Pictures from Jotunheimen trip May 2002:

Vesle Galdhøpiggen, 2369m
Storgjuvtinden, 2344m
Bukkehøi, 2314m
Store Tverråtind, 2309m

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On the way to Jotunheimen:

View from Vangsnes, on the way to Jotunheimen (332KB) Store Skagastolstind seen from Sognefjell (152KB) Hurrungane seen from Sognefjell (131KB) Smorstabbtindane seen from Sognefjell (215KB) View from Sognefjell (197KB) Hurrungane and Fannaraaken seen from Sognefjell (162KB)

In Jotunheimen:

Arriving Leirdalen valley (164KB) On the way up Skardbakken from Geitsetri (122KB) View towards Leirdalen (104KB) Arriving camp #1. Skardstind in the background (131KB) Breaking from camp #1 (207KB) On the way up to N. Illaabreen glacier (111KB) Bukkehoi seen from N. Illaabre glacier (178KB) Naala seen while moving up Illaabandet (132KB) Bukkehoi seen from Illaabandet (198KB) Skardstind/Naala seen from Illaabandet (74KB) Storgjuvtind seen from Illaabandet (176KB) Storgrovtinden from Illaabandet (89KB) Petter arriving Illaabandet (97KB) Camp #2 on Storgjuvbreen glacier/Illaabandet (122KB) Storgjuvbreen glacier (176KB) Vesle Galdhopiggen and Galdhopiggen seen from Storgjuvbreen (169KB) Galdhopiggen, highest in Norway (131KB) Climbing up Porten (153KB) At the top of Porten (134KB) Storgjuvbreen glacier seen from Porten (64KB) PJ climbing up Vesle Galdhopiggen (132KB) Arnt climbs up Vesle Galdhopiggen (121KB) PJ and Petter up Vesle Galdhopiggen (93KB) Galdhopiggen seen from Vesle Galdhopiggen (127KB) Storgjuvbreen glacier seen from Vesle Galdhopiggen (182KB) Glittertind seen from Vesle Galdhopiggen (200KB) Skardstind seen from Vesle Galdhopiggen (177KB) Juvass seen from Vesle Galdhopiggen (217KB) Jostedalsbreen glacier seen from Vesle Galdhopiggen (155KB) PJ and Petter on Vesle Galdhopiggen (120KB) On the way down Porten (209KB) Petter on the way down Porten (147KB) Petter returning from Vesle Galdhopiggen (70KB) Storgjuvtinden summit zoomed in (152KB) Arnt summits Storgjuvtinden (112KB) On top of Storgjuvtinden (113KB) On the way down from Storgjuvtinden (362KB) Camp #3 on N. Illaabreen glacier (105KB) View towards Leirdalen from N. Illaabre glacier (198KB) Illaabandet seen from N. Illaabre glacier (247KB)

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