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Haddalshornet - my 1st ski-trip, Feb 23 2011

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My skiing route

My skiing route
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The time had come for my first ski-trip to Haddalshornet. I had been thinking about it for quite a while, but I never seemed to get past the thought. The conditions were not the best, as there was hardly any snow left below Hammaren (the antenna) and moreover - the mountain seemed to be either glaciated or full of wind-packed snow. But it was a gorgeous day, and none of the other local mountains tempted me more...

I headed out from my usual trailhead at Haddal and made my way up to Hammaren with minimal snow under my skis. As soon as it got a bit steeper, I started to feel adrenaline. There was no longer any natural protection (ledges, etc.) that would arrest a fall, as everything was covered with snow. I found myself in terrain that was a mix of ice and snow collapsing under me, and I allowed myself enough time to determine whether I should proceed or turn around.

I decided to move on, and headed up a very cold and windy mountain...


Harsh conditions

Harsh conditions
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At one point, I stopped to take a picture, lost my pole, and in the process of retrieving it, I lost balance and almost fell down a slope full of ice. It was a useful reminder; don't be clumsy!!

The rest of the trip up to the summit went fine, although the wind blew straight through me. I had forgotten my gore-tex jacket (yet another reminder...) and had to escape the summit within a couple of minutes.

I looked forward to the descent. After all - this was the main purpose of the trip. I'm not a good enough skier to blaze down a mountain in these conditions (or even in good conditions), but I still enjoyed it my way.

The whole trip was 5km and 550 vertical meters. Just above Haddal, there is a field that field that allows for some real Telemark skiing, and just as I was heading down, I scared up an owl. The owl flew alongside me for a few meters, then disappeared into the forest. That was so cool! I've never seen an owl up close before...


A tiny signature

A tiny signature
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 550D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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Pictures from the trip

1. Haddalshornet and my route 2. Below Haddalshornet 3. Blåtind 4. Snowdrift 5. View up the mountain 6. Looking back on Gurskøya 7. A survivor 8. Waves of snow and wind 9. Near-accident on the ice 10. Difficult skiing conditions 11. A shower hit me in my face 12. More snowdrift 13. On the summit ridge 14. Windy mountain 15. Liadalsnipa 16. The cairn in view 17. On the summit 18. Blåtind 19. Ørsta peaks 20. Garnestua 21. Gurskøya 22. Volda peaks 23. Tracks...

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