Oppland Fylke
(only mountains with primary factor >= 100m)

1. Galdhøpiggen 2469m Lom Aug 2001
  Norway's highest (and most visited?) mountain.
2. Glittertind 2452m Lom Aug 2001
  Norway's second highest mountain.
3. Vesle Galdhøpiggen 2369m Lom May 2002
  Galdhøpiggen's 100m lower neighbour.
4. Storgjuvtinden 2344m Lom May 2002
  A neighbour of Galdhøpiggen, located above the Storgjuvbreen glacier.
5. Bukkehøi 2314m Lom May 2002
  Characteristic peak above nordre Illåbreen glacier.
6. Store Tverråtind 2309m Lom May 2002
  Characteristic peak above nordre Illåbreen and Svellnosbreen glaciers.
7. Snøhetta 2286m Dovre July 2009
  One of Norway's most famous mountains. This is the highest mountain in Norway - that is located outside the Jotunheimen & Sognefjellet mountain region. The Snøhetta page also covers Midttoppen (2278m)
8. Besshø 2258m Vågå Jul 1995
  Popular mountain, located above Lake Gjende and the famous Besseggen ridge.
9. Rondslottet 2178m Dovre Sep 2009
  Highest among the Rondane peaks
10. Slettmarkpiggen 2163m Vang Aug 1999
  Sharp top located above Lake Bygdin. You pass Slettmarkkampen on the way to the summit.
11. Storronden 2138m Sel Aug 1998
  Second highest top in the Rondane massif
12. Rasletinden 2105m Vang/Vågå Apr 2011
  One of the easiest 2000m tops to ski. Easily accessible from Valdresflya.
13. Vinjeronden 2044m Dovre/Sel Sep 2009
  Rondslottet's lower neighbour
14. Kyrkja 2032m Lom Aug 2000
  Very characteristic peak located above Lake Leirvatnet and Leirvassbu.
15. Heidalsmuen 1745m Sel Aug 2006
  A high, gentle and rounded mountain with great views.
16. Veslefjellet 1743m Vågå Aug 1992
  High point on the route across Besseggen.
17. Grindane 1724m Vang Jul 2005
  Large mountain above Lake Vangsmjøsi in Valdres
18. Bitihorn 1607m Vang Aug 2001
  Also known as the "gate to Jotunheimen". Located near the popular winter resort Beitostølen.
19. Skinneggi 1607m Vang Aug 1999
  High point on a large plateau south of Eidsbugarden
20. Hundeknappen 1547m Vang Aug 1999
  Located on the Skinneggi plateau, with good views towards Lake Bygdin.
21. Fisketjernnuten 1527m Øystre Slidre Apr 2011
  A low top (compared to the trailhead) with good views, located just above Valdresflya Vandrehjem
22. Knutshøe 1517m Vågå Jun 1998
  Characteristic and popular peak south of Lake Gjende
23. S. Brurskardknappen 1458m Ø. Slidre/Vågå Apr 2011
  Part of the Heimdalshøe massif - easily accessible from Valdresflya
24. Formokampen 1428m Sel Jul 2012
  Accessible top in the Rondane outskirts
25. Søre Svartkampen 1369m Sel Sep 2009
  Highest top on the massif south of Vågåvatnet - Otta. Easy mountain to reach from Heidal.
26. Storhøi 1349m Sel Aug 2006
  Along with Steinhø (1338m) and Stålhø (1231m), Storhøi is a close neighbour to Heidalsmuen, which is located a bit further south.
27. Mehøe 1269m Dovre July 2009
  Small mountain top by Vålåsjøen, just opposite of Dovregubbens Hall
28. Gjendehøe 1257m Vågå Apr 2011
  A cute hill near Gjendesheim, located between mighty 2000m peaks.
29. Tverrfjellet 1246m Dovre Jun 2013
  At Hjerkinn. Possibly the easiest top to reach on Dovrefjell
30. Rånåkollen 1162m Lesja Sep 2007
  Located near the village of Bjorli. A "mandatory" hike for all visitors...
31. Myssmørhelje 1070m Lillehammer Mar 2010
  Highest point on Skjelbreida, Fåberg Vestfjellet. Also visited the neighbour top Prestkjerringa (1070m) upon return.
32. Kjeldeknatten 890m Sør-Aurdal Apr 2011
  TV tower forest hill on Tonsåsen. A service road runs to the top, but you cannot drive all the way up.
33. Tronoberget 886m Lom Nov 2009
  Located near the village of Lom. A well-worn trail and a nice view.
34. Fodnesåsen 773m Nord-Aurdal May 2009
  Forest hill with some nice viewpoints towards Fagernes
35. Lauvhøgda 722m Vestre Toten Oct 2012
  High point in Vestre Toten. Easily accessible on road from Skjellerud.
36. Løkjeshovda 698m Øystre Slidre Apr 2011
  Forest hill between Heggefjorden and Volbufjorden





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