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Haddalshornet, July 6 2006

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This afternoon was extremely hot, and I decided to pay Haddalshornet a visit after work. I hoped that the higher part of the Hareidlandet island would be cooler. My colleague Kjetil Haddal had given me good information about the trailhead and the path, and I had no problems locating the trailhead.

16:30PM, the dog and I were on our way to Haddalshornet. 16:31PM, I was on the way to Haddalshornet with the dog in the backpack. I didn't blame him this time, as I've never seen his tongue this long. I had already "loaded" myself with insect-spray, and this was probably a good idea. All of the insects in this region had gathered in the cool shade of the forest.

High in Klungsdalen, I had several options on how to proceed. I chose the shortest route I could see. It wasn't quite clear how steep it would be, but it turned out to be a very trivial route after all. I scared up a hare, and the speed of this animal never cease to astound me. A small, very noisy bird kept flying in circles above me. Post-research revealed that this was most likely a Merlin falcon.

Very content with animal and bird encounters, I reached Haddalshornet 17:35PM. The views were very nice, but haze (because of the heat) only allowed good views towards the nearby mountains. Liadalsnipa is always a good mountains to rest your eyes on, and the view was particularly good from Haddalshornet.

Troll's tongue went back into his mouth for the first time during the hike, when I offered him lunch. He didn't know this, but I had plans for him to walk back down. I shot a round of pictures and enjoyed the views for a little while, before we headed back down.

The descent was a bit rough for the dog, but he managed. Back down in Klungsdalen, things were easier, and he kept a good pace down the valley. We were back at the trailhead 18:25PM. The list of to-do mountains on Hareidlandet was gradually getting shorter...

Pictures from the July 6 2006 trip

To Haddalshornet

1. Haddalshornet trailhead (368KB) 2. In the forest (495KB) 3. Haddalshornet in view (272KB) 4. Klungsdalen (285KB) 5. Passing Haddalshornet (265KB) 6. Direct route up to the ridge (260KB) 7. On the way up to the ridge (289KB) 8. A small falcon (58KB) 9. A fast hare (194KB) 10. Crossing a small boulderfield (301KB) 11. Blåtind (238KB) 12. Ringstaddalen (407KB)

360 deg. wide-angle view from Haddalshornet

13. 360 deg. wide-angle view from Haddalshornet (857KB)

50mm views from Haddalshornet, 2 parts

14. 50mm view from Haddalshornet, part 1/2 (915KB) 15. 50mm view from Haddalshornet, part 2/2 (468KB)

Other pics from Haddalshornet

16. Liadalsnipa seen from Haddalshornet (193KB) 17. Liadalsnipa zoomed in (209KB) 18. Liahornet seen from Haddalshornet (175KB) 19. Molladalstindane seen from Haddalshornet (173KB) 20. Troll on Haddalshornet (361KB) 21. Troll on Haddalshornet (503KB)


22, Descending Haddalshornet (293KB) 23. Hiker on Blåtind (261KB) 24. Heading down Klungsdalen (315KB)

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