Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Haddalshornet via Klungsgylet (+Blåtind), Jun 13 2009

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The Klungsgylet route

The Klungsgylet route
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My friend Anna from the Great Abroad was on a short holiday in Norway, and I wanted to show her my neighbourhood. After having visited Leinehornet on Leinøya the day before, it was time to visit Haddalshornet - one of my favourite tops in Ytre Søre Sunnmøre.

And my favourite route to this mountain runs up the awkward north side. As I (hopefully) will make many more trips up this route, I've taken the liberty to call the route Klungsgylet (lacking a public name) - after the Klungsdalen valley and the distinct gully (gyl/gjel) that runs up this mountainside.


Very off-trail on Haddalshornet

Very off-trail on Haddalshornet
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The gully ends in a steep wall high up on the mountain, so hikers need to get onto the ridge left of the gully. This ridge is fairly easy to ascend, but has a couple of exposed moves which should be executed with care. Above the exposed points, the route to the top is easy. For further scrambling, one can seek left and enjoy a number of variations towards the summit cairn.   

From Haddalshornet, we continued towards Blåtind and scrambled on a cool cliff along the way. It was only proper that she should visit the high point on Hareidlandet island. In 2006, she and her husband Matt spent the summer holiday on Hareidlandet. Later, they discovered my website, and in January 2007 I received an email from Matt with the subject "An Englishman in Hareid". Since then we've stayed in contact and had some very nice hikes and climbs - including "Bladet" in Molladalen.

Scrambling on Blåtind

Scrambling on Blåtind
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From Blåtind and Haddalshornet, we had a good view towards Liadalsnipa - which was on the agenda for the weekend, weather permitted. The weather did permit and the trip report can be found here.


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Haddalshornet

1. Up Klungsdalen 2. Skogstjerne - Trientalis europaea - Chickweed Wintergreen 3. The dead hare 4. Baby troll 5. Tettegras - Pinguicula vulgaris - Common butterwort 6. Blåfjær - Polygala vulgaris - Common Milkwort 7. Up Klungsdalen 8. The route up the mountain 9. Gully scrambling 10. Gully scrambling 11. Up the ridge 12. Now what? 13. Up the ridge 14. Up the ridge 15. Unidentified plant 16. Scrambling towards Haddalshornet 17. View towards Blåtind 18. Scrambling towards Haddalshornet 19. On Haddalshornet

Zoom view from Haddalshornet

20. Zoom view from Haddalshornet

To Blåtind

21. Liadalsnipa 22. Descending Haddalshornet 23. Heilo - Pluvialis apricaria - Eurasian Golden Plover 24. Heilo - Pluvialis apricaria - Eurasian Golden Plover 25. Heilo - Pluvialis apricaria - Eurasian Golden Plover 26. Heilo - Pluvialis apricaria - Eurasian Golden Plover 27. Liadal 28. Scrambling on Blåtind 29. On Blåtind


30. Greplyng - Loiseleuria procumbens - Trailing Azalea 31. Klungsgylet 32. Colorful bay 33. The Klungsgylet route

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