Arctic Mountains

G4 Expedition, Watkins Mountains, East Greenland

May 22 2004 - Camp Day

Fog and snow. Wondering how much snow has fallen. Snowfall seems to be limited, but a lot of snow has swept across the camp. Took a morning trip towards the toilet, but couldn't see the path. Light is totally flat. Fog is covering the mountains. Only vague contours can be seen. The Tromsø camp is still visible, though. And it's much warmer. Only -5 deg. C. outside. Time is 08:45AM, but no one is moving about.

This would be camp day. Torstein and I dug a brand new toilet. Scalable and "wind-proof". Two walls of snow would stop the snow from blowing in and filling up the toilet. We were able to kill an hour on this task.

The weather got gradually better, and Petter took an evening ski-trip on the glacier. After he returned, the weather cleared up, and it was yet again a gorgeous day. We had pasta for dinner, and to my surprise there was quite enough food this time.

We sat around the tents and had an enjoyable evening. Made jokes about going down to the "igloo bar" for a few beers. Per Ove offered a round of Whisky and Torstein offered a round of Cognac. Lush life. We discussed where to go the next morning. Petter suggested Peak 3503 (at the time, we were thinking this was 3603, as the map height is wrong).

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