Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Blåtindane, 1091m

Fylke/Kommune : Møre og Romsdal/Rauma
Maps : 1319-IV Valldal (?) (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary factor : 221m
Hiked : Nov 2007 
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Blåtindane ("The blue peaks") are part of a mountain massif north of the Måndalen valley, where Prosten (1263m) is the highest point. Other peaks in this massif are (a.o.) Trolltinden, Svartevasstinden, Trollstolen and Blåstolen.

Blåtindane consists of three tops. The southernmost (1091m) of these tops is the highest. Individually, none of the tops are difficult to reach and a traverse doesn't seem to be more than easy scrambling. The normal starting point is Måndalen, although some do hike from Daugstadsætrea and reach Blåtindane through the Venåsdalsskaret pass - to the left on the picture above.

The route from Måndalen is off-trail. A forest road runs up to 330m (elev.), but from there on, you have to find the best route. The general direction is obvious; follow the southeast ridge up to the top. This web page only describes the route to the highest point (1091m).

Venåsdalen/Venåsdalsskaret offers possibly the easiest (yet not the shortest) route to Prosten.

Primary factor:

Blåtindane (Norge 1:50,000: 1091m, Økonomisk Kartverk.: - , UTM 32 V 412708 6933279) has a primary factor of 221m towards the higher parent Svartevasstinden (1259m). The defining saddle (approx. UTM 32 V 412456 6934581) is found in Venåsdalsskaret pass, between the two tops. Ref.  Norge 1:50,000 (20m contours), the saddle is within the range 860-880m, interpolated to 870m.

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Trail descriptions

Notes: Class ratings are in reference to YDS. Click here for more information.

The trails described below are not necessarily the *easiest* trails to this mountain.

Route #1: Blåtindane 1091m from Måndalen (winter)

Difficulty : Class 2 (YDS)
Exposure : No
Distance : Approx. 3,3Km to the top
Time : Approx. 2,5-3 hours to the top
Starting Elev.: Approx. 190m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 900m
Map of the area
Map of the area
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(all distances are approx. distances)

Locate the place Måndalen, approx. 20Km west of Åndalsnes. Locate the Måndalen valley road on the north side of the river Måna (this road has two entrances/exits). When you come from Vestnes, turn right when you see the "Gyrodesinfeksjon" sign (per Nov. '07) on the left-hand side of the road. This road exit is approx. 40Km from the E39/E136 junction in Skorgedalen.

Drive 5,5Km up this road and you'll enter a road junction. Continue straight ahead (do not cross the river) 100m until you reach a farm. The main road ends here, and a forest road continues towards Venåssetra (toll road). Ask for permission to park near the farm, or find parking back the way you came.

The route


The southeast ridge

The southeast ridge
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From the farm, follow the forest road to Venåssetra. After 140m, you cross a river on a bridge. 60m later, turn right onto a forest road. Follow this road up to the point where it starts descending (and stay right in any forks).

In winter, on foot, consider following the dense forest to your right. There is little snow here. If you're skiing, just pick a good route up the birch forest. Some parts are steeper than others, and this is not your favorite skiing terrain. Still, it could be worse. Follow the southeast ridge upwards.

Eventually, Blåtindane comes into view, and the rest of the route is easy terrain. If you stick to the ridge, you'll pass a small hump, from which you must descend a little bit. If the snow on the summit ridge is icy, you should wear crampons. The high point is marked by a proper cairn.

Descend your ascent route, or traverse the other Blåtindane tops. Another view of the route here.

Trip reports and pictures


Other pictures:

1. Zoom view from Kjøsen (1466KB) 2. 85mm zoom view from Kongen 3. 85mm zoom view from Middagstinden 4. Blåtindane 5. 85mm zoom view from Trollvasstindan north top

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