 02.01.08 21:00PM* 350m w/Olav. Climbing up Trollråsa without headlamps made us "connect" with other senses.
1 Reistadkollen 501m 138m Rauma 01.01.08 14:10PM 400m Another year, another top...