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Leinehornet, Mar 7 2007

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It was a quite OK Wednesday evening, and I was working in Ulsteinvik. A good opportunity to visit Leinehornet. The mountain would be snow-free by now, and I would have sufficient light for the pictures. I had forgotten to bring my GPS, but finding the trailhead was easy. I assumed that there would be a trail up the broad southeast hillside, and I picked the correct road that led up to the trailhead. Having parked, I asked a young boy about the path, and he confirmed that I was at the right place.

My dog "Troll" and I left the trailhead 15:45PM. The path was narrow, but still well worn. Small obstacles (roots, rocks, etc.) made the ascent quite strenuous for Troll, but he climbed and he climbed and he climbed. After a fairly uneventful hike (for me), we reached the top 16:15PM. A man and his dog arrived at the same time, and we chatted for a little while.

The wind was quite cold. The dog waited patiently while I took pictures. He knows the routine by now. Once I put the lens-cap back on, he started to head down the path. He recognizes the "signal". The views were excellent. I enjoyed a beautiful mix of colors as the sun was shining on Saudehornet, and Stadlandet was hidden behind rainclouds. The afternoon sun was spreading spectacular rays on Sandsøya, and I already started looking forward to upload the pictures on my computer.

We were back at the trailhead 16:55PM, and thanks to a slightly delayed ferry, we reached the 17:30PM ferry to Sulesund by the closest margin possible. It was yet another fine afternoon in the Herøy region.
On a side note, earlier in the day, I noticed a funeral agency car with a lit cross on top. Just like the cabs have, when they are free for a ride. My mind started to ponder on this. Yes, those cars all have a cross on top, but I never saw them lit. This can't mean that the funeral car is "free for a ride"? I'm sure - there wouldn't be a market. In the unlikely event that this was the case, they should have a tune/theme, informing everyone that "the car" is in the neighbourhood. Just like that ANNOYING ice-cream truck. Perhaps Beethoven's Fifth would be an appropriate tune. Not that any of this stuff matters much, but it's good to know that the brain is functioning, even after a hike.


Pictures from the Mar 7 2007 trip

To Leinehornet

1. Arriving Leine (322KB) 2. The trailhead (291KB) 3. Path begins here (276KB) 4. The path is narrow in the beginning (505KB) 5. The hillside (214KB) 6. Trail junction (240KB) 7. Rock face (248KB)

Wide-angle view from Leinehornet

8. Wide-angle view from Leinehornet (823KB)

50mm views from Leinehornet, 2 parts

9. 50mm view from Leinehornet, part 1 of 2 (946KB) 10. 50mm view from Leinehornet, part 2 of 2 (850KB)

Misc. views from Leinehornet

11. Godøya seen from Leinehornet (256KB) 12. Zoom view from Leinehornet (839KB) 13. Bergsøya (center) (600KB) 14. Ulsteinvik (283KB) 15. Ulsteinvik and Jønshornet (215KB) 16. Gamlemsveten seen from Leinehornet (140KB) 17. Sandsøya (106KB) 18. Rinden and Igesundhetta (113KB) 19. Dallsteinen (96KB)

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