Norwegian Mountains

Byrseteggi, 1025m (Burseteggi)
Raudhovden, 895m

Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Voss
Maps : 1316-II Ulvik (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary factor : Byrseteggi: 132m
Primary factor : Raudhovden: 62m
Skied : Mar 2005
See also : Horndalsnuten
Byrseteggi seen from Raudhovden

Byrseteggi seen from Raudhovden

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Unfortunately for Byrseteggi, the higher Horndalsnuten (1461m) and the string of tops in the "Raundalsegga" mountain range captures all the attention when you view this mountain from the south. The ridge that includes Byrseteggi, Raudhovden and Fennanuten (854m) is located on the west side of Skaftedalen, which is the one of the popular Horndalsnuten trailheads. Especially for skiing. Fenne is another popular starting point, but only the Skaftedalen route is described on this web page. If you hike or ski Horndalsnuten from Skaftedalen, Byrseteggi will only cost you 132 additional vertical meters to your hike. The views from Byrseteggi are good, although the views from Horndalsnuten are of course even better.

Primary factor:

Byrseteggi (M711: 1025m, Ø.K: 1025,42m) has a primary factor of 132m towards the higher Horndalsnuten (1461m). The saddle is found in the pass between Byrseteggi and Veten. Ref. Økonomisk Kartverk map (5m contours), you cross the 895m contours on the high route, but not 890m. The saddle height has been interpolated to 893m.

Raudhovden (M711: 894m, Ø.K: 895m) has a primary factor of 62m towards the higher Byrseteggi. The saddle is found in the pass between the two tops. Ref. Økonomisk Kartverk map (5m contours), you cross the 835m contours on the high route, but not 830m. The saddle height has been interpolated to 833m.

Trail descriptions:

Notes: Class ratings are in reference to YDS. Click here for more information.

The trails described below are not necessarily the *easiest* trails to this mountain.

Skaftedalen - Raudhovden - Byrseteggi (winter on skis)

Difficulty : Class 1
Exposure : None
Comments : Easy ski-trip
Distance : 12Km round trip
Time : Approx. 2 hours to the top
Starting Elev.: 460m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 650m (total)

Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
Detailed map
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From Bergen, follow highway E16 towards Voss. From the traffic light in Voss, drive straight ahead for 1,7Km. Then turn right onto highway RV13. Follow RV13 for 12,6Km and turn left towards towards Skår (signed exit). This is just above the Skjervsfossen waterfall.

Stay left in all junctions until you reach Skaftedal. It is 1,75Km from RV13 to the last junction where you turn left towards Skaftedal. Find parking 800-1000m after this junction. There are turnouts alongside the road at Skaftedal. Some are marked private, some are not.

The route

Walk towards the farm at the end of the road, and turn right onto a forest road. This road is probably not seen in winter, but chances are good that there are tracks up the valley. In any case, stay on the west side of Skaftedalselvi river and head north to northwest until you reach the Dalset cabin. From there on, head northwest up to the Raudhovden - Byrseteggi pass.

Raudhovden is only a 10 minute ski-trip away from the pass. It could be well worth while to get an overview of Byrseteggi. There is a summit cairn on Raudhovden. If you want to avoid losing vertical meters by heading down to Fossdalen before you find a good ascent route towards Byrseteggi, you need to ski up Byrseteggi's southeast side. The upper section is a bit steep, although not exposed. You need to consider if there is avalanche hazard before you proceed up this side. Proceed towards the summit, which is marked by a few rocks.

Trip report Mar 25 2005

It was supposed to rain this Good Friday during Easter, but it was only grey and cloudy when I woke up. I had a good ski-trip to Rispingen the day before, but I felt for some excerise today as well. I wasn't planning a long trip, as I had my eyes on something a bit harder two days later. I was saving my energy, so to speak. Besides, I had some blisters, and there was no reason to completely kill the feet *before* the really good Easter weather would come along.

I decided to visit Byrseteggi. I figured it would be a short, nice ski-trip, and there would probably be tracks. Skaftedal, where I was going to start, was also a popular starting point for Horndalsnuten. A number of skiers must surely have found their way up the mountain this Easter. This was how I figured.

I had hiked Horndalsnuten and Skipadalsnuten back in June 2001, and Troll (the dog) had done his share of walking then. Today, I expected to carry him all the way. But when we left Skaftedal 10:10AM, the snow was hard enough for Troll to walk on. He walked all the way to the pass between Raudhovden and Byrseteggi. A group of young girls left the cabin at Dalane as we passed. They were the first skiers I had seen all day. I was happy about the fact that it didn't seem to be a rainy day, but the clouds made everything look white.

Up in the pass, I decided to visit Raudhovden to get a better view of Byrseteggi. I had Troll in the backpack up and down Raudhovden. After starting the ascent towards Byrseteggi, Troll signaled that he wasn't done walking. The slopes were quite steep, but it seemed that he really wanted to walk this mountain. What puzzled me was that as we were heading towards a local top, the tracks he had been following, took a detour around the top. Troll left the tracks and kept on heading for the top. Even if this meant softer snow, and he sunk in a bit. He must have understood that this was not the summit, because he just kept on heading over this top, aiming for the summit further ahead. I guess the lack of a cairn was the reason for this.

We reached the summit 12:10PM, 2 hours after we had started, and including the visit to Raudhovden. Without a walking dog, it would have taken me one hour. On the top, I met another skier coming down from Horndalsnuten, and we had a long, good chat. It was incredibly tempting to continue towards Horndalsnuten, but I stuck with the plan to take it nice and easy. Suddenly, I had blue sky above me. The weather in the west didn't seem too good, and it looked like it was raining somewhere along the coast. The group of girls, and a bunch of other skiers arrived the summit. Byrseteggi was now a crowded place. It was time to descend. I couldn't remember having stayed on a summit this long for quite a while, but it was a good place to be. The views were especially good, and I recognized familar tops in all directions.

The plan was to ski down with the dog in the backpack, but I changed my mind. The sun had warmed up the snow, making the skiing conditions excellent. Still, I chose to let the dog get maximum excersise, and told him to walk down the mountain. And so he did, going through the snow every step of the way. He must have enjoyed it, because he isn't shy about making a full stop when things aren't fun anymore.

We were back at the car 14:00PM, and the dog walked the whole way down. Not a bad effort by a 11,5 year dog, 23cm high. I expected him to lay flat out in the passenger seat, but he seemed bored, as if there was more energy that had to be let out. He kept rotating around all the way to Bergen, putting himself in the most awkward positions. It was like he was telling me - "look how bored I am". I tried to remember what I had given him for breakfast, only to make sure I got rid of that food when I got back home....

Pictures from the Mar 25 2005 hike

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