Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Huldrehornet, Oct 26 2007

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The route

The route
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After work in Ulsteinvik, I decided to stop by Myrvågane and take a look at the progress of the apartment that I've bought. It's supposed to be ready next summer, and I really look forward to no longer commute between Ålesund and Ulsteinvik. The distance isn't the main problem. I'm used to driving long distances, but the ferry is a nightmare. In any case, next summer, work will only be 10 minutes away.

There wasn't much to see yet. The concrete foundation, and that was pretty much it. And now that I was here, I might as well visit Huldrehornet. A low top, but it still ranks on my lists, and I reckoned the views weren't too bad. After all, it was one of those few sunny days we've had this autumn. If it hadn't been for a fierce wind, I would have chosen a higher top.

I tried to find a route from Haugen, but found none. I rang a doorbell, and a lady suggested a good path for me. She gave me accurate instructions, and I found the path right away. The time was 15:35PM when I left the trailhead, and my dog "Troll" walked 50 meters before I heard the well-known complaint; "You know ..."

With my aging buddy in the backpack, I arrived Huldrehornet 16:04PM. The wind was hilarious up here. Strong gale force. Keeping the camera steady was a futile effort. I've never tossed away so many pictures after ANY hike. Taking zoom pictures was impossible. Quite a contrast to 200m below, where I arrived the trailhead with the car roof down...

I didn't consider any further exploration of this area (I'll have plenty more opportunities later) and headed back down the same way. Troll was now walking. Eagerly. And by 16:30PM, we were back at the car.


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To Huldrehornet

1. Huldrehornet ahead (224KB) 2. The trailhead (231KB) 3. On the forest path (312KB) 4. Fun for kids (430KB) 5. Shelters for the small ones (432KB) 6. Above the forest (320KB)

Wide-angle views from Huldrehornet

7. Wide-angle view from Huldrehornet (1051KB)

50mm views from Huldrehornet

8. 50mm view from Huldrehornet (722KB) 9. 50mm view from Huldrehornet (1003KB)


10. Liadalsnipa (219KB) 11. Descending Huldrehornet (280KB) 12. Troll leads on (320KB)

Much later..

13. The moon (225KB)

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