Breistølfjellet, 1506m
Ulvehaugnosi, 1485m
Øynanosi, 1339m

Mountain area: Hemsedalsfjellet

Fylke/Kommune: Sogn og Fjordane/Lærdal

Map: 1517-III Borgund

Primary Factor: Breistølfjellet: 156m

Primary Factor: Ulvehaugnosi: 55m

Primary Factor: Øynanosi: 0m (< 20m)

Hiked: Sep 2001

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Breistølfjellet seen from Eldrevassbergi (winter)

Highway 52 - Breistølfjellet trail

Difficulty: Easy Click on thumbnail to see map
Risk: Low
Time: 2-3 hours round-trip
Starting Elevation: Approx. 1060m


As with Eldrevassbergi (1501m) which lies opposite Breistølfjellet on the other side of highway 52 over Hemsedalsfjellet, Breistølfjellet makes a nice break-from-driving. There are several named points to choose from on this mountain.


On Hemsedalsfjellet (highway 52 between Hemsedal and Lærdal), locate Breistølen just before the highway starts descending down to Borlaug. Locate a built-up parking area on the west (left-hand side, coming from Hemsedal) a few hundred meters south-east from Breistølen. A cabin lies opposite of the parking (just below Øynanosi), and there is also a bridge over the Stardøla river next to the parking.

The trail:

This description does not feature any known trail. From the parking, just head straight for the highest point ahead. Vague trails can be found here and there. A couple of streams come down the south side of Breistølfjellet. A faint trail can be found on the right-hand side on the rightmost stream. Along the stream is also an easy approach, trail or not. You will have to cross wetlands and low bushes, and you are bound to get wet after rain.

Maintain a north-east direction, and eventually you will arrive the Ulvehaugnosi cairn at 1485m (summit sign says 1484, map says 1485). Next, head north-west to the high point you see further away. What appears to be a carn is a measuring device with some sort of antenna. From the Breistølfjellet high point at 1506m, head south-east, either over Svoleberget, 1451m, or direct towards lake 1408. Head for the Øynanosi summit, which lies just above the parking. If you feel brave, you can try to make your way straight down to the parking, or do as I did, head north-east down the mountain (in the direction of where you came up), before turning towards the trailhead.

Another good route seems to be from Breistølen. There is a trail on the map that runs on the west side of Søre Kluftenosi, which lies just north-west of Breistølfjellet. Following this trail to lake 1334 and then head south towards Breistølfjellet should be a good hike.

Trip report:

I was getting ready for a busy autumn and decided to drop Troll off in Oslo, with my parents. As I left Oslo this Sunday morning, I was determined to get a hike along the way, at all cost. The weather was crappy over Hemsedalsfjellet, but I noticed that Breistølfjellet was fog-free, and decided to hit this mountain.

After just 15 minutes of hiking, the rain set in. The boggy ground had already made my pants soaking wet, so it didn't really matter. Just as I reached the Ulvehaugnosi summit, the fog covered the mountain. But as I sat course for the high point, the fog disappeared 5 minutes later. And so it continued. I was sorry not to get view towards Høgeloft - the highest point in Hemsedal kommune, just east of me. This little round-trip was quite uneventful, but nevertheless refreshing. I was back at the car 2 hours after I left. Not much to brag about, but at least I didn't see anyone else up there.

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Oynanosi seen from the highway (142KB) Breistolfjellet seen from the highway (131KB) Lake Eldrevatnet seen from Ulvehaugnosi (128KB) Ulvehaugnosi summit (119KB) Breistolfjellet high point seen from Ulvehaugnosi (170KB) Potential good view towards Hogeloft on the way to Breistolfjellet (104KB) Breistolfjellet high point, 1506m (70KB) Eikeshorn seen from Breistolfjellet (113KB) Lake Eldrevatnet and Eldrevassbergi seen on the way down Breistolfjellet (104KB) The trailhead seen coming down Oynanosi (204KB)

1 hour later

Down at Aurland, weather had positively improved... (151KB)


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