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Gravdalsfjellet, Apr 30 2005

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A late April evening walk with David C. Pugh. David is an expert on Gravdalsfjellet and furthermore, an expert on Hordaland mountains and you can read more about him here.

We headed out from the Løvåsveien trailhead (by the tower buildings) and followed the excellent trail across Eikelifjellet. David introduced me to Eikelisteinen (or "Big Rock" as he calls it). It looked interesting, and I tried to climb it. Hiking boots are not quite compatible with this piece of rock, but it's doable. Next time around, I'll bring sneakers and climb the damned thing.

Next, David introduced me to a scrambling route from Lake Nipetjørna. On dry rock the route was trivial. With a little help my small dachshund "Troll" was able to climb it. Still, this route is miles away from being called "a family hike", and I agree with David that this route is nowhere near trivial when the mountain is icy.

We reached the top in gloomy weather. The pictures did not come out as I hoped for. On descent, we followed a boggy trail towards Vestlundvegen which isn't far away from the tower buildings we started from. All in all a nice walk, good company, and I found the motivation to "refurbish" my Gravdalsfjellet/Olsokfjellet web page. I will do more walks in this forest and add more trailheads over time.

Pictures from the Apr 30 2005 hike

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1. Lyderhorn seen on the way to Gravdalsfjellet (124KB) 2. Loevstakken seen on the way to Gravdalsfjellet (111KB) 3. On the way up Eikelifjellet (235KB) 4. View from Eikelifjellet (193KB) 5. Fungus on Eikelifjellet (257KB) 6. David by Eikelisteinen (127KB) 7. Loevstakken seen from Eikelifjellet (199KB) 8. Bergen mountains seen from Eikelifjellet (220KB) 9. Lyderhorn seen from Eikelifjellet (175KB) 10. Lake Tennebekktjorna seen from Eikelifjellet (165KB) 11. West view from Eikelifjellet (251KB) 12. Lake Nipetjorna (150KB) 13. Scramble route from Nipetjorna (177KB) 14. Scramble route from Nipetjorna (151KB) 15. Nipetjorna seen from above (106KB) 16. North view from Gravdalsfjellet (383KB) 17. North view (zoom) from Gravdalsfjellet (333KB) 18. David and Troll on Gravdalsfjellet (214KB) 19. South view from Gravdalsfjellet (326KB) 20. Eikelifjellet seen from Viggohytten (322KB)

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