Ådneburen, 797m

Mountain area : Masfjorden
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Masfjorden
Map : 1116-I Masfjorden (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: >257m (est.) Skjerhaldefjell
Hiked : Feb 2002
See also : Torhaugen (Same trailhead)
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Aadneburen (far right) seen from Austlendingen

Ådneburen (far right)
seen from Austlendingen


Ådneburen is a landmark among the Masfjorden mountains, due to its characteristic summit plateau. The summit can be seen from miles away, as few nearby higher mountains block the view.

Ådneburen is an easy hike, thanks to a nice forest road, an exceptional well prepared trail in rocky terrain, and a gentle climb from the Meisdalen pass to the summit, guided by cairns along the way. The natural (and perhaps the only) approach is from Andviki, approx 6Km north-east of Masfjordnes.

Trail descriptions:

Andviki - Ådneburen (winter)

Difficulty : Low
Risk : Low
Distance : 3,6-3,8Km to the top from lake Storevatnet
Time : 1,5-2,5 hours to the top from lake Storevatnet
Starting Elev.: 135m
Map of Aadneburen

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From Bergen, follow highway E39 north. Pass the toll booth at the Nordhordland bridge, and drive through Knarvik. Approx 50Km from the centre of Bergen, exit towards Masfjordnes (signed exit) just before the Eikefet tunnel.

Follow this road for 33,1Km to Andviki. 600m after the Andviki sign, just after a bridge and next to a bus-stop, exit right onto a smaller road. (This exit is 6,1Km from the ferry at Masfjordnes).

Follow the paved road for 1,1Km. The road turns into a gravel road. Continue on the road for 1,3Km and you will arrive at lake Storevatnet. Do not cross the bridge, but follow the gravel road to the right and find a place to park. There is a small turnout (2 cars) 200m from the bridge, next to an old cabin. If your car is very low, you might need to park further down, but in general, the road should be ok.

I recommend you park at the lake, so you can enjoy the nice hike up the Meisdalen forest road. However, if you are in a hurry, you can follow the gravel road another 1,2Km and park at the Meisdalen trailhead.

The trail:

At the end of the forest road, the trail starts on the left hand side. There is a sign (in Norwegian) that states that hunting without permission from the land owners is forbidden.

The trail follows the stream upwards and is easy to follow, although it could be wet here and there. Further up towards the pass, the terrain is all rocks, but enthusiasts have done a fenomenal job in preparing the trail. All the way up to the pass. On your way up this trail, you have Ådneburen on your right hand side.

Up in the pass (approx. 520m), you arrive a lake and notice a cabin. More cabins are in close proximity. At this point, start climbing up to your right. Aim for the cairns that should be easy to spot. The cairns will lead you all the way to the top. Once you enter the mountain plateau, you see the summit, further to the north. Approach the summit on the right hand side (pretty obvious). The cairn is the summit, although it appears not to be, when you see it from distance.

Trip Report Feb 03 2002:

Winds, up to storms' strength, had been raging in the mountains for some days, and I didn't have any ambition on climbing high this Sunday. I decided to take the 90Km drive up to Andviki to see the Ådneburen area, to better plan a hike at a later time. Based on the wind direction, I concluded that a hike up Meisdalen valley was in order, and I could always hike Ulriken when I got back to Bergen.

As I reached the pass, the winds were strong, but acceptable. I don't mind hiking in strong winds, but I don't want to put the dog through that, if I can help it. At this point, I decided to go for the summit, and put Troll in the backpack, as the climbing terrain was a little difficult at first. Large rock terrain with holes covered by snow. But halfway up the mountain side, we found solid ground, and Troll was eager to continue his search for mice. Up on the plateau, I was happy to see that the summit was just a 15-20 minutes away, as the winds accelerated. I had the wind in my back towards the summit, but when we returned it was like a solid wall of winds, forcing me to fight for each step. As we returned to the pass, it started to hail. And when we reached the car is started to pour. Good timing.

I've grown to like the strong winds, so back in Bergen, I drove the dog home before I headed up Ulriken. And as expected, the winds were even stronger up here. A few places I had to throw myself down to the ground to avoid being tossed off the mountain. But it wasn't as strong as the day before where hikers had to drag themselves down the summit handrails in order to get down from the summit.


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Park here at lake Storevatnet (111KB) The forest road up Meisdalen (154KB) The north-east face of Aadneburen (128KB) The Meisdalen pass comes into view (135KB) Off the road. On the trail (193KB) Troll lags behind, busy with mice (239KB) Closer to the pass, the trail gets rocky, but good (180KB) The final section up the pass (180KB) The wind is picking up, as seen on Trolls chest (166KB) Up in the pass, a few cabins come into view (280KB) The foothills of Aadneburen. Climb up here (208KB) Lake Meisdalsvatnet (288KB) Skjerhaldefjell, the neighbour mountain (192KB) Aadneburen summit comes into view (227KB) Lake just below Aadneburen summit (160KB) The Aadneburen summit (239KB) The Aadneburen summit cairn (211KB) North view from Aadneburen summit (173KB) Troll enjoys lunch at Aadneburen summit (93KB) South view from Aadneburen summit (185KB) Fine art at Aadneburen summit (162KB) South view from Aadneburen summit (154KB) View towards Stoelsheimen from Aadneburen summit (160KB) View down towards Meisdalen valley (192KB) Troll takes a break on the way home (218KB) Meisdalens Half Dome, point 711m (200KB) Glimpse of the Meisdalen river (178KB)

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Aadneburen seen from Liataarnet on Sotra (175KB) Aadneburen and Austlendingen seen from Livarden (325KB) Aadneburen seen on the way to Torhaugen (225KB) Aadneburen seen from Torhaugen (137KB) Aadneburen in Masfjorden seen from Arnanipa (134KB) North view (zoom) from Loevstakken (399KB) Aadneburen seen from Skjeggedalsfjellet (410KB) South view from Skjeggedalsfjellet (508KB) Aadneburen seen from Litlefjellet (350KB) Summit view from Saudalsnovi (1281KB) Aadneburen seen from Vardefjellet (302KB) North to east view from Horgi (912KB) Aadneburen and Torhaugen seen from Horgi (754KB) Aadneburen seen from Torskardhaugen (230KB) Aadneburen and Vardefjellet high point (258KB) North view from Vardefjellet, 513m (425KB) Skarpefjellet summit panorama (1011KB) Vaksdal-Bergsdalen mountains (186KB) Ådneburen (184KB) Grønefjellet summit views (NE cairn) (1077KB) East view from Grønetua (part 1/2) (932KB) West of Romarheimsdalen

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