Nordland Fylke
(only mountains with primary factor >= 100m)

1. Oksskolten 1916m Hemnes July 2009
  The highest peak in Nordland county and northern Norway. The dominating peak in the Okstindan mountain and glacier massif, located south of Mo i Rana.
2. Stetinden 1394m Tysfjord July 2007
  One of Norway's most characteristic and famous peaks. A granite giant rising out of Stefjorden. Climbing is required to reach the top of this beautiful peak.
3. Storklumpen 1293m Grane Sep 2003
  The dominating mountain in a large mountain area between Namsos and Mosjøen, west of highway E6. Storklumpen is the high point on the Blåfjellet mountain.
4. Vistkjerringa 1239m Vevelstad/Grane July 2010
  The highest of the Visttindan peaks
5. Breidvasstinden 1224m Grane/ Brønnøy Aug 2005
  Highest point in Brønnøy kommune and 6th highest in the area dominated by Storklumpen.
6. Hatten 1128m Hattfjelldal July 2010
  Hårteigen's "cousin" in Nordland county. Located just east of Hattfjelldal and just west of the Swedish border.
7. Litlskardtinden 1128m Vevelstad/Grane/Brønnøy July 2010
  The second highest of the Visttindan peaks.
8. Sætertinden 1095m Tjeldsund/Harstad Jul 2007
  Highest point in Tjeldsund (Nordland) and Harstad (Troms) kommuner. Dominates the eastern part of Hinnøya. Popular mountain which can be hiked or skied from Årbogen.
9. Kjelviktinden 1088m Bindal/Brønnøy Jul 2010
  Highest point in Bindal. Epic trip from Kjelvika (boat trip from Tosbotn), up Kjelviktinden and down Tosdalen
10. Botnkrona 1072m Alstahaug Sep 2003
  Highest point in Alstahaug kommune and the high point of "de syv søstre" - the seven sisters outside Sandnessjøen
11. Vistmannen 1066m Vevelstad/Grane July 2010
  The most distinct of the 3 Visttindan peaks
12. Heilhornet 1058m Bindal Sep 2003
  Highest peak in what I call the "Bindal alps". A very characteristic and popular mountain.
13. Litlhatten 1050m Hattfjelldal July 2010
  Hatten's lower neighbour
14. Skjerdingen 1037m Alstahaug Sep 2003
  Second highest top in "de syv søstre" (seven sisters) range outside Sandnessjøen.
15. Mosvasstinden 1033m Grane/ Brønnøy Jun 2001
  Rounded top on Tosenfjellet
16. Rismålstinden 1030m Brønnøy Jul 2003
  Located above Tosbotn, half-way between Brønnøysund and E6.
17. Eidetinden 1020m Bodø (Kjerringøy) Jul 2009
  The highest peak on Kjerringøy peninsula. Visited the day before the Strandåtindan traverse. Awesome view!
18. Grytfoten 1019m Alstahaug Sep 2003
  Third highest top in "de syv søstre" (seven sisters) range outside Sandnessjøen.
19. N. Høyholmstind
(east top)
1015m Vevelstad Aug 2008
  Fascinating mountain area between Andalsvågen and Forvik.
20. "Kromtinden" 1013m Brønnøy Jul 2003
  Rismålstinden's neighbour above Tosbotn.
21. Kvasstinden 1010m Alstahaug Aug 2005
  Fourth highest top in "de syv søstre" (seven sisters) range outside Sandnessjøen. Kvasstinden is the most characteristic of all the 7 peaks.
22. Nordre Snøfjellet 1007m Brønnøy July 2009
  The highest of the two Snøfjellet peaks, located close to Tosenfjorden.
23. Middagstinden 1005m Brønnøy Aug 2005
  Located by Tosenfjorden and Tosbotn. A mountain with "grace".
24. N. Høyholmstind
(west top)
1000m Vevelstad Aug 2008
  Fascinating mountain area between Andalsvågen and Forvik.
25. Tvillingan 980m Alstahaug Sep 2003
  Fifth highest top in "de syv søstre" (seven sisters) range outside Sandnessjøen. Tvillingan (twins) are two tops, but the lower one (945m) is not considered an independent mountain on this web site. The lower is perhaps the most difficult of the seven peaks, and most hikers normally stop at a lower front peak.
26. Durmålstinden 978m Grane/ Brønnøy Jun 2001
  Rounded top on Tosenfjellet
27. Innerhatten 968m Vevelstad/Brønnøy July 2009
  Mighty mountain above Velfjorden
28. Saltkartinden 966m Vevelstad Jun 2001
  The highest of the southern Høyholmstindan peaks.
29. Forneshatten 943m Vevelstad/Brønnøy July 2009
  Anddalshatten's neighbour to the east
30. Stortinden 910m Alstahaug Aug 2005
  Seventh highest top in "de syv søstre" (seven sisters) range outside Sandnessjøen.
31. Strandåtinden 862m Bodø (Kjerringøy) Jul 2009
  One of Nordland's finest mountain traverses
32. Hornstinden 885m Vevelstad Jun 2001
  Also known as "Søndre Høyholmstind" and the lowest of the southern Høyholmstindan peaks.
33. S. Snøfjellet 885m Brønnøy Aug 2005
  Søndre Snøfjellet (along with Nordre Snøfjellet and a number of other peaks) forms a mountain range between Tosbotn and Velfjord.
34. Stefjordnestinden 864m Tysfjord Jul 2007
  A big "lump" of a mountain, but still in the shadows of its neighbour Kobbenestinden (1004m). Seldom visited. Easiest access from the Stefjordtunnelen tunnel. Good views towards Stetind.
35. Dønnmannen 856m Dønna Jul 2010
  One of the most distinct landmarks on the Helgeland coastline, and the high point on Dønna island.
36. Trollvasstinden 804m Vega Jul 1996
  High point on the island Vega.
37. Dalaunfjellet 800m Brønnøy Aug 2010
  Above Langfjorden and one of the gateways towards Lomsdalen
38. Litlhornet 797m Bindal Jul 2005
  Peak in the "Bindal alps". Popular mountain with T-trail to the top.
39. Hardangsfjellet 787m Bindal/Brønnøy Jul 2009
  Huge mountain on the Brønnøy/Bindal border.
40. Kula 778m Bindal Jul 2005
  Peak in the "Bindal alps". The ridge traverse is challenging above the average and only traveled by experienced hikers.
41. Øyrtinden 769m Brønnøy Aug 1995
  Characteristic peak above Langfjorden - a side arm of Velfjorden.
42. Mulbukttinden 765m Tysfjord Jul 2007
  Characteristic peak above Tømmeråsfjorden. Follow the path from (near) Brattlitunnelen and up the powerline.
43. Straumsfjellet 742m Brønnøy Jul 2009
  One of the many tops surrounding Tosenfjorden. Easiest reached from Nordfjellmark
44. Gullsvågfjellet 737m Vega Jul 2009
  2nd highest top on Vega island.
45. Vestre Strandåtind 716m Bodø (Kjerringøy) Jul 2009
  One of Nordland's finest mountain traverses
46. Hatten 713m Vefsn Jul 2012
  Characteristic top by E6, northeast of Mosjøen
47. Hestbaken 669m Vega Jul 2010
  The "horse's ass", located between Trollvasstinden and Vikatinden
48. Vikatinden 661m Vega Jul 2010
  The 4th highest top on Vega island
49. Lysingen 648m Sømna May 2007
  The highest mountain in Sømna kommune. Good views all around. Not the easiest mountain to get to.
50. Holmshatten 620m Bindal July 2009
  Mountain top which is easily reached from the Holm ferry harbour. Also known as Holmsfjellet.
51. Grøndalsfjellet 620m Sømna/Brønnøy July 2009
  2nd highest top on the mountain range that divides Sømna and Velfjorden. Popular winter route from Svarthopen.
52. Sæterfjellet 599m Sømna/ Brønnøy Jun 2000
  Popular mountain outside Brønnøysund. Normal starting points are Vedal (Sømna) and Sæterlandet (Brønnøy)
53. Kvernhatten 590m Brønnøy Jul 1997
  Popular mountain above Sausvatn. I grew up with this mountain in view from our kitchen window.
54. Romsskåla 588m Bindal / Leka (Nord-Trøndelag) July 2010
  High point Leka kommune and high point Austra island. Fun hike from Nord-Gutvika.
55. Ryptinden 586m Brønnøy/Sømna May 2007
  Twin-top on Sømnahalvøya peninsula, where the easternmost top is found on the Sømna/Brønnøy kommune border, while the westernmost top belongs to Brønnøy
56. Trælneshatten 567m Brønnøy Jul 2005
  Characteristic and popular peak outside Brønnøysund.
57. Kråkneshesten 586m Brønnøy May 2007
  Ryptinden's neighbour on Sømnahalvøya. Excellent views towards Brønnøysund.
58. Mosaksla 526m Brønnøy May 2007
  Dramatic terrain just north of Brønnøysund
59. Klapparfjellet 503m Sømna July 2010
  "Satellite peak" to Grøndalsfjellet. Fun ascent route from Øvredala.
60. Kjøsvikfjellet 495m Sømna May 2007
  A very prominent Sømna mountain, with a huge, cool rock on the mountain.
61. Skogmofjellet 459m Brønnøy July 2009
  Sæterfjellet's lower neighbour, located above Skogmo. Also known as Tverrlifjellet
62. Mardalsfjellet 435m Sømna Aug 2008
  Rugged massif just southwest of the place Berg.
63. Gravtinden 412m Brønnøy Aug 2005
  Popular mountain above Hongset
64. Brattåsfjellet 412m Brønnøy Jul 2010
  Popular mountain above Hommelstø
65. Landfjellet 364m Brønnøy Aug 2005
  Forest hill located above Tosenfjorden
66. Kjølsfjellet 356m Brønnøy May 2007
  Along with Guromannen and Salbuhatten, an easy top to reach from Gåsheia - between Velfjorden and Brønnøysund.
67. Ramntinden 323m Brønnøy Jun 2000
  A sharp and characteristic peak outside Brønnøysund
68. Tilremshatten 316m Brønnøy May 2007
  Long, popular ridge near Brønnøysund. Connects to Mosaksla. Has a very cool hole through the ridge.
69. Sømnesfjellet 307m Sømna Aug 2008
  A cool little top just southwest of the place Berg, and Mardalsfjellet's smaller neighbour.
70. Malmsfjellet
307m Sømna Aug 2008
  Just east of the place Vik. A nice path runs up from the place Bjøru.
71. Kvaløyfjellet 305m Sømna Aug 2008
  Kvaløya is an island located south on Sømna. Ingebrigtvarden is the highest point on this island.
72. Amundsgjerdfjellet
301m Sømna Aug 2008
  Malmsfjellet/Bjørufjellet's smaller neighbour to the south. Just east of Vik.
73. Torghatten 258m Brønnøy Aug 2005
  One of Nordland's (and Norway's) most famous mountains. A hole cuts right through the mountain.
74. Sundsfjellet 245m Sømna July 2009
  Rugged and interesting coastal top near Vennesund
75. Gåsheituva 243m Brønnøy July 2009
  Good viewpoint on Gåsheia, and a short and easy hike.
76. Skårfjellet 240m Sømna July 2009
  The southernmost topo on the Sømnahalvøya peninsula.
77. Sørfjellet 221m Sømna July 2010
  The 2nd highest top on Kvaløya
78. Bufjellet 210m Sømna Aug 2010
  Satellite top on the Mardalsfjellet massif.
79. Skålvikfjellet 188m Sømna July 2009
  Small coastal top just west of Vik
80. Kverntinden 183m Brønnøy May 2007
  Cool ridge near Skillevika. The ridge crest offers some fun scrambling and balancing..
81. Jøtulen 170m Sømna July 2010
  Fun top on Ytre Kvaløya
82. Hestkjeften 165m Sømna Aug 2010
  Very characteristic rock feature on Bufjellet - part of Mardalsfjellet
83. Hornsveten 148m Brønnøy July 2009
  Twin-summit coastal top near Horn
84. Vikerfjellet 145m Brønnøy July 2009
  Brønnøy's westernmost top. The second (of two) highest top on Torget island, with Torghatten as a close neighbour.
85. Skårklumpen 139m Brønnøy July 2009
  Fun rock feature between Skillvika and Gåsheia.
86. Dønnesfjellet 128m Dønna July 2010
  A low top on Dønna with a restaurant on top
87. Kjerringlorten 121m Brønnøy May 2007
  The name means something like "female dropping", and it is found close to Ramntinden, above the Clay Pidgeon shooting range.
88. Skutfjellet 96m Brønnøy July 2009
  Low top above the Horn ferry harbor.