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Hornseten, Mar 25 2008

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The top of Hornseten ahead

The top of Hornseten ahead
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Easter was over, and it was..

back to the normal life. The good weather continued to bless our coastline, and on this Tueday afternoon I decided to visit Hornseten on Bergsøya. This would be my 13th top on my Herøy list, counting 18 tops in total. None of these tops are in the "advanced mountaineering" category, but I enjoy visiting them. It's a nice landscape. Good views, fresh air and the dog gets his exercise.

The main reason for choosing Hornseten, was that I was convinced that someone would have broken the trail. The snow was far too deep for my dog to walk in, so finding a well worn path was #1 priority for the day.

Quick hike

My friend Vidar had explained how I should get to the trail head, and by 17:20PM, my dog and I were on our way. Indeed, the trail had been broken, but Troll wasn't too keen on walking. Halfway up, I chatted with another hiker for 10 minutes or so, before arriving the top 18:00PM. A short, but nice walk.

The view was excellent, and got better by the minute, as the sunset-in-progress had begun to set its color on the shiny white Ørsta and Volda peaks. Troll ran down the mountain like he never ran before, and by 18:37PM, the hike was officially over. I stopped by Vidar's place and chatted for a while before driving back to Ålesund.


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To Hornseten

1. Spring is here 2. Hornseten seen from Fosnavåg 3. The trail head 4. In a small valley 5. Into a small valley 6. Up the short hill 7. Perfect! 8. The route 9. To the top 10. The Hornseten cairn 11. Troll on Hornseten

Wide-angle view from Hornseten

12. Wide-angle view from Hornseten

50mm views from Hornseten

13. 50mm view from Hornseten. Part 1 of 2 14. 50mm view from Hornseten. Part 2 of 2

Zoom views from Hornseten

15. Zoom view from Hornseten. Part 1 of 2 16. Zoom view from Hornseten. Part 2 of 2 17. Bergsøya south side 18. Leine

Other pics from Hornseten

19. Molladalstindane 20. Straumane 21. Rundebranden 22. Remøy - Runde bridge

Driving home

23. Skåla in red 24. Sunset 25. Sunset

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