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Haddalshornet - into the dark, Feb 27 2009

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The route to Haddalshornet

The route to Haddalshornet
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After a week of snowfall and a week of rain, another (minor) snowfall came along. But on this Friday afternoon, the weather settled and the mountains screamed out to be visited. I have a soft spot for Haddalshornet and decided to pay this top a visit before dark. The new snow wasn't very deep and walking wasn't difficult. Higher up, older snow offered an easier ascent and an even more fun descent. 

This trip was pure heaven. I felt positive energy rush through my body from the minute I headed out and until I was back down. It took me 1h:15m to ascend the mountain and 30 minutes to get back down. I was back at the trailhead 7pm and didn't turn on the headlamp until I had passed Hammaren. Spring is coming! Still uplifted, I drove to the Huldrehornet (271m) trailhead and stood on top of Huldrehornet 7:35pm. The moon and Venus lingered just above Huldrehornet summit on my way up. What a view!

Ascending Haddalshornet

Ascending Haddalshornet
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

All pictures are taken handheld. No tripod.

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To Haddalshornet

1. Haddalshornet 2. Blňtind 3. Rjňhornet 4. Hammaren 5. Haddal, Ringstaddalen and Garnestua 6. Rjňhornet 7. View up 8. Gursk°ya 9. Skorpa and Nerlands°ya 10. Rjňhornet 11. L°keberget 12. View down 13. High on Haddalshornet 14. View down 15. Fog sweeping in 16. Where is the mountain? 17. Saudehornet and Liadalsnipa 18. Haddalshornet summit 19. Wide-angle view from Haddalshornet 20. Venus and the moon 21. Haddal

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