Hiking Log 2010

This is my 2010 hiking log. Mountains I've done before appear in italic style. "VM" means actual vertical meters climbed. An asterix (*) after "Time" means I hiked after dark. PF means primary factor. indicates nice & sunny pictures. A new top (blue) should have PF 100m+, unless the top was the target for the hike.

Statistics 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
# of New tops   156 110 101 120 154 133 100 130 123 119
Local tops   31(H)2(S) 105(H),2(S) 2(U)82(S)14(H) 99(S)  1(U)49(S) 162(U) 151(U) 140(U) 136(U) 127(U)
# of other tops   84 232 103 100 76 47 52 32 37 24
TOTAL   273 449 302 319 280 342 303 302 296 270
Vertical meters   135400m 206600m 141600m 140750m 147200m 160600m 146350m 145450m 126000m 88100m

Local tops: (U) = Ulriken, Bergen, (S) = Sukkertoppen, Ålesund (H) = Huldrehornet, Gurskøya

Clickable (+ scroll,zoom) map of tops visited in 2010. Green marker = new tops, red = tops visited before.



# Mountain Hgt PF Kommune Date Time VM Comments
273 Montaña de Arinaga 199m
Gps: 208m
144m Gran Canaria, Spain 31.12.10 12:10PM 200m A 2,9km nice round trip hike w/Anne to one of GC's 10 (ca.) volcanoes. This cone-shaped peak marks the end of a good hiking year. Pics
272 Pico de Bandama 575m
Gps: 586m
120m Gran Canaria, Spain 30.12.10 16:15PM - Superb viewpoint just south of Tafira. Visited w/Anne. Car road all the way to the top. Sometimes it's just easy... Pics
- Montaña Cabreja 1012m
Gps: 1027m
77m Gran Canaria, Spain 30.12.10 15:35PM - Nice viewpoint above Vega de San Mateo. Visited w/Anne. Car road all the way to the top. Pics
- Morro del Armonía
(Did not summit)
1662m 117m Gran Canaria, Spain 30.12.10 - 50m A short hike w/Anne. We had to turn around 50 meters below the summit, which was closed behind wired fences. Hunting season. Pics
271 Monte Constantino 1711m
Gps: 1719m
86m Gran Canaria, Spain 30.12.10 13:15PM 100m A short hike from Degollada de las Palomas w/Anne. PF is probably 90-91m. Pics
270 Pico Moriscos 1773m
Gps: 1780m
263m Gran Canaria, Spain 30.12.10 12:35PM 150m A nice forest hike w/Anne. Moriscos is one of the highest independent peaks on GC. Pics
269 Montañón Negro 1669m
Gps: 1676m
64m Gran Canaria, Spain 30.12.10 11:50AM 50m A short hike w/Anne to this cool top (Black mountain), formed by the latest eruption on GC. Pics.
- Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas - - Gran Canaria, Spain 29.12.10 - 50m A 3,3km round trip walk across sand dunes, in the middle of the Maspalomas tourist area. Pics
268 Morro de la Hierbo Huerta 1315m
Gps: 1327m
210m Gran Canaria, Spain 29.12.10 14:40PM 400m 8,2km hike w/Anne. A nice peak, proudly rising above the Chira reservoir. Pics
267 Montaña del Humo 1489m
Gps: 1497m
144m Gran Canaria, Spain 29.12.10 12:20PM 100m Easy hike (1,5km) w/Anne after we cancelled plan A - Montaña de Sandara. Pics.
266 Roque de Las Nieves 74m
Gps: 84m
29m Gran Canaria, Spain 28.12.10 18:10PM 100m A fun scramble w/Anne up to this ultra-cool rock above Puerto de Las Nieves. We did a 2,3km round trip before returning to L.Palmas. Pics
265 Montaña de Almagro 503m
Gps: 514m
298m Gran Canaria, Spain 28.12.10 15:55PM 450m 5,8km hike w/Anne from San Isidro. A local farmer let us park on his propery and gave us bananas for the hike. Pics
264 Pico de Gáldar 434m
Gps: 447m
269m Gran Canaria, Spain 28.12.10 13:40PM 250m 5km hike w/Anne up to this beautiful cone-shaped peak above Gáldar. Pics
- Point 1293m 1293m
Gps: 1305m
45m Gran Canaria, Spain 27.12.10 15:00PM 600m 9,6km, 3hrs forest ridge walk w/Anne. We reached this vista point too late in the day, and didn't see much because of fog. Pics.
- Point 1305m 1305m
Gps: 1318m
80m Gran Canaria, Spain 27.12.10 14:40PM
263 Montaña Altavista 1376m
Gps: 1391m
204m Gran Canaria, Spain 27.12.10 13:55PM
262 Montaña de Tamadaba
(Pico de la Bandera)
Gps: 1451m
Gran Canaria, Spain 27.12.10 12:00PM 200m 2,8km easy forest walk w/Anne. This is the highest peak in the northwest. Pics.
- Below Roque Nublo 1813m 233m Gran Canaria, Spain 26.12.10 15:25PM 200m Did the public path up to the base of this magnificent piece of volcanic rock w/Anne. The only way to get to the top is by climbingPics
261 Pico del Campanario 1930m~
Gps: 1935m
100m~ Gran Canaria, Spain 26.12.10 13:05PM 300m Fun peak 1km SW of Pico de las Nieves, w/Anne, along a good path. Easy scrambling. We also scrambled/climbed a cool "roque" 100m S of Campanario.  Pics
260 Pico de las Nieves
(Trig. point, not summit - which requires climbing)
Gps: 1962m
10m? Gran Canaria, Spain 26.12.10 12:10PM 15m The "public" high point of Gran Canaria w/Anne. The true high point requires rock climbing and looks (to many) intimidating. Official HPT height is 1956m, possibly 10 meters higher. Pics
259 Øyrahornet 417m 44m Herøy 24.12.10 13:20PM 400m 4km ski-trip w/Anne. Cold and beautiful weather. Pics .
258 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 23.12.10 14:30PM 300m 6km ski-trip across Huldrehornet w/Anne. Pics.
257 Storehaug 661m 100m Luster 19.12.10 12:25PM 100m 1,7km (!) ski-trip w/Anne. 40cm snow. Strenuous! Then I skied 2,7km down to Stolpen by Hafslovatnet.
- Lusaskard
(did not summit)
1004m 236m Leikanger 18.12.10 - 300m 5,1km ski-trip w/Anne. Deep snow and cold wind. I started out with no energy, and we never had a chance. Pics.
256 Stedjeåsen 624m 121m Sogndal 17.12.10 18:25PM 550m 6km hike w/Anne. Good pace!
255 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 13.12.10 18:30PM* 350m 2,8km hike. Little snow left.
254 Løkeberget 579m 300m Hareid 12.12.10 14:10PM 600m 7,4km, 2h:15m hike w/Terje Ø. Strenuous, but nice hike. Pics.
253 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 10.12.10 17:30PM* 350m 2,8km hike. Snow is melting...
252 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 09.12.10 20:10PM* 350m 2,8km hike. Even deeper snow.
251 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 08.12.10 19:10PM* 350m 2,8km hike. Hail showers. Deep snow!
250 Garneshornet 454m 37m Ulstein 07.12.10 19:15PM* 450m 3,1km, 1h:45m. Up via Garneselva. Pics.
249 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 06.12.10 17:25PM* 350m 3,5km. With Anne. Beautiful evening.
248 Skafjellet 573m 82m Hareid 05.12.10 13:30PM 500m 6,6km ski-trip with Anne. My first ski-trip in the 2010-11 season. Nice weather! Pics .
- Storelva
- - Volda 04.12.10 13:25PM 300m 11,3km river climb w/Anne, Olaug, Åsmund and Tim + skating on Folkestadvatnet. Superb trip! Back on track after (in vain) trying to beat an inflammation. Pics
247 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 24.11.10 19:50PM* 350m 3,5km. Moonlight.
246 Gyrinakken 365m 157m Herøy 22.11.10 18:25PM* 300m 4,2km hike w/Anne under a full moon. Strong and cold wind.
- Kvitneset - Flø - - Hareid /
21.11.10 - 100m 8,4km hike w/Anne. The plan was to return via Skolma, but Anne took a bad fall in the boulder. A Flø farmer took us back to Brandal in his car. Pics.
245 Melshornet 668m 560m Hareid 20.11.10 15:20PM 550m 7,2km hike w/Anne. Beautiful day! Pics .
244 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 19.11.10 16:25PM 350m 2,8km hike. Moonlight!. Pics.
243 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 18.11.10 19:30PM* 350m 3,5km. Moonlight, rain and a very icy path!
242 Høgåsen 240m 240m Ulstein 17.11.10 19:40PM 200m 3,8km. Moonligh and a very, very icy path! Pics
241 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 16.11.10 18:50PM* 350m 3,5km. Moonlight, rain and a very icy path!
240 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 15.11.10 20:00PM* 350m 2,8km hike. Moonlight! Pics.
239 Kaupangsholtane 423m 65m Sogndal 14.11.10 13:15PM 450m 8,2km hike w/Anne, Knut & Åge. Very nice forest! Pics.
238 Smørhovden 704m 61m Sogndal 13.11.10 13:20PM 500m 4,7km hike w/Anne. My 2nd stout encounter. Pics.
237 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 10.11.10 20:50PM* 350m 2,8km hike. The 3rd starry evening in a row
236 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 09.11.10 21:10PM* 350m 2,8km hike. The usual scrambling got very, very spooky due to ice.
235 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 08.11.10 19:00PM* 350m 2,8km hike w/Anne. Fun race through the dark forest.
234 Kongsvollen 683m 200m Ulstein /
07.11.10 12:35PM 500m 6.9km hike w/Anne, up Bukketrappa. Pics
233 Haddalshornet 611m 103m Ulstein 06.11.10 11:45AM 550m 4,2km. U & d the west ridge on snow. Pics
232 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 05.11.10 18:25PM* 350m 3,5km. Rain and wind.
231 Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein 01.11.10 16:35PM 200m 2,8km hike w/Anne. I was here 01/11/09 too..
230 Rundebranden 294m 141m Herøy 31.10.10 14:35PM 550m 7,3km hike w/Anne to Runde Fyr & Rundebranden, in gale-force gusts. Pics.
229 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein 30.10.10 16:10PM 650m 5,2km windy hike.
228 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 28.10.10 19:25PM 350m 2,8km hike. Light rain.
227 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 26.10.10 19:30PM* 350m 2,8km hike. Snowy forest. Windy
226 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 25.10.10 18:00PM 350m 2,8km hike. Snowy forest. Light rain
225 Reppanipa 944m 101m Sogndal 24.10.10 12:35PM 550m 7,3km, 2h:45m hike from Gjerde in Sogndalsdalen w/Anne. Yet another brilliant day in the snow.
224 Slakkafjellet 855m 242m Sogndal 23.10.10 12:50PM 650m 6,2km, 2h:40m hike from Sogndalsdalen. Beautiful weather, cold and powder snow! Pics
223 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 20.10.10 19:20PM* 350m 2,8km hike. Snowfall!! Pics.
222 Storegga 968m 118m Eid 17.10.10 15:25PM 750m 4,8km, 1h:40m hike up from Harpefossen.
221 Åsefjellnyken 680m 172m Eid 17.10.10 13:45PM 250m 1,9m, 40 min hike from Heida.
220 Hjelmelandsvarden
983m 213m Eid 17.10.10 12:20PM 600m 4km, 2h:30m hike from Heida w/Anne. Strong wind, chilly and some fresh snow. Nice hike!
- Trollvassnyken 958m 48m Eid/
17.10.10 11:45PM
219 Veten 566m 58m Eid 16.10.10 16:45PM 250m 3,8km, 1h:05m hike , from Hanshjellen w/Anne. The tallest cairn I've seen! Monumental.
218 Naustdalskammen 492m 268m Eid 16.10.10 15:10PM 250m 2,7km, 45 mins hike from Grøthaugen w/Anne & Ove. Quick hike!
217 Høgefjellet
1022m 212m Eid 16.10.10 12:10PM 1100m 17,5km bike-trip from Lote w/Anne & Lise. This is a looong and steep uphill... Pics.
216 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 14.10.10 18:30PM 350m 2,8km hike. Slippery after rain. Never climbed better up here!
215 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 12.10.10 18:50PM 350m 2,8km hike. Slippery after rain
214 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 11.10.10 19:00PM 350m 2,8km hike. Hell day for Jakob?
213 Stora Grånosi 1566m 311m Lærdal 10.10.10 12:40PM 700m 7,8km, 3,5hrs hike w/Anne from Erdalen. Another day with brilliant weather.
- Vardahaug 1339m 29m Lærdal 10.10.10 11:55AM
212 Nystøylsfjellet 1435m 65m Sogndal 09.10.10 13:55PM 1150m 11,2km, 5,5 hrs hike w/Anne from Sogndalsdalen. Gorgeous weather. Nice ridge walk. A bit icy on the north side of the ridge.
- Omnane 1355m~ 30m Sogndal 09.10.10 13:10PM
- Togga 1205m 15m Sogndal 09.10.10 12:35PM
211 Åsebønakken 349m 161m Eid 08.10.10 17:10PM 200m Short hike, on the way to Sogndal
210 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 07.10.10 18:30PM 350m 2,8km hike. Lots of fun scrambling!
209 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 04.10.10 18:20PM 350m 2,8km hike w/Anne. Lots of fun scrambling!
- Kofthornet 704m 41m Vanylven 03.10.10 14:15PM 500m 8,4km, 2h:50m round trip hike w/Anne from Børevatnet. Rain showers and wind, but still a nice hike. Splendid fjord view!
208 Bjørlykkjehornet 707m 264m Vanylven 03.10.10 13:40PM
207 Litletinden 1239m 109m Ørsta 02.10.10 12:40PM 1000m 12km, 3,5 hrs hike in nice weather. Cold wind > 1000m. Beautiful landscape! Descent via Grøthornet and Eidstuva. Pics .
206 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 30.09.10 19:00PM 350m 2,8km + 4km on bike. FUN climbing!
205 Skorafjellet 237m 84m Volda 29.09.10 18:05PM 250m 4,4km interesting hike, incl. a very AIRY descent towards Skorneset.
204 Høgåsen 182m 99m Volda 28.09.10 18:00PM 100m Easy hike from Hjartåbygda in nice weather
203 Søre Handfangen 168m 65m Herøy 27.09.10 19:25PM 300m 2,5 hike round trip. Magic sunset & moon. Pics
202 Litletoren 1164m 189m Volda 26.09.10 13:20PM 700m 5,7km, 3:50m w/Anne. from Laurdalen. A magnificent peak seen from this side! The east ridge plan failed because of ice and frozen ground. Pics
- M. Grøtdalstind 1328m~ 28m Ørsta 25.09.10 14:35PM 1100m 7,3km, 4h:40m w/Anne from Frølandsdalen. Esther joined us at 900m. Spectacular massif! Frozen ground from 1000m. Snow from "Himmelporten" and up. Pics
201 Søre Grøtdalstind 1331m 555m Ørsta 25.09.10 14:00PM
200 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 24.09.10 18:45PM 350m 2,8km + 2km on bike. Rain! Wet scrambling.
199 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 22.09.10 18:50PM 350m 2,8km + 2km on bike. Rain!
198 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 21.09.10 18:45PM 450m 20km (18km on bike). Myrvåg - Tjørvåg - Sandvikhornet - Sandvik - Myrvåg
- Muletua 253m 65m Herøy 20.09.10 19:10PM 300m 4,4km hike on a gorgeous afternoon. Amazing rainbow and sunset!
197 Barmen 278m 245m Herøy 20.09.10 18:55PM
196 Store Gråbroren 739m 136m Sogndal 19.09.10 13:30PM 550m 18km+ (mostly on bike), 3h:15m trip w/Anne in OK weather. Starting point Festingdsalen. Got a picture of a cute Stoat!
195 Holsåsen 590m 97m Sogndal 18.09.10 13:50PM 650m 24,4km (mostly on bike), 3h:10m trip w/Anne in rain, fog and wind, heading out from Sogndal Airport Haukåsen.
194 Lingesetfjellet 1002m 184m Sogndal 18.09.10 12:30PM
194 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 16.09.10 18:50PM 300m 3,8km traverse. Steep descent
192 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 15.09.10 18:20PM 300m 3,5km. Rain and wind. Bad hip.
- Søre Handfangen 168m 65m Herøy 12.09.10 12:30PM 150m Aborted at 173m (yes, higher than the top itself) due to Lars' 4pm flight out of Vigra.
- Nivane 1000m 50m Ørsta 11.09.10 14:35PM 1350m 10,3km, 5 hrs traverse with Lars Ness Rørvik. Rain set in as we traversed from the main summit. Nice hike! Pics.
191 Vardehornet 1009m 99m Ørsta 11.09.10 14:15PM
190 Saudehornet 1303m 825m Ørsta 11.09.10 12:55PM
189 Liadalsnipa 924m 131m Ørsta 08.09.10 17:20PM 800m 5km, 3h:20m hike up & down the normal route w/Hilde & Trond Arne. Another brilliant evening on one of Sunnmøre's finest mountains. Pics
188 Yksnøya 35m 35m Volda 06.09.10 18:10PM 50m 9,8km, 3,5 hrs trip in the Seahawk w/Anne (in her kayak) around Eika island + 900m on Yksnøya. Claiming a new top just for the sheer effort. The bush on Yksnøya was a nightmare! Pics
187 Hallehornet 910m 80m Ørsta 05.09.10 15:10PM 550m 3,6km, 1h:20m. Up-tempo hike with an acing hip, while Anne biked up and down Romedalen.
- 1st time in Kayak - - Herøy 04.09.10 - - Out from Tjeldsund in Anne's kayak. A curious harbor seal was observing me.
186 Sylvkallen 1310m 180m Ørsta 03.09.10 11:35AM 1100m 9,7km, 5hrs. Pathfinder for 20 police academy students and 14 tutors/instructors. Pics
185 Point 1306m N of Dalegubben 1306m 10m Ørsta 02.09.10 18:15PM 1100m 9,6km, 3h:16m to this nice viewpoint on "Lemeneggene".
- Bike trip t/f Ulsteinvik - - Ulstein/
01.09.10 - 100m 20,6km om bike.
184 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 30.08.10 18:45PM 350m 2,8km + 2km on bike. A lot of scrambling. 12min:57sec to the top. Room for improvement.
183 Hesteggi 907m 149m Sogndal 29.08.10 13:55PM 700m 7,6km, 2h:15m. Rising out from "the dead" (24 hours in bed) and straight to the top. Big snowfall in Jotunheimen!!
182 Bolberg (Haugen) 337m 139m Gloppen 27.08.10 18:40PM 100m 3,2km, 30mins. On the way to Sogndal..
181 South of Andåsen 176m 118m Gloppen 27.08.10 17:55PM 100m 0,7km, 20mins. On the way to Sogndal. The lowest top in Gloppen?
180 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 26.08.10 19:10PM 350m 2,8km + 2km on bike. A lot of scrambling.
179 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 24.08.10 18:20PM 350m 2,8km + 2km on bike. Fun scrambling
178 Ørnetua (Bergryggen) 557m 119m Vanylven 22.08.10 16:50PM 600m 8,3km, 2hrs in light rain. "Discovered" the Utsikten cafeteria and had meatballs after the hike. Drove the entire mountain road across Kilebrekk, from Syvden to Sylte.
177 Bjørnen (Kilebrekkfjell) 680m 217m Vanylven 22.08.10 16:10PM
176 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein 21.08.10 16:20PM 600m 4,5km hike, up along Hammarselva (fun scrambling) in rain and sunshine.
175 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 19.08.10 19:00PM 350m 2,8km + 2km on bike. Scrambled new variations. Very cool..
174 Årsæterhornet 1050m~ 60m Ørsta 18.08.10 19:10PM 1000m 8,3km, 3h:25m hike from Mosætra in beautiful weather. A flock of sheep on top of Årsæterhornet. (There is a higher point just northwest of Årsæterhornet)
173 Rotbergshornet 850m 140m Ørsta 18.08.10 18:10PM
172 Liadalsnipa 924m 131m Ørsta 16.08.10 19:00PM 800m 5km, 4h:10m hike up & down the normal route w/Ansgar, Terje and Jakob. Beautiful weather and fun scrambling! Pics
171 Såta 840m 90m Bremanger 15.08.10 18:35PM 1300m 18,7km, 8h:07m fantastic Hjelmen traverse w/Tora, Anne, Lise & Ove. Spectacular terrain. Serious scrambling on Hjelmen's west ridge. Pics
170 Hjelmen 1215m 385m Bremanger 15.08.10 15:40PPM
169 Steinfjellet 637m 151m Bremanger 14.08.10 15:00PM 600m 9km, 1,5 hrs solo hike along a mountain road  in thick fog > 500m
168 Steinfjellet
681m 518m Bremanger 14.08.10 12:00PM 700m 6,8km, 3,5hrs hike in overcast, rain and fog w/Anne and Tora.
- Strusnipa
281m 53m Bremanger 13.08.10 19:00PM 350m 4km, 1h:10m hike w/Anne & Tora. Base-camp Bremanger.
167 Førdsnipa 307m 143m Bremanger 13.08.10 18_45PM
166 Kattanakken 1450m~ 40m Stryn 08.08.10 13:45PM 1400m 14km, 7h:20m epic hike w/Anne. From Melkevoll to Kattanakken and onto the Jostedalsbreen glacier front. One of the top Jostedalsbreen entrances! Pics
165 Storskredfjellet 1814m 544m Stryn 07.08.10 14:45PM 1600m 13km, 5h:45m superb hike w/Anne. From Åning by Strynevatnet. Big mountain and excellent view. Pics
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
05.08.10 - 300m 47,4km on bike. Strong headwinds. Up to Leikongeidet. Nice weather. 01:46:10.
- Høgehornet (Mannen)
(did not summit)
1133m 323m Ørsta 04.08.10 18:50PM 1100m 7km+, 3,5hrs nice and quick hike up to Kjerringa. YDS class 3 scrambling up to the summit. Turned around on Høgehornet (YDS class 4) at 1080m on a very exposed section, as it began to rain.
164 Kjerringa 1130m 80m Ørsta 04.08.10 17:55PM
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy 02.08.10 - 250m 20km on bike. Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Vonheim - Leikong - Djupvikvatnet - Myrvåg
163 Storeblæja (Blæja) 1142m 654m Vanylven 01.08.10 15:25PM 900m 8,6km, 3h:15m roundtrip from Ripsdalen. Blæja is Vanylven high point, and the rainy ridge traverse (YDS class 3) called for extreme focus due to the slippery-as-soap rock.
162 Litleblæja 1032m 84m Vanylven 01.08.10 14:35PM
161 Middagshornet
880m 130m Volda 31.07.10 16:35PM 1350m 11,7km, 4h:50m round trip on slippery rock and in drifting fog. Tårnet is possibly Volda's hardest top and requires some climbing(YDS class 4). A bit spooky in the fog, but very rewarding afterwards. Pics.
160 Tårnet 1310m~ 80m Volda 31.07.10 15:00PM
159 Litle-Eidskyrkja 1243m 133m Volda 31.07.10 13:50PM
158 Vikafjellet 339m 96m Vanylven 29.07.10 19:05PM 500m 5km (Storehornet) and 1,5km (Vikafjellet) hike from Vikevatnet. Nice weather, but scattered fog on the mountain tops.
157 Storehornet
609m 106m Vanylven 29.07.10 18:10PM
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy 28.07.10 - 250m 20km on bike. Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Vonheim - Leikong - Djupvikvatnet - Myrvåg
- Sørekletten (Storholmen) 67m 67m Sande 27.07.10 20:00PM 300m Finally Riste - after years of wanting to visit this island. Thanks to Vidar Kvalsund, I could finally get there. 55,8km in boat (total). Short hikes to Rinden (Riste) and Sørekletten (Storeholmen). Sande main tops (17) completed! Pics
156 Høgste Riste (Riste island) 191m 191m Sande 27.07.10 18:40PM
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
26.07.10 - 300m 47,4km on bike. Overcast + headwinds. Up to Leikongeidet. 01:48:40
155 Bjørnasethornet 739m 351m Volda 25.07.10 17:30PM 400m 4km, 1h:15min hike - a pause from the drive from Røldal to Myrvåg (500km+). Beautiful weather.
154 Sveigen 1561m 391m Odda 24.07.10 14:55PM 450m 6km, 2h:05m hike w/Anne from Dyrskar. A bit more cloudy. Sveigen is #57 on the Hordaland PF list. Pics.
153 Stavsnuten 1661m 411m Odda 24.07.10 12:00PM 600m 11km, 3h:20m hike w/Anne from Ulevåbotnen. Nice weather and nice mountain. Stavsnuten is #66 on the Hordaland PF list. Pics.
152 Kvitenuten 1467m 157m Odda 23.07.10 17:10PM 400m 4,8km, 1,5hrs quick evening hike. Interesting terrain. The true "Røldal Terrace". Pics.
151 Midnuten 1463m 113m Odda 23.07.10 14:20PM 700m 12,3km, 4h:20m hike w/Anne to Norway's southernmost glacier on the Hordaland - Rogaland border. Gorgeous weather. Breifonn is #44 on the Hordaland PF list. Pics
150 Breifonn 1616m 446m Odda (H)/
Suldal (R)
23.07.10 13:00PM
149 Elvershei 1376m 246m Odda 22.07.10 19:05PM 300m 3,5km, 52mins from Røldalsfjellet. Speedy hike. Pics.
148 Holmanuten 1399m 429m Odda 22.07.10 14:50PM 650m 8,1km, 3h:35m hike w/Anne in superb weather (finally!!!) from Ekkjeskaret. #49 on the Hordaland PF list. Pics
- Myrvåg - Eika - Myrvåg - - Ulstein 19.07.10 - 250m 32km bike trip w/Anne. A day of rest...
147 Hjerskavlen 1293m 270m Dovre 18.07.10 13:15PM 300m 7,1km, 1h:40m hike w/Anne on a nice pre-lunch hike on Dovrefjell. Lunch was sour creme porridge on Dovregubbens Hall. Yum!
- Hjerkinnshøe 1288m 63m Dovre 18.07.10 13:00PM
146 Forbordsfjellet 590m 360m~ Stjørdal 18.07.10 08:50AM 150m 3,3km, 45mins morning hike w/Anne before it started raining. Superb viewpoint! (PF to be calculated)
145 Offenåsen 336m 243m Steinkjer 17.07.10 17:15PM 250m 3km, 45mins hike w/Anne on our way from Brønnøysund. Very nice view towards Steinkjer.
- Sømnesfjellet northwest spur 188m 46m Sømna 16.07.10 15:20PM 200m 2,5km, 55mins across very cool terrain. Gaps, narrow passages and all the fun that you can find on the Mardalsfjellet massif.
144 Dyngesetfjellet (Liafjellet) 210m 137m Sømna 16.07.10 13:45PM 200m 2km, 45mins hike in awkward terrain. No fun at all, but my Sømna to-do list is near completed.
143 Øyfjellet (Øytindan) 137m 129m Sømna 16.07.10 12:10PM 150m 3,5km, 1hour hike w/Anne along Fjelltrimmen path. Beautiful weather.
142 Litlskardtinden
1182m 132m Vevelstad/
Vefsn/ Brønnøy
15.07.10 14:30PM 1900m 23km, 9,5 hrs epic round trip hike across Visttindan w/Anne Rudsengen. Basecamp Eiterådalen (tent). Wilderness! Good weather. Strong winds > 900m. Vistkjerringa is high point Vevelstad. Pics
141 Vistkjerringa
1239m 529m Vevelstad/
15.07.10 13:35PM
140 Vistmannen
1066m 313m Vevelstad/
15.07.10 11:20AM
- Aungrotta - - Brønnøy 14.07.10 13:35PM 50m 2km, 1h hike w/Mom & Anne to a cool cave near Engjavatnet (the lake that disappears and reappears...) Pics.
139 Brattåsfjellet 401m 378m Brønnøy 14.07.10 12:10PM 350m 4,9km, 1h:40m hike w/Mom & Anne. Fog. Pics.
138 Kista 138m 120m Brønnøy 13.07.10 17:05PM 100m 1,4km, 45mins hike w/Anne. More rain. Flower studies.
137 Hallaraunfjellet
153m 105m Brønnøy 13.07.10 15:50PM 150m 1,6km, 30mins hike w/Anne. Along a new Fjelltrimmen path. Rain!
- Litlhatten 1050m 80m Hattfjelldal 12.07.10 13:00PM 750m 10,4km, 4h:15m hike from Elsvatnet w/Anne. Fog during ascent, but the fog lifted as we reached the top. Very distinct mountain! Base-camp Hattfjelldal incl. a trip to Sweden. Pics.
136 Hatten (Aarpije) 1128m 338m Hattfjelldal 12.07.10 12:00PM
135 Dønnmannen 856m 856m Dønna 11.07.10 11:15AM 950m 5,2km, 3h:40m hike w/Anne from Teistad. Ultra-cool mountain. Superb weather. Pics
134 Dønnesfjellet 128m 115m Dønna 10.07.10 16:10PM 0m Not a big achievement - car road to the restaurant on top. Pics.
133 Hestbaken
669m 111m Vega 09.07.10 15:20PM 950m 8,6km, 5hrs round trip hike w/Anne in gorgeous weather. Stunning landscape. *Close* grouse encounter... Pics
132 Vikatinden
661m 160m Vega 09.07.10 14:15PM
131 Jøtulen 170m 127m Sømna 08.07.10 17:35PM 150m 1,7km, 40min hike to a very cool top. Met a deer and two eagles. Superb views again. Pics
130 Sørfjellet 221m 173m Sømna 08.07.10 16:40PM 200m 2,2km, 35min hike along a nice T-trail. Superb weather and views! My Sømna to-do list is getting shorter. Pics.
129 Torghatten 258m 258m Brønnøy 08.07.10 11:15PM 400m 6,2km, 2h:50m hike w/Mom & Anne. The ultimate tour; across, through and around. Pics
128 Kjelviktinden
1088m 358m Bindal/
07.07.10 16:45PM 1250m 19,4km, 8h:15m hike w/Anne across Tosbotn wilderness. 4,4km boat ride, drop off at Kjelvika, 7 river crossings until we reached the car at Tosentunnelen. Epic! For the time being - Bindal high point. Pics .
127 Bufjellet 210m 87m Sømna 06.07.10 18:00PM 250m 2,8km, 2hrs hike w/Anne from Vik. Via Hestkjeften (spectacular cliff). Rugged! Pics.
126 Klapparfjellet 503m 110m Sømna 06.07.10 14:40PM 500m 5,5km, 3hrs hike w/Anne from Øvredala (Dalbotn). Cool hike. Lots of boulder. Pics.
125 Dalaunfjellet 800m 110m Brønnøy 05.07.10 15:00PM 900m 12,1km, 4,5hrs hike in sunshine, rain and fog from Langfjorden w/Anne. Pics.
124 Romsskåla
588m 588m Leka (N-T)/ Bindal (N) 04.07.10 17:00PM 600m Very cool round trip (7km, 2h:50m) w/Anne Rudsengen & Knut Rydgren. High point Austra island & high point Leka municipality. Border top between Nordland & Nord-Trøndelag. Pics
123 Hasetkammen 307m 64m Malvik 03.07.10 21:40PM 150m Forest ridge northeast of Malvik. 4km evening walk w/Anne. Base camp Stav Gjestegård. Pics
- Around Dimnøya
(on bike)
- - Ulstein/
01.07.10 - 350m Myrvåg - around Dimnøya (twice) - Myrvåg on bike (36,3km). 19m:6sec one lap.
- Around Fjelle on bike - - Herøy/
28.06.10 - 400m 31,7km tempo on bike. Myrvåg - Haddal - Fjelle - Eidet - Gardshol - Myrvåg. Beautiful weather.
122 Akslahornet 926m 133m Ørsta 27.06.10 16:50PM 900m 12,1km, 3h:35m hike via Skorgedalen. Limping down with a bad foot. Nice hike. Light rain upon descent.
121 Røyrafjellet 123m 100m Ulstein 26.06.10 11:55AM 850m Myrvåg - around Dimnøya (twice) - Myrvåg on bike (36,3km) + Røyrafjellet twice (2,9km).  Later on; Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Vonheim - Leikong bike trip (18,3km)
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
25.06.10 - 300m 47,4km on bike. Cloudy weather + headwinds
120 Storehanen 496m 68m Herøy 23.06.10 19:45PM 300m 3,8km from Moldtudalen. Tempo.
119 Gyrinakken 365m 157m Herøy 22.06.10 20:20PM 400m 18km (16km on bike). Nice evening.
118 Veten (Vetleholten) 632m 184m Gloppen 21.06.10 13:40PM 350m 4,8km, 1h:20m nice round trip to this nice viewpoint above Sandane.
117 Geitaryggen 1119m 149m Balestrand 20.06.10 14:30PM 1300m 12,3km, 6h:15m traverse w/Anne Rudsengen, from Dragsvik to Farnes. Superb weather and a superb hike!
116 Tjugatoten 1098m 128m Balestrand 20.06.10 12:50PM
115 Skriki (Veten) 1232m 514m Sogndal 19.06.10 12:50PM 900m 12,2km, 5 hour traverse w/Anne Rudsengen, from Øvstedalen to Nornes. Gorgeous weather and a cold wind. Taxi back to Øvstedalen.
114 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 15.06.10 23:00PM 300m Beautiful evening & sunset
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 14.06.10 22:15PM 400m 4,7km. Nice weather. Autumn temperatures..
113 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 14.06.10 22:00PM
112 Nuken 919m 126m Sogndal 12.06.10 12:15PM 650m 10,8km, 2h:50m hike w/Anne Rudsengen. From Åberge, then a round trip route across Nuken.
111 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 08.06.10 18:00PM 300m Up & down Trollråsa w/Per, Beate, Steffen, Therese and Lillian. Very fun hike! Pics.
110 Kvamfjellet
774m 536m Selje 06.06.10 14:45PM 750m 7,3km, 4h:40m hike w/Anne Rudsengen to the highest top in Selje. Coffee and ice-cream in Doktorgården (Selje) afterwards. Nice weather.
109 Blåbredhornet 1364m 94m Ørsta/
05.06.10 14:55PM 1200m 16km, 5h:40m ski-trip from Hjortedalen with Anne Rudsengen. Great trip with extensive views! Pics
108 Storhornet 1600m 830m Ørsta 05.06.10 13:30PM
107 Melshornet 668m 560m Hareid 31.05.10 20:05PM 550m 7,2km hike w/Rune Olsen, 29:51:57 to the top - New personal record.
106 Gaizinkalns 312m ? Latvia 28.05.10 12:10PM 50m Latvia high point w/Rune, Morten & Olav. Long drive from Riga, short hike to the top. Pics
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
26.05.10 - 300m 47,4km on bike. Strong headwind, but a beautiful evening.
105 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 25.05.10 20:15PM 350m 2,8km + 2km on bike. Sunshine and rain
104 Snaueggi
770m 247m Sogndal 24.05.10 13:00PM 650m 12,5km, 3h:20m hike w/Anne Rudsengen from Fimreite. On bike from 150m to 525m (and down). Nice weather.
103 Vetanosi 1134m 131m Lærdal 23.05.10 13:35PM 1150m 12,5km, 5 hrs hike w/Anne Rudsengen from Fodnes to Lærdal (via Vetanosi). Stunning scenery. Pics
102 Navelsakerfjellet 916m 106m Volda/Eid 22.05.10 13:20PM 900m 7km, 2,5 hrs in thick fog > 750m (and light rain). Interesting route from Navelsaker.
101 Melshornet 668m 560m Hareid 21.05.10 18:50PM 550m 7,2km, 55mins (32min up) incl. pause & chat
100 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 20.05.10 22:25PM 350m 2,8km. Beautiful evening.
99 Grøthornet 298m 50m Sande 19.05.10 18:50PM 750m 35km (32km on bike), 2h:10m trip. Grøthornet is not a big mountain, but at least there was some effort behind...
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 18.05.10 19:15PM 400m 4,7km. Nice afternoon, but it's still a bit cold...
98 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 18.05.10 19:00PM
97 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein 17.05.10 17:45PM 600m 5,2km hike on Norway's National Day with Anne Rudsengen. Nice afternoon after rain all day.
96 Heida 504m 351m Vågsøy 16.05.10 15:35PM 200m 4,2km, 1h hike w/Anne in thick fog and rain. Did not reach the true summit because of fences around the radar station, but 10 meters away is close enough. Following the hike was a visit to Kråkenes Fyr (lighthouse) and the nice Refviksanden beach.
95 Hanekammen 652m 504m Vågsøy 16.05.10 13:15PM 650m 6,3km, 2,5 hrs hike w/Anne Rudsengen in thick fog up the cool coxcomb ridge.
94 Zourva 600m 175m Crete, Gr. 14.05.10 15:20PM 150m Good viewpoint above Souda. A short walk with Anne from Malaxa. Last day of sightseeing. We know western Crete quite well by now... Pics
93 Yrtakina 900m 175m Crete, Gr. 13.05.10 15:00PM 250m New sightseeing day + 2,8km hike w/Anne across a mountain where an ancient city used to be. Steep scrambling and fun terrain. Still limping... Pics
92 Profitis Iliás 619m~ 100m Crete, Gr. 12.05.10 15:45PM 50m Short walk to up this antenna-mountain above Cape Mouros (western Crete) w/Anne Rudsengen. Sightseeing day (and swimming in the Libyan Sea). Pics.
- Kastri 80m~ 75m Crete, Gr. 12.05.10 12:50pm 100m Cool coastal cliff by Falassarna (western Crete). YDS 3 scrambling (w/Anne) required to get to the top. Left foot pretty damaged from yesterday's hike... Pics
91 Páchnes 2453m 2038m Crete, Gr. 11.05.10 16:10PM 1800m 41,9km, 9,5hrs hike w/Anne Rudsengen to the high point of the Lefka Ori range, and the 2nd highest peak on Crete. A very, very strenuous hike under the hot sun. Pics
90 Kuvara 480m 90m Crete, Gr. 10.05.10 17:05PM 100m Short scramble w/Anne up to this nice viewpoint above Rodopos. Pics.
- Geroskinos north top 600m~ 10m Crete, Gr. 10.05.10 11:40AM 350m 1,4km hike/scramble w/Anne Rudsengen. Failed to reach Geroskinos due to a big wall. Flat tire upon return to trailhead. Assistance required.. Pics
89 Agathias 2424m 103m Crete, Gr. 09.05.10 16:35PM 1500m 19,2km, 6h:20m hike w/Anne Rudsengen to Crete's highest mountain (Psiloritis). Warm weather, strenuous hike. Pics
88 Mt. Ida (Psiloritis) 2456m 2456m Crete, Gr. 09.05.10 15:50PM
- Vouloumenou 2267m 45m Crete, Gr. 09.05.10 15:00PM
87 Kousakas 2211m 116m Crete, Gr. 09.05.10 14:20PM
86 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein 05.05.10 20:15PM 600m 6,3km round trip. w/Rune Olsen. Waves of light snow on top. Having fun with a cornice...
- Flåna 613m 28m Ulstein 05.05.10 20:00PM
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 04.05.10 20:00PM 400m 4,7km. Good pace, but this was not a personal record attempt. Dramatic change in weather; from -3 deg. C this morning and 1cm of fresh snow/ice to +6 deg. C in the afternoon.
85 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 04.05.10 19:40PM
84 Grøndalseggi 1423m 113m Luster 02.05.10 15:20PM 1500m 16km, 6 hours w/Sogndal Turlag. Aborted Hest at 1583m - 40m below the top. Icy! Grøndalseggi was a nice substitute. Brilliant weather and trip!  Pics 
- Hest (Hesten)
Did not summit
1632m 42m Luster 02.05.10 13:40PM
83 Skinarfjellet /
886m 108m Sogndal 01.05.10 13:55PM 950m 15km, 4,5 hours hike w/Anne Rudsengen. From gorgeous spring/summer to knee-deep snow for 2km. Pics to be expected...
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 27.04.10 19:20PM 400m 4,7km. 15:27:23 to Sandvikhornet - new personal record again!
82 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 27.04.10 19:00PM
81 Merket 845m 170m Volda 25.04.10 13:35PM 650m 6,9km, 3h:10m on skis w/Anne Rudsengen. From Øvsteberget. Gloomy weather & difficult snow to ski on. Pics to follow..
80 Hornet 250m 232m Sande 24.04.10 15:20PM 1000m Grande Tour de Sandsøya; 16km in 3h:23m w/Anne Rudsengen. The route is also known as "7-topps-tur og turmarsj på Sandsøya". Beautiful scenery and hard work at the same time. Pics.
79 Hellandsfjella
122m 94m Sande 24.04.10 14:35PM
- Øyna / Signalen 359m 51m Sande 24.04.10 14:00PM
78 Rinden 369m 369m Sande 24.04.10 13:45PM
- Voren / Kulen 116m 68m Sande 24.04.10 12:55PM
77 Vorakletten 130m 115m Sande 24.04.10 12:45PM
76 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 23.04.10 18:10PM 400m incl. 7,1km on bike.
75 Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein 22.04.10 19:05PM 550m 3,7km, 2h:15m up a steep ridge. Descent via Klyftagylet. Pics.
- Around Dimnøya
(on bike)
- - Ulstein/
21.04.10 18:00PM 350m Myrvåg - around Dimnøya (twice) - Myrvåg on bike (36,3km) w/Morten Knutsen. Good workout
74 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 20.04.10 18:55PM 450m 20km on bike, 3,6km on foot. Nice evening.
73 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein 19.04.10 19:10PM 450m 5,2km on skis after a recent (and surprising) snowfall. Gale-force wind. Pics in a while...
72 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 18.04.10 14:35PM 1000m 47km (40,5km on bike), 4h:05m, at times in a small inferno of snow. Completed my Herøy list (pf > 50m). Pics in a while...
71 Igesundshetta 216m 216m Herøy 18.04.10 12:55PM
70 Storehornet
196m 74m Herøy 18.04.10 12:25PM
69 Grønfjellet 108m 60m Herøy 14.04.10 18:45PM 350m 30km (28,4km on bike), 2h:10m w/an aching foot. Effort! Nice coastal view. Pics soon.
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 13.04.10 19:10PM 400m 4,7km. Nice evening. 16mins to Sandvikhornet - new personal record again!
68 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 13.04.10 18:50PM
67 Point 425m 425m 17m Herøy 12.04.10 19:00PM 400m 5,6km t/f Sandvik. Visited Øyravatnet to see if the swans were there. They were, 5 in total.
66 Fivlenosi 1466m 728m Luster 11.04.10 14:20PM 950m 13,8km, 4h:50m ski-trip w/Anne Rudsengen. Superb weather, mountain and snow. Pics
65 Grovabreen 1636m 606m Førde/
10.04.10 14:55PM 1150m 18km, 6h:50m ski-trip (round trip) w/Anne Rudsengen. Gorgeous weather and mountain/glacier. Pics
- Stokksund 31m 31m Herøy 08.04.10 17:25PM 50m 4km trip around Stokksund island in "the hawk". Some wind and light rain. Pics soon
64 Eikenakken 123m 123m Ulstein 07.04.10 20:15PM 200m 28km bike trip t/f the trailhead at Eika. Short hike to the top.
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 06.04.10 19:10PM 450m 5,7km. Cloudy. 17m:28s to Sandvikhornet - new personal record.
63 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 06.04.10 18:55PM
- Søre Handfangen 168m 65m Herøy 05.04.10 16:20PM 150m Aborted at 173m (yes, higher than the top itself) due to bird preservation rules.
62 Storevarden 431m 431m Herøy 05.04.10 14:45PM 400m 5,5km hike w/Anne Rudsengen. Pics soon.
- Petterholmen 23m 23m Herøy 05.04.10 12:05AM 50m 4km trip in "the Hawk" (inflatable rubber boat) w/Anne Rudsengen. Nice weather. Pics soon.
- Fugleholmen 19m 19m Herøy 05.04.10 11:35AM
61 Heimste Blåhornet 1354m 164m Stranda 04.04.10 13:15PM 1300m 11,2km, 4h:40m ski-trip from Fjørstad w/Anne Rudsengen, Svein Myhre & Erling Juul. Nice weather, but not perfect skiing conditions. Met Arngeir on the mountain. Pics
60 Fremste Blåhornet 1478m 348m Stranda 04.04.10 12:15PM
59 Sandfjelltuva 1001m 153m Vanylven 03.04.10 14:50PM 900m 12km, 4h ski-trip from Ripsdalen (steep!) w/Anne Rudsengen. Snowfall + gorgeous weather. Pics soon .
58 Vedviknibba 733m 295m Eid 02.04.10 16:55PM 500m 6km, 2h:30m ski-trip from Stigedalshytta w/Anne Rudsengen. On the way home from eastern Norway. Terrible skiing conditions, OK weather. Pics soon.
57 Sjåheimen 610m 57m Søndre Land 01.04.10 12:10PM 200m 8,7km, 1h:35m ski-trip from "Flyplassen" to "Skihytta". w/Anne Rudsengen. Light snowfall. Pics soon.
- Prestkjerringa 1060m 37m Lillehammer 31.03.10 11:35PM 350m 13,2km, 3h ski-trip w/Anne Rudsengen, Petter & Pål Jørgen Bjørstad from Petter's cabin. Nice trip with low visibility at times. Snowfall now and then. Pics.
56 Myssmørhelje 1070m 232m Lillehammer 31.03.10 11:05PM
55 Sollia 661m 661m Herøy/
28.03.10 14:50PM 600m 9,5km on skis from Leikongeidet w/Anne Rudsengen. Highest top on Gurskøya. Poor weather. Pics soon.
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
27.03.10 - 300m 47,4km on bike w/Anne Rudsengen, who didn't agree to the "short afternoon bike trip" label...
54 Veirahaldet 1206m 173m Ørsta 27.03.10 12:44PM 550m 9,6km on skis w/Anne Rudsengen. Great Easter holiday weather! Pics
53 Sukkertoppen 314m 314m Ålesund 25.03.10 16:25PM 300m Up & down Trollråsa. Good to be back!
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 24.03.10 18:30PM 550m 4,7km + 20km on bike. 18m:57s to Sandvikhornet. OK weather.
52 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 24.03.10 18:15PM
51 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 22.03.10 19:40PM 450m 6,3km. 18m:45s to Sandvikhornet (w/Sneakers) + some hill running
50 Englandshovden 774m 91m Sogndal 21.03.10 13:35PM 500m 6,5km, 3h:20m on skis w/Anne Rudsengen. Very strenuous due to wet snow, which fell apart all around us. Pics soon.
49 Høgehaug 980m 10m Sogndal 20.03.10 13:40PM 500m 12km, 3h:15m on skis w/Anne Rudsengen. Target was Helleberget, but cancelled due to avalanche danger. Wet, wet snow and rain. Zero visibility at times. Pics.
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 19.03.10 13:30PM 450m 5,7km. Rain. 21m to Sandvikhornet.
48 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 19.03.10 13:15PM
47 Rundebranden 294m 141m Herøy 15.03.10 18:40PM 300m 5,1km on skis from Goksøyr. Runde on skis - once in a decade experience. Pics.
46 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 14.03.10 17:30PM 400m 4,5km on skis from Leikongeidet w/Anne Rudsengen. Rough weather at first, then nice. Pics.
45 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 13.03.10 13:40PM 350m 4,6km on foot from Sandvik w/Anne Rudsengen. Good pace.
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 12.03.10 17:35PM 450m 5,7km. Rain & snow. 21m:40s to Sandvikhornet.
44 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 12.03.10 17:15PM
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 11.03.10 19:05PM* 450m 5,7km. Rain. 21m:45s to Sandvikhornet
43 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 11.03.10 18:40PM
- - - - Herøy 09.03.10 - 100m (10 x 1,1km tempo laps + to/from on bike around the n.hood. Headwind + pouring rain.
42 Nipa 867m 154m Luster 07.03.10 14:10PM 550m 8,7km on skis from Opheim (Indre Hafslo) w/Anne Rudsengen. 1st part easy along forest roads, then HARD, HARD work in deep, wet snow. Fog. Pics.
41 Tylderingen 1104m 214m Sogndal 06.03.10 11:55AM 600m 6,8km on skis from Fretland w/Anne Rudsengen. Little visibility on the mountain. Deep snow! Pics.
40 Sletteheidane 542m 44m Herøy 04.03.10 18:35PM 400m 6km on skis. Lots of snow, silver blue light and silky white mountains. Pretty..
- - - - Herøy 03.03.10 - 50m 3km running in the neighbourhood. Snowfall.
39 Nonshornet 485m~ 7m Herøy 02.03.10 19:55PM* 500m 4,6km after-dark ski-trip after another snowfall. Starry sky later on. Fun skiing!
38 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 01.03.10 17:25PM 600m 5,4km on skis; cold, windy, nice weather and bad snow. Pics .
37 Skåla
1008m 369m Volda 28.02.10 15:25PM 900m 10,3km, 5hrs on skis from Løndalen w/Anne Rudsengen. Still gorgeous weather. Steep mountain, hard work. Pics
36 Keipen 944m 441m Volda 27.02.10 14:55PM 900m 9,9km, 3h:50m on skis from Botnen w/Anne Rudsengen. Gorgeous weather and a mighty fine peak. The leg is improving. Pics
35 Austelidheida 645m 302m Vanylven 20.02.10 14:30PM 500m 6,1km, 2h:10m on skis from Bekslevatnet. Across Smalenyken (633m). OK weather. Windy on top. Pics soon.
34 Kyrnosa 617m 379m Vanylven/
20.02.10 12:35PM 500m 6,3km, 1h:50m on skis from Bekslevatnet. Across Navehornet (484m) and point 566m. This is the southwest corner of M&R.  Pics soon.
33 Haddalshornet 611m 103m Ulstein 19.02.10 19:25PM* 550m 4,2km. U & d west ridge on crampons via Hammaren. Very steep because of all the snow. Hard work.
32 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 18.02.10 19:20PM* 600m 5,2km. Good pace on hard snow. Starry evening.
31 Øyrahornet 417m 44m Herøy 18.02.10 18:50PM*
30 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 17.02.10 19:10PM* 350m 4km. Icy mountain.
29 Sletteheidane 542m 44m Herøy 16.02.10 19:05PM* 400m 6km on skis. Icy crust. Skiing not fun.
- Nigardsbreen 345m - Luster 15.02.10 11:05AM 100m 10km on skis from Jostedalen w/Anne Rudsengen. Amazing ice scenery. Pics
28 Blåfjellet 1401m~ 151m Sogndal /
14.02.10 12:45PM 700m 11,5km, 3h:40m on skis from Hodlekve w/Anne Rudsengen. One more day with fine weather. Superb 6km descent! Pics
27 Vorfjellet 1209m 179m Luster 13.02.10 13:35PM 750m 11,6km, 4h on skis w/Anne Rudsengen. Nice weather and a nice mountain. DEEP powder snow in the forest. Pics
26 Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy 11.02.10 19:00PM* 200m 3km on vax-free skis & leather boots. Directly from my doorstep. Rain.
25 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 10.02.10 20:20PM* 300m 5,3km on skis. Myrvåg - HH - Djupvik - Myrvåg. Snowstorm. Two little girls at Djupvik now probably believe in Martians...
24 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 09.02.10 18:40PM* 400m 3,8km, 1h:05m on skis from Leikongeidet. Beautiful weather, perfect snow and a stunning horizon. Pics .
23 Laupsnipa 558m 380m Herøy /
07.02.10 14:10PM 550m 5,5km on skis with Anne. From fjord to mountain and back again. Supercool. Pics.
22 Høgenipa 1097m 126m Vanylven/
06.02.10 16:10PM 1050m 14,6km, 4,5h on skis from Landsverk with Anne Rudsengen. Nice weather, but windy. Pics .
21 Sollia 661m 661m Herøy/
04.02.10 18:10PM 600m 9,4km, 1h:55m on skis from Leikongeidet to Gurskøya high point. Descent in the dark. Fun skiing from the 500m contour and down. Windy on top.
- Sollia SE-1 598m 50m Herøy 04.02.10 17:50PM
20 Skafjellet 573m 82m Hareid 03.02.10 18:10PM 500m Evening ski-trip. Still most excellent snow conditions from top to bottom! Pics .
19 Skafjellet 573m 82m Hareid 02.02.10 20:25PM* 500m After-dark ski-trip w/Rune Olsen. Most excellent snow conditions from top to bottom! Pics.
18 Storehaugen 1174m 990m Sogndal 31.01.10 13:35PM 800m 14,4km, 4h:15m on skis w/Anne Rudsengen. Beautiful weather and nice descent. Confusion about the top's actual height. Pics .
- Storehaugfjellet 1173m 80m Sogndal 31.01.10 13:00PM
17 Store Haugmelen 1172m 974m Sogndal/
30.01.10 14:30PM 750M 12km, 3h:45m on skis w/Anne Rudsengen. Lots of powder snow. Flat light on the mountain. Nice descent. Pics.
16 Hillehornet 211m 53m Herøy 28.01.10 18:45PM 350m 4,5km on skis. Snowstorm > 200m, later moonlight and wonderful skiing.
15 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 27.01.10 18:45PM* 350m 4km. Still some gusts after the Ask storm
14 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 25.01.10 18:00PM* 350m 4km. Nice, bright evening.
13 Myrkevassegga 881m 135m Vanylven 24.01.10 14:10PM 900m 13,3km, 4 hours on skis w/Anne Rudsengen. From Syvden. Cloudy + flat light, but a superb descent. 1st trip on new skis. Pics soon.
12 Sollia 661m 661m Herøy/
23.01.10 13:55PM 700m 10km on skis. Highest top on Gurskøya. From Tjørvåg, via Nonshornet. Difficult snow conditions.  Pics soon
11 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 18.01.10 18:15PM* 350m 4km. Partly deep snow and windblown ridges. Light snowfall and some wind.
10 Bondehaug
723m 220m Luster 17.01.10 13:35PM 250m 5,3km, 2h:10m on skis w/Anne. A good day to be in the forest (very windy higher up). Pics.
9 Kjeringi
1314m 202m Leikanger 16.01.10 14:00PM 950m 18km, 5h on skis w/Anne Rudsengen & Knut Rydgren. Very windy (gale). Pics .
8 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein 14.01.10 19:35PM* 450m 5,2km on skis (in the dark). Just as brilliant and fun as the day before. Pics.
7 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein 13.01.10 19:45PM* 450m 5,2km on skis (in the dark). Starry sky. -8 deg. C. at the trailhead. <10 minutes down the mountain. Fantastic!!
6 Hornseten 190m 152m Herøy 12.01.10 20:00PM* 150m 2,3km. This became plan B as one of my snowshoes got damaged on the way up Leinehornet
5 Laupsnipa 558m 380m Herøy /
11.01.10 18:05PM* 550m 4,4km on snowshoes in deep snow. Beautiful evening. Pics.
- - - - - 09.01.10 - - "Cold winter" gallery from Ørsta. Pics .
4 Montaña de Guergenche
(Las Pilas)
GPS: 674
85m La Gomera 02.01.10 14:20PM 950m 14,1km, 5h:30m w/Anne. Beautiful ridge traverse starting at El Guro. Great view towards Valle Gran Rey. Descent via Barranco de Argaga - the most amazing gorge I've seen. Pics
3 Montaña Del Adivino 722m
GPS: 732
62m La Gomera 02.01.10 13:25PM
2 Lomo de Harinero 861m
GPS: 867
73m La Gomera 02.01.10 12:15PM
1 Roque de Ojila 1170m
GPS: 1182
129m La Gomera,
Canary Islands, Spain
01.01.10 15:00PM 300m 2,5km. w/Anne Rudsengen. What a start to the new year! Ojila is a great volcanic dome in the Los Roques region, and can be ascended without the use of a rope (YDS class 3). Pics