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Leinebjørnen/Vardeheida, Mar 3 2008

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Leinøya (Click for larger image)

Nice weather

At last, a day with a good forecast. I decided to visit Leinebjørnen/Vardeheida on Leinøya after work in Ulsteinvik. On the way to Leinøya, I stopped at Myrvåg and chatted with the guy who builds my new house. I've only been there once since he started building. I'm confident that he doesn't regard me as a pest

It's also been a while..

since I did a walk in the Ytre Søre Sunnmøre region. It's only natural to save the tops down here, as I'll be moving out here. But today, I felt for visiting a new top, and since I'm running out of new tops in the Ålesund region...

I chose the same trailhead as back in Apr 2006, when I visited Leinehornet, the highest top on the island. My aging buddy Troll came along for the walk, and on-schedule, he halted after having walked 100m. I put him in the backpack, and was quite OK with that. Some disturbing dark clouds were moving in, and some serious rainshowers went back and forth across Herøyfjorden. Better get on top before I lost the marvellous view towards the shiny Ørsta and Volda peaks. I had been looking forward to get them on disc.

So, once I ..

reached the nearest viewpoint and got my pictures, I let the dog out. He immediately fancied the path (which had a thin layer of snow) and walked willingly. We headed out from the trailhead 16:18PM and reached the cairn 17:09PM. There was a mailbox, signed "Vardeheia, 270m". Another point, 160m to the north, was clearly higher and we went over there. According to ØK, this point was Leinebjørnen, and I found a fallen trigonometric point here. I made a mental note about opening a picture gallery of standing trig. points. It would indeed be a small gallery.

The views all around were just brilliant. A massive rainshower outside Godøya was quite a sight. Then there was the shiny Sunnmørsalpane, followed by the Vanylven mountains with grey clouds above, and the pitch dark sky above the outer rim.

Modest elevations, but ..

still I get the feeling of a good trip from visiting the southern Sunnmøre region. I leave Ålesund early morning, go to work, reach the top in the afternoon, and is back home again 12-14 hours after leaving. On this trip, we were back at the trailhead 18:07PM, after a 4,3Km walk. I caught the 19:00PM ferry from Hareid and was back home before 20:00PM. It was yet another good day on Sunnmøre.

Pictures from the Mar 3 2008 hike

Slideshow, all pics

Note: Pictures taken with a 50mm lens (while waiting for my new wide-angle..)

To Vardeheida

1. Leaving the trailhead (212KB) 2. Leinebjørnen in view (1368KB) 3. Troll, now walking (286KB) 4. View towards Godøya (268KB) 5. Rainshower at sea (90KB) 6. Dark sky behind Leinehornet (664KB) 7. Sunnmørsalper zoomed in (1224KB) 8. Petrified witch (283KB) 9. The sky above Hareidlandet (121KB) 10. Almost on top (276KB) 11. The Vardehei(d)a cairn (229KB) 12. The sky above Leinøya (73KB)

50mm view from Vardehei(d)a

13. 50mm view from Vardeheida (1246KB)

On Leinebjørnen

14. Big clouds (156KB) 15. Godøya seen from Leinebjørnen (159KB) 16. Very cool sky (192KB) 17. Troll on Leinebjørnen (233KB) 18. Fun stuff on Godøya (300KB) 19. Transistions (85KB) 20. Sunset in progress (106KB) 21. Keipen on Skorpa island (227KB) 22. Brush sky (82KB) 23. More sky (260KB) 24. Leinehornet and the trailhead (796KB) 25. Bergsøya (476KB) 26. Ulsteinvik seen from Leinebjørnen (539KB)

50mm views from Leinebjørnen

27. 50mm view from Leinebjørnen, part 1 of 2 (1382KB) 28. 50mm view from Leinebjørnen, part 2 of 2 (530KB)

Zoom view from Leinebjørnen

29. Zoom view from Leinebjørnen (950KB)

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