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Igesundshetta and snowballs, Mar 28 2011

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The route

The route
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On this wet, rainy and cloudy (can it get worse?) Monday afternoon, I introduced Anne to Igesundsvarden on Bergsøya... This would be - given the weather - a short afternoon hike and I suggested the valley route from Myklebust to Vikevatnet. It had been snowing for two days and the combination of snow and fog made Igesundshetta stand out like a peak from Hell (Nord-Trøndelag county..)

Because of the snow, I lost track of the route, and we arrived on Igesundshetta summit after a rather steep passage.

To Igesundshetta

To Igesundshetta
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After signing the visitor's register, we took an off-trail route back to our starting point, and Anne wouldn't have been Anne if she had not come up with a stunt that made this hike very memorable...


Big snowball in progress

Big snowball in progress
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After taking the above picture, I had to leave the camera and get over there to help. The snowball grew wider, bigger and taller, and Anne kept telling me to clap it, so it would survive rolling around. In order to save the northern part of Myklebust from total destruction, I faked the claps.

As we reached downhill terrain, the snowball started rolling and (thanks to me) collapsed rather soon. 100 meters below, life in Myklebust went on as normal - and the locals didn't have a clue about the threat from above. I told Anne that she couldn't go around and eradicate villages just like that.

"Yeah yeah, yadi, yadi, yadi..."...



The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 550D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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Trip pictures

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