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Klovetinden, Apr 2 2006

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Ain't it typical - I had decided to ski Klovetinden this Sunday and woke up to grey clouds above Sunnmørsalpene and sunshine above the Haram mountains. Should I go for Storfjellet instead, 1m higher than Klovetinden? I decided to stick with my plan. It was high time to learn more about the mountains on the other side of Storfjorden.

I took the 08:50AM Solavågen - Festøy ferry and had a very nice chat with Mr. Pilskog who was on his way to Kolåstinden. He seemed to know the Sunnmøre and Romsdal mountains like the back of his hand. At Rotaneset, I had to drive back and forth in order to find the trailhead. The forest road I had seen from the Hareid - Sula ferry was nowhere to be seen. I turned on the GPS, which led me to a farm, and sure enough, above the farm was the forest road.

After parking next to the main road, I was on my way 09:35AM. The snow on the forest road was hard as rock and I let my dog "Troll" out of the backpack. He walked willingly, focusing on the tracks on the road. The forest road was indeed a blessing, and hardly without having spent any energy, I reached a cabin at 280m elevation. The forest road ended here and I had to pass a very short (insignificant) section of bush and birch in order to get onto the wide north flank. And Troll kept on walking.

Any dreams I might have had about powder snow, vanished in the next second. There was 1cm above the underlying snowcrest, which makes for good slalom, but not Telemark in the clumsy way that I practice it. Above us was now the hill up to Stortua. At first glance, I was convinces I would have to put on my crampons in order to ascend it, but I was wrong and could ski straight up the hill.

I was now on top of Stortua and wondered how narrow the passage over to the plateau, would be. I put Troll in the backpack, just in case. There was indeed plenty of space, but I imagined that if the mountain was icy, crampons would be the best choice here. I then skied up to Klovekinn and enjoyed the views before moving across the plateau, towards Klovetinden.

The hill up to Klovetinden may require crampons if the snow is hard, but I was able to ski all the way to the top. We reached the top 12:05PM. I was already acclimated to the grand views, but the Masdalskloven gap was the bonus. I felt no desire to ever attempt a traverse of this gap. The sun never broke through, but it was there, just behind the clouds. The sun warmed us, and there was no wind. It was yet another fine moment in the Sunnmøre mountains.

After lunch and pictures, it was time to head back down. I put Troll in the backpack and skied to the small top Lyngefjellet (710m), before I let Troll out the backpack again. I was confident that he would run all the way back to the car. I was right. He seemed very happy as he ran down the hillside. Skiing was great fun here, although there were turfs everywhere. We descended the forest road rather quickly and were back at the car 13:40PM. This was perfect in terms of the 14:00PM ferry. Summary; a perfect day except for the missing sunshine.

Pictures from the Apr 2 2006 ski-trip

To Stortua

1. The mountain seen from Solavågen (274KB) 2. On the way up the forest road (169KB) 3. The trailhead below (304KB) 4. The end of the forest road (233KB) 5. Tracks in the snow (112KB) 6. Broken trig. point (147KB) 7. The hill to Stortua (106KB) 8. In the hill to Stortua (100KB)

On Stortua

9. View from Stortua (713KB) 10. View from Stortua (497KB) 11. Klovetinden seen from Stortua (215KB)

On Klovekinn

12. Jønshornet seen from Klovekinn (322KB) 13. Nordre Sætretind seen from Klovekinn (201KB) 14. Zoom panorama from Klovekinn (987KB) 15. The Svinetinden - Rametinden arete (135KB) 16. Hareidlandet zoomed in from Klovekinn (1406KB)

On Klovetinden

17. Klovetinden summit (217KB) 18. The gap between Klovetinden and Storhylla (309KB) 19. View down from Klovetinden (255KB) 20. Hareid zoomed in from Klovetinden (367KB) 21. Hjørungavåg zoomed in from Klovetinden (350KB) 22. Molladalstindane zoomed in from Klovetinden (424K) 23. Kolåstinden zoomed in from Klovetinden (268KB) 24. Ørstaskaret peaks zoomed in from Klovetinden (371KB) 25. Saudehornet zoomed in from Klovetinden (270KB) 26. Grøthornet seen from Klovetinden (229KB) 27. Masdalshornet seen from Klovetinden (188KB) 28. Ridge into Masdalskloven (317KB)

360 deg. wide-angle pano from Klovetinden

29. 360 deg. wide-angle panorama from Klovetinden (949KB)

50mm panorama from Klovetinden, 2 parts

30. 50mm panorama from Klovetinden, part 1/2 (1166KB) 31. 50mm panorama from Klovetinden, part 2/2 (1160KB)


32. Leaving Klovetinden (141KB) 33. Descending Lyngefjellet (198KB) 34. 900m above the sea (99KB) 35. Skopphornet seen from Festøya (262KB)

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