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Vetle Haugmelen (1118m) from Dalåker, Sep 4 2011

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Vetle Haugmelen

Vetle Haugmelen
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Where to go, where to go?

With a poor weather forecast in the afternoon, Anne and me lacked the inspiration to go for the big mountains on this Sunday. After searching the map for an easy hike, Vetle Haugmelen came up as a good candidate. To be fair, we should have visited this mountain on a sunny day - especially since the trips to Store Haugmelen and Helebrandseggi were done in bad weather. But, we agreed on the trip, and I'm certainly not lacking sunny pictures of the Indre Sogn region!

We assumed that the forest road was closed and so we decided to bring bikes. Anne had to borrow a bike for the occasion, and got one that we will remember for quite a while. And not for any good reasons...


At Dalåker

At Dalåker
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We were right...

... the forest road was closed at Dalåker. We biked the 3,6km to the fork near Syresete. We left the bikes here and followed the path to Vassløysa. Outside one of the cabins, we met 4 hikers who already had been to Store Haugmelen. The men were celebrating their ascent with Jägermeister. Why not? It was almost 1pm...

From Vassløysa, we followed a vague path for 300 meters, then we headed off-trail towards Vetle Haugmelen. We arrived on the top 1:40pm - 2h:50m after leaving Dalåker, and I could feel the first raindrops...



Lustrafjorden seen from Vetle Haugmelen

Lustrafjorden seen from Vetle Haugmelen
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We decided to descend via Breidesete. It wasn't raining much, and we were not in a hurry to get off the mountain. Besides, I had never been to Breidesete before. The (off-trail) route down the mountain was fairly easy and we soon reached the Breidesete cabins. As we walked along Lake Breidesetevatnet, I had a black & white moment...




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We returned to Dalåker 3:10pm. Another nice trip in the Kaupangerskogen region had come to its end.




The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 550D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6


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To Vetle Haugmelen

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Wide-angle view Vetle Haugmelen

20. Wide-angle view Vetle Haugmelen

Other pics from Vetle Haugmelen + descent

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