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G4 Expedition, Watkins Mountains, East Greenland

May 29 2004 - Snefjeld, Kristine Fjeld, Rabben

Another beautiful day on Greenland. Petter and Jan-Frode started early for their Snefjeld project. Per Ove, Torstein, Ståle and myself where heading to Kristine Fjeld. The name was Ståle's request.

Scrambling on the Kristine Fjeld high ridge was damned fun. Although the rock was rotten and dangerous, this was different compared to what we had done so far. We were under no time pressure. We could just relax and have fun. It was probably my best day on Greenland, all in all.

Kristine Fjeld had two humps before the summit. All class 3 (US). Hump #1 was trivial, hump #2 somewhat more tricky. A very big rock, looking like it would move on human contact, made us bypass this point. We followed two routes to the summit. Per Ove and Ståle followed a short and exposed snowfield, while Torstein and I sought around on the right hand side. We found a narrow gully allowing us to advance to the summit. We built a summit cairn and took a new route (parallel to Torstein's and my ascent route) down to the ridge.

Torstein was still suffering from a bad neck, and headed back to camp. The rest of us crossed the glacier towards a small hump which was given the name Rabben. It's Norwegian slang for a less prominent hill. On our way to Rabben, we saw Petter and Jan-Frode on their way to Kristine Fjeld. We assumed they had successfully ascended Snefjeld.

Rabben offered two ways to the summit. A steep snow pitch (50 deg. +) and a class 3 scramble between rocks. Ståle and I chose the scramble route while Per Ove walked straight up the steep snow. We found no trace of humans on top, claimed 1st ascent and built a cairn. Ståle and I descended our ascent route. Per Ove skied down Rabben in his usual manner.

19:00PM: Went early to bed after a warm and good dinner. I feel the group is more quiet now. Departure time is two days away. Everyday, we see clouds in the horizon. Will they come this way and delay our departure? Torstein and I are struggling with neck and back problems. Pain rushes through his body on random movements. I have to roll sideways before I can get up. His condition gets worse on trips, mine improves when I get warm. Blisters have been bugging me ever since I came. The band aids have now fallen off, and I'm putting new ones back on.

Noone complained loudly, or nurse Ståle would have come. Almost all medicine that the "evil doctor" had brought along required rectal insertion. Fortunate for Torstein, Petter had brought along some Paralgin Forte in pills form, and Torstein had his share. I reflected on that if tomorrow's alchohol and tobacco also required rectal insertion, many health issues would have been minimized. -Beer? "No thanks, still sore from the party last night". Tent humor, brought official on this page under doubt...

Besides some health issues, life got much better when we moved to the new location. I'm enjoying the stay, but look forward to going home. It would have been fun to take on "Sfinxen" (The Sfinx) or "Katedralen" (The Cathedral), but knowing more about rotten rock after Kristine Fjeld, I consider it almost impossible (in terms of safety) to rock climb these mountains.

1. Who needs newspapers? (224KB)

Kristine Fjeld

2. Kristine Fjeld seen from BC3 (229KB) 3. On Kristine Fjeld ridge (223KB) 4. Arnt scrambling on Kristine Fjeld (134KB) 5. Staale on Kristine Fjeld ridge (281KB) 6. On Kristine Fjeld ridge (201KB) 7. Approaching the summit (151KB) 8. Torstein on the way to the summit (116KB) 9. Torstein meters away from the summit (222KB) 10. Torstein and Arnt on the summit (124KB) 11. Per Ove and Staale on the summit (201KB) 12. Staale after having climbed Kristine Fjeld (103KB) 13. Per Ove after having climbed Kristine Fjeld (143KB)


14. On the way to Rabben (147KB) 15. Ebeth seen on the way to Rabben (116KB) 16. Per Oves tracks down Lille Snefjeld (84KB) 17. Istind (209KB) 18. Building summit cairn on Rabben (138KB) 19. Staale arrives Rabben (128KB) 20. Istind seen from Rabben (303KB)

Additional pictures by Petter, added Nov 2004

21. The fine Snefjeld ridge (341KB) 22. Jan-Frode on the way up Snefjeld (90KB) 22. Jan-Frode on Snefjeld (108KB) 24. View from Snefjeld (191KB)

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