Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Huldrehornet, Winter 2008

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My normal route:

My normal route to Huldrehornet

My normal route to Huldrehornet
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Dec 14 2008

This Saturday morning, I walked from my house, up to Dyrkyrkja (192m), passing a cool rock, proceeded to Lidafjellet (200m) before ascending Huldrehornet (271m). I descended my normal Huldrehornet route, and was back home 1h:45m after leaving. Total distance was 5km.


The round trip

The round trip
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1. Cool rock on Dyrkyrkja 2. Cool rock on Dyrkyrkja 3. My hood 4. View from the Dyrkyrkja rock 5. Tops above Ulsteinvik 6. The rock on Dyrkyrkja 7. To Dyrkyrkja high point 8. Dyrkyrkja rock 9. Huldrehornet 10. Wide-angle view from Dyrkyrkja 11. 85mm zoom view from Dyrkyrkja 12. Tjørvåg seen from Dyrkyrkja 13. Shapes 14. On Lidafjellet 15. Huldrehornet 16. The Coastal Express 17. On Huldrehornet 18. On Huldrehornet 19. Lidafjellet and Dyrkyrkja

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Dec 13 2008

What a morning! If someone knows the name of the clouds on picture #3, please send me an email!

Postnote 16/12: Many thanks to Ragne and Edvin for their answers! These clouds are Lenticular clouds (Altocumulus lenticularis). It sure helps to ask..


1. Nice sky and a damned wire 2. Huldrehornet in pink 3. Red sky 4. Wide-angle afternoon view from Huldrehornet 5. 72mm afternoon view from Huldrehornet

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Dec 4 2008

Huldrehornet is another of my new local tops. The summit is 1,6km from my house, and it's a practical target when I only have time for a short hike. On this evening, I couldn't find the trailhead in the dark (I had only been there once before), but I found another trail a bit further south. I expected this trail to go up the mountain, but it didn't. I ended up in the valley between Huldrehornet and Rjåhornet and had to fight my way through thick forest on Huldrehornet's southeast ridge.

Wandering about in the forest, at approx. 8:45pm, I had a vague feeling of being the only one on the mountain. It would be tempting to admit that I am the oddball, but when I reached the top 9:10pm, I was confident that there is something "wrong" with everyone else. It was just beautiful to be up there. Watching shooting stars from a mountain top is quality time.

I decided to run down the path down the northeast ridge, which is easy to follow. After one ordinary and two spectacular falls (icy ground), I walked the rest of the route. I entered the road by Djupvikvatnet 250m north of the car. It was a memorable evening walk.



1. View from Huldrehornet 2. My neighbourhood 3. Rjåhornet 4. Ørsta/Volda slalom hills

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