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Blåtind & snowdrift, Mar 11 2009

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Snowdrift on Blåtind

Snowdrift on Blåtind
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Lately, the time between 5:30pm and 8pm has been allocated for mountain magic. There's so much nature magic going on outdoors, and I don't want to miss anything. But today, I didn't expect much magic as I headed up Blåtind by the southwest ridge. It was a nice and quiet evening. I left Haddal 5:40pm, expected to be on top 6:40pm and back at the trailhead 7:15pm. I reached the top 6:37pm and was back at the trailhead 7:13pm. Not completely on target, but close enough...

I was a bit surprised about the strong wind that came down Klungsdalen, as there was absolutely no wind at the trailhead. I expected that the wind was local to the valley, but it wasn't. When I reached the snow high on the mountain, the wind was whipping up most of the snow that had fallen earlier in the week. What a sight! I had to dig out the winter gear from the backpack rather quickly, as Blåtind's summit ridge was a very, very cold place.


On the summit ridge

On the summit ridge
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After a short stay on the summit, I headed down towards the northwest ridge. The windborne snow carried my weight, and I was as joyful as one can get (without beer). I hurried, or even hurtled down the ridge and was back at the trailhead just minutes before the headlamp had to come on. Then I drove to the Huldrehornet trailhead, hoping to see that huge moon that's been around the last couple of days. But to my big disappointment, it was gone.


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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The round trip

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