Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Veten (Hidsegga) from Moldtudalen, June 18 2007

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This afternoon, it was time to narrow down the list of tops that I hadn't been to in the Herøy/Sande region. Veten/Hidsegga on Gurskøya was next on the list, and after work in Ulsteinvik, I headed out to Moldtustranda. I knew this area from my visit to Sollia last year. The weather was just great, but the wind was cold. Very cold, actually.

When I visited Sollia, I parked at the Sollia trailhead. I had forgotten that there was a road that would get me closer to Veten. This was a toll road, and I had no cash. Being a law obiding citizen, I decided to park at the Sollia trailhead. I didn't want to risk that an ill-tempered landowner locking the gate, just to set an example.

The Sollia trailhead would only cost me 1,2Km extra on a gravel road, but somehow, it seemed to much. I chose to put the dog in the backpack (yes, he fits) and take a direct course up the mountain. So, 16:10PM, I headed westbound down to a creek and then up the looong hillside to Veten. I almost regretted my decision. This hillside wasn't fun at all. Lot's of holes and evil juniper bush. Whenever I found some bog, I chose to follow it, getting a pause from the juniper. Bog is bog. It's wet and soaky, and energy is draining out.

But eventually, I reached the plateau, let the dog out and had a nice walk in the cold wind towards the summit. We reached the top 17:15PM, and I fancied the views. The panorama from Skorpa to Ulsteinvik was just brilliant. Like on the other windy tops I've been to, I followed the usual pattern. First, a series of wide-angle pictures. Then run back to the shelter behind the cairn and change to another lens. Then, out in the cold wind and try to take more panoramas while tears are coming from my eyes. I'm glad I only carry three lenses..

Once the pictures were done, we left the summit and followed the normal route down the mountain. The cows in the pastureland got curious about this stranger, and I took a detour. I assumed the farmer would be unhappy if I came strolling down the forest road, with all of his cows. But there was an electric fence on the other side of the pasture, so I guess that wouldn't have happened.

The walk along the road was a bit boring, and the dog seemed to think so too. But he hung in there for me, and we both reached the trailhead on foot, 18:25PM. Unlike normal, I was now well in route for the next (19:00PM) ferry.

Pictures from the June 18 2007 trip

To Veten

1. View from the trailhead (386KB) 2. Approaching Veten summit (262KB) 3. Veten summit (256KB)

Wide-angle view from Veten

4. Wide-angle view from Veten (1532KB)

50mm views from Veten, 2 parts

5. 50mm view from Veten, part 1/2 (1486KB) 6. 50mm view from Veten, part 2/2 (1374)

Zoom panoramas from Veten

7. Zoom panorama from Veten (1656KB) 8. Zoom panorama from Veten (1222KB)

Other pics from Veten

9. Gjerdsvika (885KB) 10. Skorpa island (312KB) 11. Ulsteinvik (472KB) 12. Bergsøya (841KB) 13. Kvalsund, Nerlandsøya (682KB) 14. Herøybrua (229KB)


15. Descending Veten (568KB) 16. My little hero (325KB)

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