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Aksla, 188m

Fylke/Kommune : Møre og Romsdal/Ålesund
Maps : Ålesund 1:25 000 (Cappelen)
(Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary factor : 188m
Hiked : Oct 2005
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Fjellstua on Aksla

Fjellstua on Aksla

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Aksla is a ridge on the island Nørvøya, one of several islands that the city of Ålesund is founded on. The high point is located near the viewpoint "Rundskue" - a small tower donated by citiziens who immigrated to Seattle and Vancouver.

Whether Aksla is to be considered a mountain or not, is a matter of opinion. The citiziens of Ålesund regard Aksla as their "city mountain", and under any circumstance, the mountain has some nice viewpoints. While you can drive almost to the top, Aksla is a popular recreation area, and you will find a "myriad" of paths and trails up here. One of the most popular routes run from the city and up to "Fjellstua" via 418 steps. The city view from Fjellstua is a classic.

I was only briefly visiting Ålesund and managed to include a visit to Aksla before I had to leave. As such, I will not provide any trails or routes, but get right onto the pictures.

Height and Primary Factor

Aksla (Norgesglasset: -, ØK.: 187,6m ~ 188m) has a primary factor of 188m, being the highest point on Nørvøya island. This point is located by the "Rundskue" viewpoint.

On Norgesglasset, you will see point 210m (209,89m) just east of Kråmyra. This is wrong. You will see on Økonomisk Kartverk that this point is found between the 130 and 135m contours.


Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
Detailed map
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Pictures from May 1 2008

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Pictures from Oct 18 2007

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Pictures from Apr 21 2007

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Pictures from Feb 13 2006

Due to gorgeous weather, I skipped lunch and drove up to Fjellstua on Aksla.

1. Godøya seen from Fjellstua (186KB) 2. Coastal view from Fjellstua (866KB) 3. Sukkertoppen seen from Fjellstua (158KB) 4. Erkna lighthouse (82KB) 5. Haram mountains seen from Fjellstua (307KB) 6. Sunnmøre alps seen from Fjellstua (317KB) 7. Ålesund seen from Fjellstua (185KB) 8. Sea life (I) (185KB) 9. Sea life (II) (197KB) 10. Sea life (III) (167KB) 11. Fjellstua (149KB)

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Pictures from Oct 21 2005 hike

Coastal view before landing in Ålesund

1. Going from rain to sunshine (120KB) 2. Nerlandsøya 3. Rimøya (199KB) 4. Runde (122KB) 5. Grasøya (236KB) 6. Rocks in the sea (182KB) 7. Erkna (204KB)


8. Fjellstua (188KB) 9. Ålesund (328KB) 10. Sukkertoppen seen from Aksla (278KB) 11. Godøya seen from Aksla (484KB) 12. North view from Aksla (552KB) 13. Sunnmøre alps seen from Aksla (316KB) 14. Sukkertoppen seen from Aksla (198KB) 15. Godøya seen from Aksla (166KB) 16. Radio Tower on Aksla (326KB) 17. Ålesund view from Rundskue (175KB) 18. North view from Rundskue (440KB) 19. Sunnmøre alps seen from Rundskue (151KB) 20. Direction aid on Rundskue (151KB) 21. Rundskue (307KB) 22. Jønshornet seen from Aksla (103KB) 23. Sunmmøre alps seen from Vigra (289KB)

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