Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Huldrehornet, Winter 2009

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My normal route:

My normal route to Huldrehornet

My normal route to Huldrehornet
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Feb 14 2008

We have unusual amounts of snow in the Ytre Søre Sunnmøre region these days. I went to Huldrehornet yesterday, after dark, and the forest was almost fairy tale. Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera. OTOH, if I had, I would have been out all night. It was just that pretty.

This morning wasn't pretty at all, but I decided to "document" the snow before it starts raining. Last night, I had been breaking the trail on snowshoes. So this morning I went on foot, from where I live.

Huldrehornet is a friendly top, with respect to snowfall. The denser part of the forest doesn't allow too much snow to fall on the ground, and the snow quickly blows off the ridge above the forest. But just below the top I almost got stuck in 90cm deep snow (snowdrift) and had to take a slightly different route to get to the top. The time was 9:05am, and I looked forward to a late breakfast back home...

10 hours later, the 90cm spots now measured 120cm of snow, and the cornice on top was like a huge wall. Someone ... I know ... visited Huldrehornet in the evening, and told me this (cough..)


Norwegian Koala

Norwegian Koala
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1. Entering the forest 2. Norwegian Koala 3. Hard to be a branch these days 4. Pretty 5. Breaking trail 6. 50-60cm snow in the forest 7. Voldsfjorden 8. Snowdrift on the top 9. Snowdrift on the top 10. Deep snow below the top 11. On top of Huldrehornet 12. Myrvågane & Dragsund 13. My hood

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