Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Eggesbøsteinen, 68m

Fylke/Kommune : Møre og Romsdal/Herøy
Maps : 1119-IV Fosnavåg (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary factor : 58m
Hiked : Dec 2008
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Eggesbøsteinen (The Eggesbø rock) is the highest of a string in coastal humps, located just south of the village Myklebust on Bergsøya island. There is no public path up to the top, but the small forest, albeit a bit steep, is easy enough to walk through. Trees obscure a panoramic view, but you get a good view towards Moldtustranda, Flåvær and Igesundshetta.


Primary factor:

Eggesbøsteinen (Norge 1:50,000: 68m, Økonomisk Kartverk (ØK): 67,74m,  UTM 32 V 326123 6914320) has a primary factor of 58m towards the higher parent mountain Igesundshetta (216m). The defining saddle (approx. UTM 32 V 325592 6914698) is found between the roads towards Grønhaug and Toftestøa.  It is difficult to read Økonomisk Kartverk here, but a good guess is that the saddle is within the range 5-10m, interpolated to 8m.

GPS measurement on the top read 65m, averaged over a 5-minute period (error margin +/- 5,5m).

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Trail descriptions

Route 1: Eggesbønes - Eggesbøsteinen (all seasons)

Difficulty : YDS Class 1
Exposure : Just don't go close to the cliffs..
Distance : Approx. 170m to the top (2D distance)
Time : Approx. 10 minutes to the top
Starting Elev.: Approx. 10m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 60m
Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
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(all distances are approx. distances)

The nearest larger city is Ålesund. From Ålesund, follow highway E39 towards Bergen, and then RV61 towards Hareid. Take the Sulesund - Hareid ferry.

Entering Hareid, you go straight over a roundabout. Follow RV61 and drive 16,8Km (you pass Ulsteinvik along the way). In the RV653/RV61 junction, make a right turn towards Måløy/Fosnavåg. Cross the bridge across Dragsundet and enter Gurskøya island. Stay on RV654 towards Fosnavåg (don't follow RV61 towards Måløy). 11,5Km after the 654/61 junction, you reach the Moldtustranda/Fosnavåg junction. Turn right. Proceed 5,5Km to the Runde/Fosnavåg - Torvik junction. Turn left. Proceed 3,9Km and take a left turn onto Sjukeheimsvegen.

Follow Sjukeheimsvegen 300m, turn left onto Eggesbøvegen and drive 100m. Turn right onto Evangervegen, drive 100m, then turn right onto Valvegen. After 50m, turn left onto Storsteinråsa and drive 200m to the end of the road, where you should easily find parking. 

The route

Route to Eggesbøsteinen

Route to Eggesbøsteinen
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You may have to cross through someone's backyard, but just for a couple of meters. Head up the forest, and then you might see a faint track. In short, head up the north side. It's a steep drop between Eggesbøsteinen and the hump to the north. Be careful if you're on the cliff edge. The top is marked by a bolt.

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