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Kayaking on Lustrafjorden + seals, June 30 2012


Harbor seals in Lustrafjorden

Harbor seals in Lustrafjorden
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On this Saturday, Anne and me drove to Vedvik by Lustrafjorden, from where we went out in kayaks. Anne brought her own, while I borrowed one from Luster Turlag. It was raining, and the mountains didn't feel so tempting today. So this was a very good option!

Just after passing Ytre Eikjo, we met a small colony of harbor seals (Steinkobbe - Phoca vitulina), and we stuck around for quite a while - at least until we realized that they weren't coming any closer. A very fun encounter!

The plan was to go to Solvorn, but our backs were in pain and we decided to turn around at Lęgene. We're not youngsters anymore |(

The total trip was approx. 11km. The next time I return, I shall bring a zoom lens!


Anne on Lustrafjorden

Anne on Lustrafjorden
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 550D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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Pictures from the trip

1. The route 2. On Lustrafjorden 3. Lustrafjorden 4. Heading out from Vedvik 5. Anne in her own kayak 6. In my borrowed kayak 7. View towards Molden 8. Nice shore 9. A calm fjord 10. Haugmelen in the distance 11. A boat had just passed... 12. A green shoreline 13. Steinkobbe - Phoca vitulina - Harbor seal 14. There were 5 in total 15. I missed a close one 16. Curious and shy 17. A nice encounter 18. I need a zoom lens! 19. A friendly bunch 20. Anne enjoys the seal view 21. Grandpa? 22. Submerging 23. Light rain 24. Steep mountainside! 25. Bye bye 26. Cool cliffs 27. Ornes 28. Turning around 29. Returning 30. A nice fjord... 31. In shelter 32. Passing Ytre Eikjo

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