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S. Brurskardknappen (1458m) on foot, Apr 18 2011

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The route to S. Brurskardknappen

The route to S. Brurskardknappen
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Anne and me had begun our Easter 2011 vacation by driving from Sunnmøre to Valdresflya, checked into a cabin at Bessheim Fjellstue, followed by an afternoon ski-trip to Fisketjernnuten. There was still time left before dinner at Bessheim, so we decided to hike S. Brurskardknappen on foot.

On our way up the mountain, we met a man who told us that he came quite close to a reindeer herd and was (naturally) quite excited about this. This was good news. On our first ski-trip across Utvikfjellet (in Feb. 2011), we passed the Nordfjord reindeer herd within spitting distance. Would we also be so lucky to get a good view towards the Valdresflya pack?

Luck was on our side, and it didn't take long before we saw the first animals. They didn't spook easily, but clearly wanted to be left alone and moved out of sight. As we reached the top (50 minutes after heading out), we could see the entire herd (counting somewhere between 200 and 300 animals?) and what a sight it was!




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Satisfied with this encounter, we returned to the car - while enjoying the view towards the eastern Jotunheimen 2000 meter peaks. The dinner at Bessheim was nice and sinking into the sofa by the fireplace wasn't bad either. Let the Easter vacation begin...


Eastern Jotunheimen 2000m peaks

Eastern Jotunheimen 2000m peaks
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 550D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To S. Brurskardknappen

1. S. Brurskardknappen 2. At the trailhead 3. The trailhead 4. Besshøe 5. On the ridge 6. 2000m peaks 7. Reindeer 8. Reindeer 9. Reindeer 10. Anne 11. Kvitskardtinden 12. Reindeer 13. Reindeer 14. Reindeer 15. Reindeer 16. Reindeer 17. Reindeer panorama 18. Reindeer 19. Reindeer 20. Reindeer 21. Reindeer 22. Reindeer 23. Reindeer 24. Reindeer 25. Reindeer 26. Hellstugutindane 27. Surtningssue 28. 2000m peaks 29. Knutshøe 30. Surtningssue 31. Leirungskampen 32. Leirungstindane 33. On top 34. On top of S. Brurskardknappen

Wide-angle view from S. Brurskardknappen

35. Wide-angle view from S. Brurskardknappen


36. N. Brurskardknappen 37. Gjendehøe 38. Knutshøe 39. Øvre Heimdalsvatnet 40. Fisketjernnuten 41. 2000m peaks 42. Down the ridge 43. Fun on snow

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