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Scrambling on Otrefjellet, June 5 2008

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Seen from almost any angle ..

Otrefjellet is one of the dullest Sunnmøre mountains I've seen. When seen at all, as it hides anonymously in shadows from the higher neighbours Blåskjerdingen and Grødet. The mountain totally lack any form of character and attitude. It's just a mountain ridge. Even the forest road up to Ulvestadvatnet can be a bit dull, so why on earth do I keep coming back?


Because.. (Click for larger image)

"Jaws" ...

is what I call this amazing gap at approx. 550m elevation. It's just like the mountain is breaking in two, and a series of tall, cool rocks rise up from the abyss. Those with a playful mind can have a mighty good time up here, jumping from tower to tower, picking climbing routes that can range between anything from child's play to hard. I don't know the actual depth, but I assume it's a good 10 meters down to the floor, if there actually is one. Some black holes in the abyss makes you wonder..

On this trip..

I brought my friend Per. I figured he would enjoy himself up here, and I wasn't wrong. As Per doesn't travel this type of terrain too often, he needed some time to adapt to this weird landscape, but once adapted, he enjoyed himself as much as I did. Which is a feat, considering the fact that his company was the trainer from hell. This is also a good place to fight aracnophobia, as there were spider webs between every single rock. Spider webs are also good for the balance training, as you try to defeat them with your best foot. I feel a bit sorry for the spiders, but we're humans. Our own pleasure comes before anything else.  

And if it hadn't been for the fact that Per was carrying the only key to the house, and his wife was (patiently) waiting outside, we could have still been up here. 

My personal highlight was climbing a corner. I've never climbed anything where I needed to put my fingers into a vertical crack. And I'm not going to boost the difficulty level, but it was hard enough for me, and falling back down would have been ouch. Very ouch. Every step forward is exactly just that, and should be celebrated accordingly. Hereby done.

The -ouch or yes!- route

The -ouch or yes!- route (Click for larger image)

I do recommend..

those who are young at heart and free of mind to visit this fun area. But come in summer, and not when there is snow. At least on foot. The ground near this area is treacherous, with holes and cracks all over the place.


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6


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To Otrefjellet

0. Trip tracks 1. Early morning 2. Otrefjellet comes into view 3. On the Otrefjellet ridge 4. Entering the rocky area 5. Per looks small down there 6. Per looking for a way out 7. Dead end? 8. This looks good 9. Good. Now come back down 10. What?? 11. The only way is up 12. That crazy dog again 13. Just march across 14. On Otrefjellet

Otrefjellet views

15. Wide-angle view from Otrefjellet 16. 85mm zoom view from Otrefjellet 17. 85mm zoom view from Otrefjellet 18. Blåskjerdingen massif 19. Blåskjerdingen massif


20. Descending Otrefjellet 21. Back at the gap 22. Calm on the surface 23. Arnt is jumping around 24. The Sith Lord calls on his apprentice 25. Freedom of the hills 26. Arnt has a corner moment 27. Per, still thinking this is awkward 28. Per finishing a good scramble 29. You down there? 30. Style getting better 31. Time to head home 32. Leaving with shadows and good memories

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