Arctic Mountains

G4 Expedition, Watkins Mountains, East Greenland

May 26 2004 - Brekruna (Peak 2824)

We left our temporary BC at 1845m 09:20AM. Petter and Per Ove continued to pull the sledges. The hill up to the top of the plateau seemed "endless". We were on top of the hill at noon, and we decided to set up BC2 for two days and collect a few of the local peaks. This was absolutely not part of the plan, but everyone found the idea to be good. BC2 at 2080m was up and running by 13:15PM. Due to the warm weather, a late start up to the mountains was OK.

Per Ove, Torstein and Ståle had their eyes set on a pyramid-shaped peak (2466m) close to the camp, while Petter, Jan-Frode and I headed up a pass between two peaks (both above 2800m). Jan-Frode decided to turn around after a while. Petter and I continued up to the saddle between the two peaks. This involved passing crevasses just below the saddle.

The mountain to our right didn't match the profile of the kind of mountain we were looking for. The ridge looked very unfriendly and we turned left in the saddle. We parked our skis below a steep section and continued on foot in the (very) deep snow. We reached the summit 17:00PM and were stunned over the amazing views from the top. We had a clear view towards the mountains in the Gunnbjørn Fjeld range, and we now could see Ejnar Mikkelsens Fjeld and wilder peaks than we've seen so far.

No trace of headache or nausea on top of Peak 2824m. I was delighted and looked very much forward to the rest of the trip. There would be no more mountains above 3000m, and the distance to our final base camp didn't look bad at all.

Per Ove, Torstein and Ståle had turned around due to unfavourable snow conditions (avalanche danger) on the sharp mountain. Back in BC2, Jan-Frode had dug out the BC2 toilet. We had a very pleasant evening with a nice pasta dinner, and plenty of goodies for dessert. Torstein has established a "snow-sofa" concept, which allows everyone to sit down together.

It is not dark on Greenland in this period. I got early used to sleep with "lights on". Due to the warm weather, we keep the tent door open. The GPS is telling us that there is no longer sunrise or sunset, which probably means the midnight sun has arrived. The clothes are incredibly smelly, but one gets used to everything. One set of underwear is used for motion, the other for camp. Personal hygiene is important, and in addition to the washing cloths, I've begun to wash out in the snow. The snow melts inside the palm of my hands, so it works out quite well.

Peak 2824 was later on the trip named "Brekruna". "Bre" is Norwegian for "glacier", and "kruna" is Norwegian dialect for "crown". Peak 2466 was climbed the very next day and was assigned the name "Anita Fjeld" (Per Ove's request).

1. BC2 (212KB) 2. Per Ove in BC2, melting water (203KB) 3. The local mountains seen from BC2 (205KB) 4. Our new playground, seen from BC2 (326KB) 5. On the way to Brekruna (241KB) 6. Brekruna seen from the saddle (311KB) 7. Giving up on Peak 2868 (97KB) 8. Summit view from Brekruna (460KB) 9. Summit view from Brekruna (415KB) 10. Summit view from Brekruna (246KB) 11. Petter on Brekruna/Peak 2824 (236KB) 12. Another view towards our destination (241KB)

Anita Fjeld (Torstein/Per Ove/Ståle)

13. Staale and Torstein heading upwards (151KB) 14. View while ascending Anita Peak (148KB) 15. Peak 2824 (Brekruna) and Peak 2868 seen from Anita Fjeld (149KB) 16. Ejnar Mikkelsens Fjeld (231KB) 17. Per Ove skiing down Anita Fjeld (159KB) 18. Leave nothing but footprints (or ski-tracks) (79KB) 19. Peak 2466/Anita Fjeld (165KB)

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