Activity Log 2011

This is my 2011 activity log. Mountains I've done before appear in italic style. "VM" means actual vertical meters climbed. An asterix (*) after "Time" means I hiked after dark. PF means primary factor. indicates nice & sunny pictures. A new top (blue) should have PF 100m+, unless the top was the target for the hike.

Statistics 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
# of New tops   137 156 110 101 120 154 133 100 130 123 119
Local tops   39(H) 31(H)2(S) 105(H),2(S) 2(U)82(S)14(H) 99(S)  1(U)49(S) 162(U) 151(U) 140(U) 136(U) 127(U)
# of other tops   119 84 232 103 100 76 47 52 32 37 24
TOTAL   295 273 449 302 319 280 342 303 302 296 270
Vertical meters   144770m 135400m 206600m 141600m 140750m 147200m 160600m 146350m 145450m 126000m 88100m

Local tops: (U) = Ulriken, Bergen, (S) = Sukkertoppen, Ålesund (H) = Huldrehornet, Gurskøya.

Clickable (+ scroll,zoom) map of tops visited in 2011. Green marker = new tops, red = tops visited before.



# Mountain Hgt PF Location Date Time VM Comments
295 Høgåsen 240m 240m Ulstein 31.12.11 20:10PM 200m 3,7km hike w/Anne - finishing off 2011 on this coastal top. Pics
294 Høgåsen 240m 240m Ulstein 31.12.11 12:25PM 200m 3,7km hike w/Anne - putting up the tent on top.
- Around Myrvåg on bike - - Herøy 30.12.11 - 300m 24km on bike. Icy roads.
- Around Myrvåg on bike - - Herøy 30.12.11 - 100m 6,5km morning trip (intervals) on bike.
- Running around Djupvikvatnet - - Herøy 30.12.11 - 150m 5,7km running along Djupvikvatnet (intervals).
293 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein 29.12.11 14:00PM 750m High point Hareidlandet island. Up Hammarselva & Hestedamselva w/Anne, Lena & Terje. A wet, but fun experience. + 12km on bike. Pics.
292 Kjerringa 428m 0m Ulstein 28.12.11 13:40PM 500m Very cool hike w/Anne. From Ytreflø. Up Trongegjølet + a visit to the top of the Kjerringa "face". Descent via Ytreflødalen. Pics
291 Veten (Hidsegga) 556m 320m Herøy 27.12.11 13:05PM 550m 5,3km hike w/Anne. Good to be out again after the storm "Dagmar". Steep up from Hidsneset, descent via Hidsdalen.
290 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 25.12.11 14:00PM 400m 4,7km hike w/Anne. We carried backpacks in range 21-23kg. Good workout...
289 Saursegga 516m 93m Sande 24.12.09 13:25PM 700m 7,8km hike w/Anne. Windy walk with good views! Merry Christmas!
288 Nipa / Gjøna 531m 163m Sande 24.12.09 13:00PM
- Around Myrvåg on bike - - Herøy 23.11.11 - 300m 24km on bike w/Anne. Pouring rain...
287 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 22.12.11 16:00PM 400m 4,7km hike. Good pace, bad weather.
286 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 21.12.11 18:30PM 400m 4,7km hike. Good workout.
- Running around Djupvikvatnet - - Herøy 20.12.11 - 100m 8,5km running along Djupvikvatnet (intervals). Finally, I can run without pain again. Snowfall.
285 Såtefjellet
1068m 240m Jølster 18.12.11 12:55PM 700m 9,5km on skis w/Anne, Janne & Joar. From Helgheim. Snow showers. Difficult driving conditions back to Sunnmøre. Pics.
284 Helleberget 988m 108m Sogndal 17.12.11 13:55PM 500m 9,3km on skis w/Anne, f/t Hodlekve. OK weather, and a lot of snow. Nice to be in the mountains again (after 1/2 week in Holland)
283 Slettheia 552m 49m Sande 11.12.11 13:45PM 600m 7,9km on skis w/Anne, f/t Tjørvåg. Not too much snow, but enough. Pics.
282 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 10.12.11 12:55PM 550m 6,4km ski-trip w Anne, f/t Leikong. Different types of weather, but overall nice! Pics .
- Sletteheidane 542m 44m Herøy 10.12.11 12:15PM
281 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 09.12.11 19:25PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet w/ Anne. This time, the conditions were perfect!
280 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 08.12.11 19:00PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Strong wind on top. Difficult conditions.
279 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 07.12.11 18:40PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet w/ Bjørn Skoge. Perfect snow, but the fog came creeping in.
278 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 06.12.11 18:20PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. First ski-trip in the 11/12 season. Icy crust.
277 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 05.12.11 19:45PM* 250m 4,1km after-dark hike. Hail showers and moonlight. The snow came to Myrvåg this weekend.
276 Berrskallen 520m 97m Luster 04.12.11 12:30PM 350m 3,7km trip w/Anne. Across Veitastrondvatnet in the inflatable "Hawk" and a steep hike up in deep snow. Great fun! Difficult driving conditions back to Sunnmøre.
- Storøyna 22m 22m Sogndal 03.12.11 13:25PM - 3km trip w/Anne. Around Storøyna & Vetleøyna in the inflatable "Hawk". Anne tested her new drysuit while we were watching two harbor seals. Pics
- Around Myrvåg on bike - - Herøy 29.11.11 -* 400m 31,9km on bike (after-dark). 4 laps around Myrvåg & Dragsund. 1:21:46.
- Around Myrvåg on bike - - Herøy 28.11.11 -* 400m 31,9km on bike (after-dark). 4 laps around Myrvåg & Dragsund. 1:21:07.
- Around Gurskøya on bike (attempt) - - Herøy/
27.11.11 - 450m 41,4km on bike. Had to turn around at Gjøneset due to a gale. Extremely cold toes!
275 Skolma 636m 483m Hareid /
26.11.11 13:00PM 800m Bike trip from Myrvåg. 51,7km in total. 8km on foot f/t Ytreflø. Rain and wind. Pics.
274 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 24.11.11 18:50PM* 800m 7,9km fast hiking. Windy & dark.
- Kayak self-rescue practice - - Herøy
23.11.11 - 0m A slight drama...
273 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 22.11.11 18:40PM* 350m 6km after-dark hike. Windy.
- Hestholmen kayak trip - - Herøy
22.11.11 - 0m 10,3km afternoon kayak trip. Rugged waters.
272 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 21.11.11 19:45PM* 350m 4,7km after-dark hike. Nice weather.
- Dimna &Stokksund kayak trip - - Herøy
21.11.11 -* 0m 11,8km after-dark kayak trip. Best trip so far.
- Tjørvåg kayak trip - - Herøy
20.11.11 -* 0m 6,9km after-dark kayak trip w/Anne.
271 Laupsnipa 558m 380m Herøy /
20.11.11 14:40PM 550m 4,2km hike up and down the east ridge + 22,7km on bike.
- Sundgota kayak trip - - Herøy/
19.11.11 - 0m 11,5km kayak trip w/Anne.
270 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 18.11.11 19:00PM 250m 6km after-dark hike w/Anne. Myrvåg - Huldrehornet - Djupvik - Myrvåg
- Dimna & Tjørvåg kayak trip - - Herøy
17.11.11 -* 0m 9km after-dark kayak trip.
269 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 16.11.11 20:40PM 250m 4,7km after-dark hike
- Tjørvåg & around Storøya kayak trip - - Herøy
15.11.11 -* 0m 7,3km after-dark kayak trip. Starry sky. Magical!
268 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 14.11.11 20:30PM* 300m 7km running (total).
- Myrvåg bike trip - - Herøy 14.11.11 - 100m 10 fast laps (11,5km) around Myrvåg
- Fossen bike trip - - Luster 13.11.11 14:00PM 300m 13,7km bike-trip w/Anne, to Fossen cabins - on snow!
267 Store Gråbroren 739m 136m Sogndal 12.11.11 14:20PM 600m 14,4km (12,4km on bike) trip w/Anne in gorgeous weather.
266 Nordre Gråbroren 716m 78m Sogndal/
12.11.11 13:45PM
265 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein 10.11.11 19:30PM* 650m High point Hareidlandet island. 5km hike, full moon. 43m:29s to the top. Not too good...
- Tjørvåg & Dimna kayak trip - - Herøy
09.11.11 -* 0m 9km kayak trip. 1st after-dark trip, testing my new Silva Alpha 2 headlamp
264 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein 08.11.11 20:30PM* 450m Nice evening, soon full moon...
- Rosskarristninga - - Herøy 07.11.11 16:30PM 50m Checking out the Roskar carvings, w/Anne
263 Heida 239m 126m Herøy 07.11.11 15:40PM 150m Quick evening hike w/Anne.
262 Storetua 592m 249m Sande 06.11.11 16:20PM 400m Nice evening hike w/Anne. Sunset & moonlight.
- Myrvåg bike trip - - Herøy 05.11.11 - 150m 17km (training)
- Myrvåg bike trip - - Herøy 04.11.11 - 300m 10 fast laps around Myrvåg + warm-up & fade-out. 26,5km
- Myrvåg bike trip - - Herøy 03.11.11 - 100m 10 fast laps (11,5km) around Myrvåg + 5,5km warm-up. Bad foot.
261 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 02.11.11 17:45PM 500m 5,3km of walking, jogging and running. Highest pulse recorded since I got the Forerunner; 181. Bad foot again.
260 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 01.11.11 19:30PM 350m 2,7km fast hike in pouring rain.
- Dragsundet kayak trip - - Herøy
30.10.11 11:27PM-
0m 10,9km kayak trip. Smooth waters...
- Leikongeidet - Voldnes bike trip - - Herøy/
29.10.11 - 500m 34km bike trip. Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Voldnes - Jøsokdalen - Djupvik - Myrvåg. Bad foot.
- Myrvågneset kayak trip - - Herøy
29.10.11 10:20PM-
0m 8,1km kayak trip to north of Rambjøra. Self-rescue training outside Kalvenes. Bad foot.
- Myrvåg bike trip - - Herøy 27.10.11 - 100m 10 fast laps (11,5km) around Myrvåg. Bad foot.
259 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 26.10.11 17:30PM 600m Fast walk (38min) in nice weather. Bad foot.
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
25.10.11 - 400m 47,4km on bike. Wind against most of the way! 1h:47m:10s. Bad foot.
- Kayak & Biking - - Herøy
24.10.11 - 100m 9,3km kayak trip and 11,5km biking (10 fast laps around Myrvåg). Bad foot.
258 Kvitenjuk 752m 119m Vik (Sogn) 23.10.11 13:25PM 750m 17km (14km on bike, 3km on foot) trip w/Anne. Sunshine and wonderful Sognejord views! Bad foot.
257 Tirsholten 820m 91m Sogndal 22.10.11 13:55PM 800m 19,1km round trip (mostly on bike) from Festingsdalen w/Anne. It stopped raining just as we headed out. Perfect! Bad foot.
- Running in Sogndal - - Sogndal 21.10.11 - 50m 4,8km round trip, including interval training. This is where I got my bad foot!
- Running around Djupvikvatnet - - Herøy 20.10.11 - 50m 5km running around Djupvikvatnet + a lap around Myrvåg. 24m:03s - 25 secs faster than last time
- Myrvåg bike trip - - Herøy 19.10.11 - 100m 10 fast laps (12km) around Myrvåg.
- Tjørvåg kayak trip - - Herøy
19.10.11 16:10PM-
0m 8,1km kayak trip. Very bumpy waters!
- Running around Djupvikvatnet - - Herøy 18.10.11 - 50m 5km running around Djupvikvatnet + a lap around Myrvåg. 8 secs faster than the 16th.
- Myrvågneset kayak trip - - Herøy
18.10.11 16:20PM-
0m 7,7km kayak trip
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
17.10.11 - 300m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - 5 laps around Myrvåg.  Pouring rain.
- Running around Djupvikvatnet - - Herøy 16.10.11 - 50m 5km running around Djupvikvatnet + a lap around Myrvåg. 40 secs faster than yesterday.
- Kristofferholmen kayak trip - - Herøy
16.10.11 12:20PM-
0m 4,3km kayak trip around Kristofferholmen w/Anne, after practicing self-rescue in Aspvika.
- Running around Djupvikvatnet - - Herøy 15.10.11 - 50m 5km running around Djupvikvatnet + a lap around Myrvåg. First trip with Garmin Forerunner 405CX. Fun!
256 Kjerringa 930m 202m Volda/
15.10.11 12:50PM 700m 6,1km nice round trip w/Anne. Overcast, windy and some snow on top.
- Myrvåg bike trip - - Herøy/
14.10.11 - 100m 10 laps (11,5km) around Myrvåg w/Anne. Up tempo...
- Storøya kayak trip - - Herøy/
13.10.11 16:20PM-
0m 10,1km kayak trip around Storøya. My first real trip in "Jølle II"
- Voldnes bike trip - - Herøy/
12.10.11 - 350m Myrvåg - Leikong - Feirelia - Vonheim - Voldnes - Jøsokbakken - Kjeldsund - Myrvåg. 31km.
- Running around Djupvikvatnet - - Herøy 11.10.11 - - Kayak trip, running around Djupvikvatnet, indoor program (7x3). Heavy rain showers.
255 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 10.10.11 18:15PM 250m 6km jogging. Myrvåg - Huldrehornet - around Djupvikvatnet, preceeded by a kayak trip (my first in my new kayak!!) and succeeded by an indoor program (7x3). Heavy rain showers.
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
09.10.11 - 200m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Myrvåg. 16km. Pouring rain. Holy smoke - how wet and cold I was...
- Losætra bike trip 240m~ - Stryn 09.10.11 - 250m 8,6km morning bike trip w/Anne
- Lodalen bike trip 170m~ - Stryn 08.10.11 - 400m 42,2km superb bike trip w/Anne. Beautiful Lodalen!
254 Hogden 601m 168m Stryn 08.10.11 12:40PM 450m 6,9km wonderful hike w/Anne in the sunshine (after days and days of rain). Touched fresh snow > 500m. Pics
- Svarstadveten 591m 38m Stryn 08.10.11 12:05PM
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
05.10.11 - 200m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet -  Myrvåg. 16km. Testing new biking shoes. Pouring rain.
- Grøthornet 1086m 14m Ørsta 02.10.11 15:40PM 1000m 10,6km hike f/t Standaleidet in beautiful autumn weather.
253 Hellefjellet 1239m 109m Ørsta 02.10.11 14:55PM
252 Fingeren 1188m~ 56m Ørsta 01.10.11 12:10PM 850m Back again! This time w/Trond Arne. Light rain on the way up, but all in all a great hike! Pics
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
30.09.11 - 400m 47,4km on bike. Wind against most of the way! New personal record; 1h:44m:29s. Inflammation under my left foot...
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
29.09.11 - 400m 47,4km on bike. Wind against most of the way! New personal record; 1h:47m:46s
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
27.09.11 - 200m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Ski trail - Leikong - Myrvåg. 18km, 52min.
251 Arnestadfjellet 721m 283m Gloppen 25.09.11 16:00PM 650m 7,6km hike f/t Gjerdet. Nice view towards Sandane and Gloppefjorden.
250 Lysemyrholten 810m 82m Luster 24.09.11 15:50PM 800m 19km trip w/Anne. 15km on bike (f/t Gaupne), in light rain & fog.
249 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 22.09.11 18:45PM 400m 6km hiking & running, starting at Sandvik. Heavy rain. Not my finest day here...
- Around Slokevatnet - - Ulstein 21.09.11 19:00PM 200m 3,7km running, the route around Slokevatnet on Dimna. 26m:04s. Very slippery!
248 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 20.09.11 19:45PM 400m 6km hiking & running, starting at Sandvik. 16m:31s to the top (1,8km, 300 v.m.). Rain
  Around Veøya - - Ulstein 18.09.11 18:30PM 0m 6,4km in canoe w/Anne.
247 Åmsnipa 527m 69m Ørsta 18.09.11 16:00PM 100m 1,3km hike w/Anne. Easy top...
246 Fingeren 1188m~ 56m Ørsta 18.09.11 18:30PM 850m One of 2011's finest hikes. With Anne. Pics
- Kritsa Gorge - - Crete,
17.09.11 16:25PM 100m Nice gorge/canyon walk w/Anne, 7km west/southwest of Ag. Nikolaos.
- Dicti Cave - - Crete,
16.09.11 13:20PM 150m Tourist hike w/Anne, to one of Crete's most famous caves.
245 Brena 1266m 119m Crete,
16.09.11 12:15PM 150m 2,4km solo hike to Selena's lower neighbour. Great view towards Dikti!
244 Selena 1558m 533m Crete,
16.09.11 11:10PM 400m 4,1km hike w/Anne, to the highest mountain north of the Lassithi plateau.
243 Kolekto 302m 125m Crete,
15.09.11 16:30PM 300m 2,8km hike up and down the "sugar hill" mountain west of Mirtos. Nice views  Afterwards, we snorkeled in the bay.
- Sarakinas Gorge - - Crete,
15.09.11 13:20PM 50m 3,8km hike w/Anne in a STUNNINGLY beautiful canyon/gorge. Took a bath in two pools - one having a nice waterfall.
242 Meghali Koryphi 1141m 166m Crete,
15.09.11 11:40PM 200m 3,2km easy hike w/Anne, to a very nice viewpoint northeast of Males.
241 Thilakos
521m 246m Crete,
14.09.11 13:25PM 350m 3,5km aggravating hike through dense bush with thorns.
240 Spinalonga peninsula (an island, actually) 138m 138m Crete,
13.09.11 14:45PM 100m Quick 2,2km hike before joining Anne for snorkeling at Kolokytha Bay. A wonderful day!
239 Timios Stavros 794m 419m Crete,
13.09.11 11:50AM 250m 4,9km easy hike w/Anne, along a mountain road. Impressive chapel on top!
- Spinalonga island
55m 55m Crete,
13.09.11 09:40AM 50m Sightseeing w/Anne to a famous island. Boat ride f/t Plaka.
238 Ethiani Kephala 715m 190m Crete, Greece 12.09.11 16:40PM 150m 2,6km afternoon hike to a very nice viewpoint in eastern Crete w/Anne, after snorkeling in the Libyan Sea.
237 Afentis Stavromenos/
(Afentis Histos)
1476m 1350m Crete,
12.09.11 11:30PM 500m 9,4km w/Anne, along a mountain service road to one of Crete's finest viewpoints!
236 Dikti 2148m 1798m Crete,
11.09.11 13:17PM 1050m 16,1km hike w/Anne to one of Crete's 3 "Ultra's". A tormenting 4WD ride was the thing we'll remember best...
- Stemnehornet 190m 43m Ulstein 09.09.11 16:10PM 400m 8,8km jogging, f/t Dimnakrysset. Around Slokevatnet. 1h:03m:18s, incl. some minor mis-haps...
- Svarane 191m 43m Ulstein 09.09.11 16:05PM
235 Høgåsen 240m 240m Ulstein 09.09.11 15:55PM
- Veøya 17m 17m Ulstein 08.09.11 17:30PM 17m 6,1km in canoe and 0,9km on the island. It's very hard to operate a canoe with a single oar.
234 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 06.09.11 18:55PM 400m 6km hiking & running, starting at Sandvik. 16m:08s to the top (1,8km, 300 v.m.)
233 Vetle Haugmelen 1118m 108m Luster 04.09.11 13:40PM 750m 8,8km hike + 8km on bike w/Anne. From Dalåker, via Vassløysa. Descent via Breidesete. Light rain during descent. Pics.
232 Stedjeåsen 624m 121m Sogndal 02.09.11 19:30PM 550m 5,3km quick hike. 26m:36s to the top. NPR! 41m:07s up and down.
231 Fingeren 1188m~ 56m Ørsta 01.09.11 19:15PM 850m 6,2km, 3h:07m wonderful hike to a spectacular peak. Finally bagged the bugger!
230 Stabben 879m~  29m Ørsta 31.08.11 18:08PM 850m 11km, 3h:25mhrs hike, f/t Skorgeura (via Øvrehagen upon descent). This was an easy climb (YDS 3), especially with dry rock
229 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 30.08.11 19:30PM 350m 4km hike, starting at Sandvik. Rain!
228 Eikenakken 123m 123m Ulstein 29.08.11 19:20PM 100m Short hike in the rain w/Anne
227 Varden (Runde) 333m 333m Herøy 28.08.11 20:15PM 330m Nice evening walk w/Anne.
- Nykreimsholmen 20m 20m Herøy 28.08.11 13:20PM 20m 8km in canoe and 0,5km walk (on Nykreimholmen) w/Anne. My first canoe trip since 1998. Out from Kjeldsund. Pics
- Stabben 879m~ 29m Ørsta 27.08.11 16:15PM 850m 10,1km, 4hrs hike w/Anne, f/t Skorgeura. Turned around 5-6 vertical meters below the summit because of unsafe-when-wet terrain.
- Stemnehornet 190m 43m Ulstein 26.08.11 18:15PM 400m 8km (ca.) jogging w/Anne, f/t Høgtun. Around Slokevatnet.
- Svarane 191m 43m Ulstein 26.08.11 18:00PM
226 Høgåsen 240m 240m Ulstein 26.08.11 17:40PM
225 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 24.08.11 18:40PM 350m 4,8km jogging. 12m:29s (250 vertical meters) to the top. Scrambling on the back side. Did a climbing move I've attempted since 2006 ;)
224 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 23.08.11 18:15PM 300m 3,6km slow running. 16m:10s to the top.
223 Åstøylsfjellet (Steinbottsegga) 1007m 157m Naustdal/
21.08.11 14:45PM 1150m 16,6km, 5,5hrs hike w/Ove Lotsberg. Rain from 2km and throughout the hike. My 1st Naustdal top(s). Nice to visit a completely new area! We were invited for coffee and rømaske at Åstøylen. Excellent hospitality! Rømaske was an ... interesting ... dish.
- Point 956m 956m 66m Naustdal/
21.08.11 14:05PM
222 Point 1188m 1188m 105m Naustdal/
21.08.11 13:20PM
- Point 1188m NE-1 1170m~ 60m Gloppen 21.08.11 13:00PM
221 Ryssdalshornet 1201m 686m Gloppen 20.08.11 10:40AM 1150m 9km nice morning hike w/Anne, Lise Grønbukt and Ove Lotsberg. Good pace up the forest! Pics
220 Trollenyken(Svoradalsnibba) 899m 189m Eid 19.08.11 18:25PM 850m 6km(+) quick hike from E39. Up in 54 minutes.
219 Skårasalen 1542m 1384m Ørsta 18.08.11 19:35PM 1050m 6,7km hike w/33 people from the police dept. Overall cloudy, but still a very nice hike. Pics.
218 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 17.08.11 19:30PM 300m 3,6km slow running. 16m:18s to the top.
217 Skårasalen 1542m 1384m Ørsta 16.08.11 19:35PM 1050m 6,7km quick evening hike. 59 mins up (!) and 1:35 altogether, including break on top. Light fog and rain.
216 Remøyfjellet 188m 188m Herøy 15.08.11 19:45PM 200m 4,1km nice evening hike w/Anne. Up from Sævik, down on the north side and through the tunnel. 100,000 vertical meters so far!
215 Gangeskaregga 526m 116m Vågsøy/
14.08.11 15:05PM 900m 11,4km, 4h:10m nice walk w/Anne from Austadalen to Flatraket. Found new friends at Flatraket and were driven back to Austadalen ;) Nice weather.
214 Alskartinden 581m 111m Vågsøy 14.08.11 14:05PM
213 Sankta Synnevahornet 689m 359m Vågsøy 14.08.11 13:00PM
212 Kubben 1126m 56m Ørsta 13.08.11 14:46PM 1250m 9,8km, 5h:40m memorable hike w/Anne. From Kvistaddalen in excellent weather. Narrow ridge walk, but technically easy.
211 Point 1237m 1237m 127m Ørsta 13.08.11 14:15PM
- Langhornet 1231m 71m Ørsta 13.08.11 13:40PM
210 Storkopptindane 1232m~ 42m Ørsta 11.08.11 19:45PM 1200m 10,3km, 5h superb evening hike w/Arngeir Syversen. Spectacular terrain!
209 Romedalstinden 1295m 325m Ørsta 11.08.11 18:40PM
208 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 10.08.11 20:00PM 300m 3,6km nice afternoon hike. Commuting pics .
207 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 09.08.11 21:05PM 300m 3,6km nice evening hike
206 Kvitegga 1114m 324m Eid 07.08.11 13:30PM 950m 10km, 3h:45m nice round trip hike from Grøndalsvatnet. Sunny, then cloudy.
205 Hattemakaren 1098m 228m Volda / Eid 07.08.11 12:30PM
204 Veten 459m 246m Vågsøy 06.08.11 16:00PM 1100m 13,7km, 5h:45m nice round trip hike w/Lise Grønbukt & Ove Lotsberg. We started from Fagerlid and stayed clear of the rainshowers. Veten is my 100th new top this year.
203 Vardefjellet 476m 106m Selje 06.08.11 13:45PM
202 Salen 634m 224m Vågsøy 06.08.11 12:45PM
201 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 05.08.11 20:20PM 350m 4,8km hiking and running. 12m:38s to the top.
200 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein 04.08.11 19:15PM 450m 5,1km running & hiking. 26m:18s to the top. Not so good, but I wasn't in top shape...
199 Melshornet 668m 560m Hareid 02.08.11 19:40PM 550m 7,2km tempo hike w/Rune Olsen - who set a new personal record. I didn't; 30m:50s.
198 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 01.08.11 19:50PM 350m 4,8km hiking and running. 12m:37s to the top.
197 Vetledalsnosi 1640m 210m Luster 31.07.11 11:15AM 650m 9,2km round trip w/Anne. From Nørdstedalseter, and the same brilliant weather...
196 Tverrbyttfjellet 1571m 101m Lom 30.07.11 15:20PM 1000m 17km traverse of Liabrekulen w/Anne. Starting point Nørdstedalseter. Gorgeous weather and stunning views! Eastern and western Norway on the same hike.
195 Liabrekulen 1910m 495m Luster 30.07.11 13:20PM
194 Stedjeåsen 624m 121m Sogndal 29.07.11 19:25PM 550m 5,3km quick hike. 28m:10s up to the top. 42m:49s up and down.
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 28.07.11 19:00PM 500m 6km hiking & running, from Tjørvåg.
193 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 28.07.11 18:40PM
192 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein 27.07.11 20:30PM 650m High point Hareidlandet island. 5km hike, rising above the fog. Pics.
191 Veten 458m 205m Sande 25.07.11 17:15PM 300m 7,1km hike w/Anne. We didn't pay attention upon descent and got a bit lost in the fog.
190 Halsfjellet
165m 132m Brønnøy 23.07.11 14:10PM 300m 5,1km wet and fun hike w/Anne. Caught a boat ride across Novavatnet and got invited for coffee on the way home.
189 Brekkfjellet 246m 153m Sømna 22.07.11 17:55PM 250m 3,7km evening hike - knowing Norway's suffering from our first terrorist attack. The mind wanders...
188 Krumfjellet 388m 335m Brønnøy 22.07.11 11:00AM 500m 5,7km hike w/mom and Anne. Nice weather and nice terrain.
  Skogfjellet 363m 65m Brønnøy 22.07.11 10:25AM
- Storbelgen
(Did not summit)
217m 154m Nesna 21.07.11 13:50PM 100m Failed attempt on this monstrous rock on Tomma. The Litlbelgen neighbour didn't look too easy either...
187 Tomskjevelen
922m 922m Nesna 21.07.11 11:00AM 900m 8km hike w/Anne to the high point on Tomma island. The fog went away as we reached the top. Yeah!
186 Hammarøyfjellet
767m 157m Nesna 20.07.11 17:40PM 650m 5,2km solo hike in rain and fog. Found the perfect route to this top...
185 Hugltinden 624m 624m Nesna 20.07.11 10:00AM 600m 11,1km foggy hike w/Anne to the high point on Hugla island. Didn't see a thing...
184 Handnesfjellet 495m 107m Nesna 19.07.11 19:14PM 750m 12,1km hike w/Anne to the high point on Handnesøya island. Gorgeous weather, and mind-boggling views
183 Stokkatinden 599m 599m Nesna 19.07.11 18:20PM
182 Sausfjellet 500m 412m Brønnøy 18.07.11 11:40PM 400m 7,4km hike w/Anne across a long, boggy route. I will never do this hike again. The rain came later in the day.
181 Skårfjellet 175m 112m Sømna 17.07.11 18:40PM 200m 2,9km evening hike w/Anne. Just after a huge dinner at Vennesund.
180 Heilhornet 1058m 1055m Bindal 17.07.11 14:10PM 1000m 11,5km hike in gorgeous weather w/Anne & mom. Outstanding effort by mom, who had never done 1000 vertical meters before.
- Lekamøya
(did not climb it)
- - Leka 16.07.11 17:10PM 100m 1,9km hike w/Anne - t/f this famous pinnacle on Leka island. We didn't want to climb it without a rope.
179 Halgeberget
101m 101m Leka 16.07.11 16:40PM 100m 0,9km hike w/Anne t/f the highest point on Madsøya island.
178 Vattinden 418m 418m Leka 16.07.11 15:30PM 400m 4km hike w/Anne t/f the highest point on Leka island. Gorgeous weather.
177 Fugleleikhøa 1376m 238m Rauma 15.07.11 15:35PM 250m 2,6km hike w/Anne. On the way to northern Norway. Nice weather!
- Hvoynati Vrah 2649m 50m Pirin range, Bulgaria 12.07.11 14:30PM 1000m 7,8km hike w/Anne. From the Vihren hut to the 2nd highest peak in Bulgaria and the highest in the Pirin range. Nice weather, but some fog on top. Pics
176 Vihren 2915m 1784m Pirin range, Bulgaria 12.07.11 13:30PM
- Malka Malyovitsa 2640m 50m Pirin range, Bulgaria 11.07.11 13:50PM 1100m 15,1km hike w/Anne f/t our (horror) hotel in Malyovitsa. We scrambled the little peak from the lake. Stunning weather. Pics
175 Malyovitsa 2729m 279m Rila range, Bulgaria 11.07.11 12:40AM
174 Ushite Peak 1906m 96m Bulgaria 10.07.11 14:15PM 700m 16,4km hike w/Anne f/t the gondola at Aleko. Gorgeous weather. Pics
173 Cherni Vrah 2290m 1259m Bulgaria 10.07.11 11:00AM
172 Deno 2790m 90m Rila range,
09.07.11 14:10PM 800m 16,9km hike w/Anne, f/t the gondola at Yastrebets (2369m). Very nice weather and landscape! Round trip around the Musala hut. Musala has the 7th highest prominence (primary factor) in Europe, in addition to being the Bulgarian high point. Pics
- Irecheck 2852m 40m Rila range,
09.07.11 13:25PM
171 Malka Musala 2902m 60m Rila range,
09.07.11 13:00PM
170 Musala 2925m 2473m Rila range,
09.07.11 12:05AM
- Around Dimnøya
(on bike)
- - Ulstein/
06.07.11 - 350m Myrvåg - around Dimnøya (twice) - Myrvåg on bike (36,3km). 18m:45sec (ca.) one lap. w/Morten
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
05.07.11 - 450m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Ski trail - Leikong - Leikongeidet - Myrvåg. 30km, 1h:15m:50s.
169 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 04.07.11 20:00PM 400m 6km hiking and running w/Rune Olsen.
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
03.07.11 - 450m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Ski trail - Leikong - Leikongeidet - Myrvåg. 30km, 1h:18m:20s.
168 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 03.07.11 21:00PM 400m 9km hiking and running.
167 Sætreegga 1089m~ 59m Ørsta 02.07.11 14:00PM 1000m A nice round trip with some challenges. Turned around approx. 15 vertical meters below Fingeren, mostly because of wet rock and no knowledge about the route ahead. Pics
- Fingeren
(did not summit)
1188m~ 56m Ørsta 02.07.11 13:00PM
166 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 28.06.11 20:30PM 300m 4,8km hiking and running. Rain and fog.
165 Sperrefjellet (Midtheia) 155m 140m Solund 26.06.11 14:20PM 200m 2,8km nice round trip hike (via Ttreheia and Midtheia) w/Anne. Ytre Sula rocks! Pics
164 Håfjellet 202m 202m Solund 26.06.11 12:30PM 300m 4,4km hike w/Anne to the highest point on Ytre Sula island. Nice weather after light rain in the morning.
163 Vardefjellet 315m 315m Solund 25.06.11 19:45PM 350m 3,6km splendid afternoon hike w/Anne to the highest point on Steinsundøyna island. Pics.
162 Liafjellet 242m 199m Solund 25.06.11 16:30PM 300m 3,3km cool round trip w/Anne to a cool top. Followed by a 1,4km hike t/f Råkeneset (DNT cabin). Pics  
161 Husefjellet 160m 130m Solund 25.06.11 14:45PM 150m 1,8km hike from Hersvikbygda w/Anne. A touch of scrambling. Pics.
160 Urdanipa 133m 103m Solund 25.06.11 13:45PM 100m 1,4km hike w/Anne in easy terrain. Nice view towards Alden and Kinn! Pics.
159 Pollatinden 541m 511m Solund 25.06.11 11:55AM 500m 4,5km hike w/Anne. Light rain in the morning, then sunshine! 2nd highest peak in Solund. Pics.
158 Husefjellet 168m 138m Solund 24.06.11 20:15PM 150m 1,3km evening hike w/Anne to a cool top! Pics
157 Hardbakkefjellet
232m 182m Solund 24.06.11 18:55PM 200m 3,7km afternoon hike w/Anne to Hardbakken's "city mountain". Steep and cool terrain! Pics
156 Dumbetinden 459m 269m Solund 24.06.11 15:45PM 150m 3,5km hike w/Anne from the the road to Ulvegreina. Pics
155 Ulvegreina 448m 98m Solund 24.06.11 14:50PM 100m 1,6km easy hike, as we almost drove to the top... Pics
154 Krakhellenipa 569m 569m Solund 24.06.11 12:40PM 550m 8,6km hike w/Anne. This is the highest peak in Solund and on Sula island. This time I made it to the summit! Pics.
153 Muletua 253m 65m Herøy 22.06.11 21:00PM 350m 5,7km hike. From Mulevika. Tried to get up a steep and exposed ridge. Almost succeeded...
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 21.06.11 18:05PM 450m 4,8km hike w/Steinar Lervik, from Sandvika. Nice weather.
152 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 21.06.11 18:30PM
151 Vikehornet 709m 103m Vanylven 20.06.11 18:10PM 600m 8,5km afternoon hike w/Ove Lotsberg. Fog on top, but a good hike and company.
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
19.06.11 - 200m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Myrvåg. 15km,
150 Skreiatua
515m 192m Selje 19.06.11 16:50PM 300m 3,5km hike - mostly above the fog. Yet another nice day on Stadlandet!
149 Blåfjellet 439m 131m Selje 19.06.11 15:10PM 600m 7,3km round trip hike from Hoddevika. Nice to rise out of the fog!
148 Signalen 442m 154m Selje 19.06.11 14:35PM
147 Litledalshornet
1226m 156m Volda/
18.06.11 17:05PM 1200m 9,7km afternoon hike. Nice and warm weather, but the fog never completely left the mountain.
146 Gopehornet 998m 88m Ørsta 17.06.11 18:30PM 950m 5,7km afternoon hike. Up Grytaelva. Steep all the way. Airy ridge. Pics
- Litle Gophornet 781m 68m Ørsta 17.06.11 17:20PM
145 Kyrkjetinden 1070m 60m Ørsta 16.06.11 18:05PM 1100m 8,4km quick afternoon hike. Superb weather. Looked at the ridge to Saudehornet. Advanced...
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
15.06.11 - 400m 47,4km on bike. Wind against all around!!
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
14.06.11 - 450m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Ski trail - Leikong - Leikongeidet - Myrvåg. 30km, 1h:20m. Light rain
144 Kviven 1023m 160m Volda/
13.06.11 16:15PM 1200m 15km, 6h:50m hike w/Anne. Round trip from Kvivsdalsstra. Foggy at first, then gorgeous weather.
- Høgenibba 1191m 61m Hornindal 13.06.11 14:40PM
143 Gjugra 1296m 426m Volda/Ørsta/
13.06.11 13:35PM
142 Tverrfjellet
627m 64m Volda/
12.06.11 13:45PM 300m 1,8km hike w/Anne - up and down the steep SE ridge. Thick fog and rain. Pics.
- Solumskardurda
507m 74m Selje 11.06.11 16:50PM 350m 8,5km nice hike w/Anne. Mosekleivhornet is the 2nd highest top on Stadlandet - after Tarvaldsegga. Plus visit to Hoddevika.
141 Mosekleivhornet 540m 312m Selje 11.06.11 15:55PM
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
10.06.11 - 450m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Ski trail - Leikong - Leikongeidet - Myrvåg. 30km, 1h:20m. Rain & Fog
140 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 09.06.11 19:20PM 350m 4,4km hiking and running. Rain and fog.
- Hestholmen 40m 40m Herøy 08.06.11 19:30PM 100m 10km bike-trip (and a short hike)
139 Løkeberget 579m 300m Hareid 08.06.11 16:20PM 350m 4,2km hike w/Arngeir. Nice temperature.
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - Herøy/
07.06.11 - 450m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Ski trail - Leikong - Leikongeidet - Myrvåg. 30km, 1h:20m
138 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 06.06.11 18:30PM 350m 4,4km hiking and running. Rain and fog.
137 Småholtindane 1473m 103m Norddal/
05.06.11 13:00PM 900m 7,5km as-good-as-it-gets ski-trip w/Anne. This peaks is just as good as Alnestinden. Gorgeous weather. Pics
136 Ringshornet 1532m 282m Norddal 05.06.11 11:55AM
135 Høgnausane 351m 100m Norddal 04.06.11 13:05PM 250m 4km very cool round trip hike w/Anne across this rough forest top above Onilsavatnet in Tafjord.
134 Stornyken 965m 115m Norddal 03.06.11 17:30PM 850m 6,4km hike f/t Hol. Good pace!
133 Storåsnakken 721m 211m Norddal 03.06.11 13:50PM 200m 1,3km easy hike w/Anne - up and down a slalom hill.
132 Blåhornet 741m 168m Norddal 03.06.11 11:45PM 300m 5,3km round trip hike from (near) Kilsti w/Anne. Nice view towards Norddalsfjorden!
131 Dalsnibba 1476m 166m Stranda 02.06.11 14:05PM 450m 4,5km hike up to the summit, w/Anne. Got a lift with a car back down.
130 Blåtind 1663m 453m Stranda 02.06.11 12:20PM 700m 5,8km ski-trip f/t Djupvasshytta, w/Anne. Windy and low visibility, but still nice!
- Skjerdingdalsegga 1632m 42m Stranda 02.06.11 12:00PM
129 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 01.06.11 21:20PM 350m 2,5km easy hike, plus some climbing.
128 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 31.05.11 20:15PM 350m 2,5km easy hike, plus some climbing.
127 Timberhøe 780m 42m Lom 29.05.11 13:30PM 100m A short hike to properly sober up...
- Juvvasshøe 1894m 44m Lom 28.05.11 15:15PM 50m Very short hike. Been there, done that.
126 Geithøe
1306m 283m Lom 28.05.11 12:15PM 500m 10,6km nice hike from Ø. Halsatjønnen, w/Anne and Kari Anne
- Leirhøi 1177m 49m Lom 28.05.11 11:10AM
125 Raudberget 1085m 87m Lom 27.05.11 18:40PM 250m 4,5km easy afternoon hike across Raudberget and to Ørnekampen from Raudbergstulen, w/Anne. The leg is improving..
124 Helgehornet 514m 206m Vanylven 22.05.11 13:15PM 400m 5km hike from Hellebust in Almklovdalen. Fantastic rock by Helgehornsvatnet! Literally limping all the way, thanks to a bad inflammation in one leg.
- Around Gurskøya on bike - - Herøy/
20.05.11 - 400m 47,4km on bike. Strong wind against from Gjerdsvika.
123 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 18.05.11 18:30PM 500m 7,3km hiking and running. Tjørvåg - S.hornet - Point 425m - Sandvik - Tjørvåg
122 Haugsvarden 862m 112m Gloppen 17.05.11 18:20PM 400m 7,9km hike from Kleivane. Norway's National day. Sogndal - Haugsvarden - Sunnmøre. Snow shower on top!
121 Kongshaug 857m 159m Vik (Sogn) 16.05.11 15:20PM 700m 7,8km hike from Hovland w/Anne. OK weather. Nice Sognefjord views!
120 Leirmohovden 675m 117m Luster 15.05.11 12:30PM 400m 3,3km forest hike w/Anne. Marked route with a steep detail. 2nd trip to Jostedalen this weekend.
119 Hovden
569m 96m Luster 14.05.11 12:15PM 400m 4,6km fun round trip forest hike w/Anne. Starting point Leirdalen (Jostedalen)
118 Stedjeåsen 624m 121m Sogndal 13.05.11 19:40PM 550m 5,3km hike w/Anne. 31m:45s up to the top.
- Leikongeidet bike trip - - - 12.05.11 - 500m Myrvåg - Leikongeidet - Jøsok - Roskard - Myrvåg. 29,7km, 1h:24m
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 11.05.11 19:35PM 450m 5,2km hike, from Tjørvåg. Nice weather.
117 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 11.05.11 19:20PM
116 Selsteinen 598m 90m Herøy 09.05.11 19:20PM 400m 4,5km hike from Moltudalen. Steep scramble up one of the gullies facing west.
115 Vassdalsnipa 1430m 666m Balestrand 08.05.11 12:30PM 850m 12,5km most excellent ski-trip from Gaularfjellet w/Anne and Alf Tore. We spent the night in tent by Vetlefjorden - below the mountain. Pics
114 Fløyen 765m 135m Høyanger 07.05.11 14:35PM 750m 6,6km nice hike w/Anne from Myrekrok. OK weather (after rain in the morning). Late start after Balejazz the night before...
113 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 05.05.11 19:45PM 350m 2,5km easy hike. Chiropractor's order...
- - - - - 04.05.11 - - 1 hour intense soccer practice. This old body ain't dead yet...
112 Selsteinen 598m 90m Herøy 03.05.11 19:50PM 500m 6,8km running (and scrambling). Starting point; Moltudalen. Freezing cold northern wind. 1h:05m
111 Hestefjellet 621m 73m Herøy 03.05.11 19:35PM
110 Gyrinakken 365m 157m Herøy 02.05.11 20:10PM 300m 6,7km hiking and running (round trip route). Beautiful evening
109 Sollia 661m 661m Herøy 01.05.11 18:20PM 400m 8km, 1h:24m w/Petter. Running and walking. Good "stretch" after Saudehornet. Cold summit!
108 Saudehornet 1303m 825m Ørsta 01.05.11 13:10PM 1150m 7,4km, 5hrs. w/Anne & Petter. Left skis behind at 900m. Gorgeous weather. Pics
107 Liadalsnipa 924m 131m Ørsta 30.04.11 15:00PM 800m 6km, 8,5hrs. w/Anne & Petter. This was the 1st traverse of Liadalsnipa in 2011. Rotten snow on the normal route, making the descent dangerous. Gorgeous weather. Pics
106 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein 29.04.11 15:20PM 650m 5km hiking and running. Round trip route from Haddal. Beautiful weather. 56min total. 35min up to Blåtind.
105 Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein 28.04.11 18:45PM 500m 9,6km hiking and running. Round trip route from Fjelle. Another nice evening. 1h:20m total. 25mins up to Garnestua.
- Flåna 613m 28m Ulstein 28.04.11 18:25PM
104 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein 28.04.11 18:20PM
103 Selsteinen 598m 598m Herøy 27.04.11 18:25PM 650m 9,6km hiking and running. Starting point; Moltudalen. Nice evening. 1h:23m.
102 Hestefjellet 621m 73m Herøy 27.04.11 18:15PM
101 Sollia 661m 661m Herøy 27.04.11 18:55PM
100 Selsteinen 598m 90m Herøy 26.04.11 19:10PM 500m 6,8km running (and scrambling). Starting point; Moltudalen. Nice evening.
99 Hestefjellet 621m 73m Herøy 26.04.11 18:55PM
98 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 25.04.11 14:20PM 500m 7,5km running. Light rain.
97 Eidskyrkja 1482m 1037m Volda 24.04.11 12:05PM 1150m 9,6km nice ski-trip w/Anne, w/Skinnviksætra as the starting point. Excellent weather in the beginning. Extremely windy on top. Pics
96 Storetinden
1408m 318m Ørsta/
23.04.11 16:35PM 1250m 10,3km epic ski-trip w/Anne. Bakkedalen was trailhead and base camp (tent). Avalanche danger! Gorgeous weather and a beautiful 2,4km summit ridge. Pics
95 Binnhovdknatten 1165m 297m N. Aurdal 22.04.11 14:15PM 300m 7,6km round trip hike w/Anne from (near) Damtjernet. Yet another day with nice weather.
94 Venholhøgda 750m 197m S. Land 21.04.11 14:55PM 250m 6,2km hike w/Anne and Steffen from Landåsvatnet. Nice path to the top.
93 Sæterhaugen 517m 114m S. Land 21.04.11 11:10AM 200m 8,6km round trip hike w/Anne. From Fallselva, along a forest road and a forest ridge. Return via Lake Trevatna
92 Kjeldeknatten 890m 117m S. Aurdal 20.04.11 12:50PM 150m 4,3km hike w/Anne up to this huge TV and radio tower. Still on the way to Søndre Land...
91 Løkjeshovda 698m 100m Ø. Slidre 20.04.11 10:05AM 200m 1,8km hike w/Anne from Heggefjorden. Real spring (compared to western Norway). On the way to Søndre Land...
90 Gjendehøe 1257m 187m Vågå 19.04.11 13:35PM 300m 3,3km hike w/Anne from Gjendesheim. Across Gjende (ice skiing), then on foot up the north ridge. It started raining after the hike... Pics
- Øystre Rasletinden 2010m 35m Ø. Slidre/
19.04.11 11:00AM 750m 14,1km ski-trip w/Anne. Fog and wind on the summit. 1st ones on the summit this morning. Many, many others were on their way. Pics.
89 Rasletinden 2105m 115m Vågå /
19.04.11 10:30AM
88 S. Brurskardknappen 1458m 148m Ø. Slidre/
18.04.11 17:30PM 300m Afternoon hike w/Anne - with a dinner deadline at Bessheim... Pics
87 Fisketjernnuten 1527m 137m Ø. Slidre 18.04.11 15:50PM 150m Left Sunnmøre in the morning and checked into Bessheim in the afternoon. Enough time for Anne and me to go on a short ski-trip in all-time high rotten snow... Pics
- Around Djupvikvatnet - - Herøy 17.04.11 - 100m 5km running w/Anne in pouring rain.
- Skåla 184m 86m Herøy 16.04.11 17:35PM 500m 6km hike w/Anne. Visited the swans at Øyravatnet between the rain showers.
86 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 16.04.11 17:05PM
85 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 15.04.11 18:15PM 500m 6km hiking and running, across Sandvikhornet and up to point 425m.
84 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 13.04.11 19:25PM 450m 6,4km hike, incl. swan-spotting @ Øyravatnet.
83 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 12.04.11 18:20PM 450m 6km hiking & running. From Sandvik, Sandvikhornet, Røvarvatnet, steep descent to Ryssevik and return to Sandvik. The swans are back in Øyravatnet!
82 Berdalseken 1814m 731m Årdal/
10.04.11 14:10PM 900m 18,1km ski-trip organized by Sogndal Turlag w/Anne and 9 other skiers. Very bad snow, but a nice trip (5,5 hours) Pics.
81 Asbjørnnosi 1610m 360m Luster 09.04.11 15:30PM 1250m 16,3km ski-trip from Leirdalen w/Anne. Flat light and the skiing conditions were not good. But still - a nice trip. Pics
80 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 07.04.11 19:20PM 350m 4km hike, starting at Sandvik. Rain!
79 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 06.04.11 18:15PM 450m 5,6km hike+running, from Sandvik. 16:59:68 to the top (personal record from 2010 is 15:27:23)
78 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 05.04.11 18:35PM 450m 5,6km hike+running, from Sandvik.
77 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 04.04.11 18:30PM 350m Steep route directly up from Sandvik. New route!
76 Storevassegga 605m 115m Selje 03.04.11 14:15PM 900m 7,5km hike from Kjødspollen. Up & down  "Tusentrinnstrappen". Did 1/3 of the stairs one more time. + 8km (2x4) running before & after the trip.
75 Gorgeneshornet 517m 124m Selje 03.04.11 13:25PM
74 Kyrnosa 450m 129m Selje 02.04.11 14:00PM 350m 3,5km hike from (above) Refsnes along a marked path. Same weather ...
73 Vågsvarden 394m 186m Selje 02.04.11 12:50PM 350m 2,8km hike (off-trail) from Myrstad. Rain and strong wind/near gale wind gusts.
72 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 01.04.11 17:00PM 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Terrible snow!!
71 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 31.03.11 19:05PM 300m 4km snow hike, from Sandvik. Windy and a beautiful sky. Rainbow in Volda.
70 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 30.03.11 17:50PM 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Gorgeous weather and great snow. The finest signatures so far this year...
69 Laupsnipa 558m 380m Herøy /
29.03.11 18:50PM 550m 4,2km ski-trip up and down the east ridge w/Anne. Magical light and a magical trip! Pics
68 Igesundhetta 216m 216m Herøy 28.03.11 17:45PM 200m Round trip hike from Myklebust w/Anne. Snow showers. Did we build the biggest snowball in Herøy, ever? Pics
- - - - Herøy 27.03.11 - 150m 2,4km running up and down Sandvik - Sandvikskaret w/Anne.
67 Skagetåa 315m 107m Herøy 27.03.11 14:50PM 300m 2,6km hike w/Anne. Light snowfall. Pics.
66 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 26.03.11 16:00PM 350m 2,5km hike. Cloudy.
65 Nipa (Vaulenipa) 537m 109m Vanylven 26.03.11 13:30PM 300m Short ski-trip from Bekslevatnet. 3 eagles held me company throughout the trip!
64 Storehanen 496m 68m Herøy 25.03.11 18:15PM 550m 13,4km hike (-2km hitch-hiking) from Sandvika, across Sandvikhornet and Storehanen, down to Moltustranda and back to Sandvika. Cold, nice and a snow shower along the way... Pics
- Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 25.03.11 17:25PM
63 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 24.03.11 19:15PM 450m 5,6km hike+running, from Sandvik.
62 Storevarden 430m 430m Herøy 23.03.11 17:15PM 400m 5,5km hike w/Arngeir to Nerlandsøya HPT. After a day with rough weather, it settled when we headed out.
61 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 22.03.11 18:30PM 350m 2,5km hike. Strong wind!
60 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 21.03.11 18:35PM 350m 2,5km hike. Massive rain showers!
59 Helebrandseggi 920m 90m Sogndal 20.03.11 12:20PM 450m 8,7km ski-trip from Goro w/Anne. Windy and grey on the top. Very fun off-piste skiing! Pics
58 Synnevaskjer 1543m 133m Sogndal/
19.03.11 14:20PM 1150m 21,9km ski-trip from Hodlekve w/Anne. Gorgeous weather. Amazing scenery. Pics
57 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 17.03.11 19:15PM 300m 4km hike, from Sandvik. A bit windy.
56 Sollia 661m 661m Herøy/
16.03.11 18:00PM 600m 8,9km on ski-trip, starting at Lekongeidet. A beautiful afternoon.
55 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 15.03.11 21:15PM* 350m 2,5km hike. Nice evening.
54 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 14.03.11 17:20PM 550m 6km ski-trip from Leikong. First time I've done this route to Rjåhornet. Gorgeous weather.
- Sletteheidane 542m 44m Herøy 14.03.11 17:00PM
53 Slettheia 552m 49m Herøy 13.03.11 13:45PM 550m 10,1km ski-trip w/Anne, from Moltu to Tjørvåg. It's fun to go from A to B! Pics.
52 Selsteinen 598m 90m Herøy 13.03.11 13:25PM
51 Veten (Hidsegga) 556m 320m Herøy 12.03.11 15:05PM 550m 7,1km ski-trip w/Anne, via Nakkane and Tarbergtua. The weather settled after intense hail showers. Pics.
50 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 10.03.11 20:25PM* 350m 2,5km hike. Snow showers and moonlight.
49 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 09.03.11 19:45PM* 350m 2,5km hike. Snow showers.
48 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 08.03.11 21:10PM* 350m 2,5km hike. Rain and wind. Storm on the coastline.
47 Stedjeåsen 624m 121m Sogndal 06.03.11 16:25PM 550m 5,3km after-dark hike w/Anne. A tough start after being sick all week.
46 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 28.02.11 17:00PM 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Frozen snow most of the way, but OK near the top. Nice weather.
45 Korsfurnakken 398m 160m Vanylven 27.02.11 16:00PM 250m 2,2km hike w/Anne. Nice afternoon sunlight. Pics
44 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 27.02.11 11:00AM 350m 2,5km hike, waiting for the 30km in the Nordic Skiing World Championship to begin..
43 Melshornet 807m 564m Ørsta/
26.02.11 14:05PM 550m 6,3km ski-trip w/Anne. Grey and windy. Soaking wet snow. Pics.
42 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 24.02.11 18:00PM 400m 4,8km hike, from Sandvik. Rain and light gale
41 Haddalshornet 611m 103m Ulstein 23.02.11 16:40PM 550m 5km ski-trip to a COLD and WINDY mountain. My first ski-trip up here. Pics.
40 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 22.02.11 20:15PM* 350m 4km hike, starting at Sandvik. A very, very cold wind and a starry sky.
39 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 21.02.11 18:30PM 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Snow quality is deteriorating...
38 Nuken 1300m 250m Gloppen/
20.02.11 14:45PM 1100m 18km superb ski-trip w/Anne, Lise, Ove and Torleiv from Utvikfjellet. Superb descent from Nuken. Pics
37 Skavegga 1069m 239m Gloppen 20.02.11 13:25PM
- Støyvafjellet 875m 42m Gloppen 20.02.11 11:50AM
36 Svinestranda 1140m 170m Gloppen /
19.02.11 14:50PM 1000m 23km fantastic ski-trip w/Anne from Utvikfjellet. Gorgeous weather. Met Lise, Ove, Torleiv & Hege on Svinestranda, and joined them upon descent to Kleivane near Sandane. Met a flock of Reindeer between Dunheia and Svinestranda. Pics
35 Dunheia 1165m 530m Gloppen 19.02.11 13:30PM
34 Snøfjellet 1006m 176m Gloppen 19.02.11 11:54AM
- Fløtravarden 869m 59m Gloppen 19.02.11 11:10AM
33 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 17.02.11 18:45PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Nice! Same conditions as the past days.
32 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 16.02.11 19:25PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Nice! Same conditions as yesterday. Pics
31 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 15.02.11 19:30PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Nice! For the most part good snow.
30 Torstadnakken 1566m 223m Sogndal 13.02.11 14:35PM 1250m 17,2km, 5,5h ski-trip from Dalavatnet via Grøssete w/Anne. Yet another day with gorgeous and cold weather. Pics
29 Lusaskard 1004m 236m Leikanger 12.02.11 13:25PM 700m 12,6km ski-trip from Øvstedalen w/Anne. Gorgeous weather, yet cold (-13 at the trailhead). Pics
28 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 10.02.11 18:00PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Skiing conditions no longer perfect, but OK. Storm on top. Couldn't see anything, and darkness didn't help.
27 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 09.02.11 17:35PM* 400m 4km on skis w/Bjørn Skoge from Leikongeidet. Perfect snow for the 2nd day in a row.
26 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 08.02.11 18:35PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. PERFECT SNOW!!! Pics
- Høystøylfjellet 471m 53m Volda 06.02.11 12:55PM 500m 7,4km ski-trip from Velsvika. Rain < 200m. Snow above. Nice to be out! Pics.
25 Tua (Koppefjellet) 482m 175m Volda 06.02.11 12:40PM
24 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 05.02.11 19:15PM* 350m 2,5km hike. The trig. point went down in the storm. Lightning struck nearby while I was on the summit. Fast exit! Hail storm.
- Indrehovdeåsen 190m 69m Ørsta 05.02.11 12:05PM 100m 2km hike. Another nice forest ridge with flora info along the way. Wind & snow.
23 Ytrehovdeåsen 170m 72m Ørsta 05.02.11 11:15AM 100m 2,4km hike. Nice forest ridge. Deep snow.
22 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 04.02.11 19:25PM* 350m 4km hike, starting at Sandvik. Strong wind & rain.
21 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 03.02.11 21:00PM* 350m 2,5km hike. Up & down "Vorteråsa". Snow storm
20 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 02.02.11 17:00PM* 250m 2,6km hike w/Arngeir (who recently tossed his crutches). Rain
19 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 31.01.11 19:30PM* 350m 2,5km hike. Up & down "Vorteråsa". Rain
- Vesle Nup
(Did not summit)
1510m 180m Vinje
29.01.11 12:05PM 200m 6,7km ski-trip from Haukeliseter in a storm w/Anne and ca. 30 others. We had to turn around at 1130m. White-out upon descent. Harsh conditions. Pics.
18 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 25.01.11 19:10PM* 350m 2,5km hike. Up & down "Vorteråsa"
17 Leinehornet 366m 366m Herøy 24.01.11 19:30PM* 350m 2km hike w/Anne, up & down the west ridge
16 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 23.01.11 15:30PM* 350m 2,5km hike w/Anne. Up & down "Vorteråsa"
- - - - Herøy 21.01.11 - 100m Interval training w/Anne
15 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 20.01.11 19:00PM* 350m 2,5km hike. Up & down "Vorteråsa"
14 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 19.01.11 19:15PM* 350m 2,5km hike in partly deep snow.
13 Garneshornet 454m 37m Ulstein 17.01.11 19:00PM* 450m 3,1km hike. Rain, wind and fog.
  Bouldering in Sogndalshallen - - Sogndal 16.01.11 - - w/Anne.
12 Sterrishovden 434m 81m Luster 15.01.11 12:20PM 150m Short ski-trip with Anne. Deep snow.
11 Stedjeåsen 624m 121m Sogndal 14.01.11 18:00PM* 550m 5,3km after-dark ski-trip w/Anne. Excellent fun in the deep powder snow. Pics
10 Laupsnipa 558m 380m Herøy /
12.01.11 19:45PM* 550m 4,2km ski-trip up and down the east ridge. Partly very icy and equally scary. Pics
9 Leinehornet 366m 366m Herøy 11.01.11 19:30PM* 350m 4,4km hike across Leinehornet. Nice weather. Pics
8 Løkeberget 579m 300m Hareid 10.01.11 19:10PM* 350m 4km ski-trip. Upper mountain glaciated. A hard crust on the rest of the mountain. Skiing not fun! Pics
7 Vorakinna 643m 245m Vanylven 09.01.11 14:10PM 700m 10,5km ski-trip. Snow showers moved in and the light was so flat that skiing became most difficult. Pics.
- Storehornet 444m 46m Vanylven 09.01.11 13:25PM
6 Sollia 661m 661m Herøy/
08.01.11 12:45PM 650m 8,9km on ski-trip, starting at Tjørvåg. Windpacked snow and flat light.
5 Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy 06.01.11 19:40PM* 350m 4km hike, starting at Sandvik. Windy.
4 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein 05.01.11 20:10PM* 450m 5,1km ski-trip w/Terje Øvrebø. OK snow conditions, but darkness, a light snowfall and wind made skiing a bit difficult. Pics
3 Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande 04.01.11 19:45PM* 400m 4km on skis from Leikongeidet. Soaking wet snow, but OK descent. Pics.
2 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy 03.01.11 20:30PM* 250m 2,6km hike in DEEP snow. Light gale > 200m.
1 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy 02.01.11 14:20PM 600m 6,1km ski-trip w/Anne. Snow showers on the way down. Nice skiing! Pics.


Kayak tally: 124,3km (since Oct 13)