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Leirvågfjellet, 1st hike, Feb 16 2006

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On a brilliant February afternoon, I headed up to Leirvågfjellet with my colleague Terje Bergset and his son Markus. We headed out from Torvmyrvegen 4:10pm and my dog "Troll" kept us company. Because of the company, the dog was (opposite to normal) quite willing to walk. Terje carried Markus most of the way, which was a pleasant sight (considering I have carried Troll most of his life).

We reached the top 5pm and were impressed by the views. Terje had been on Leirvågfjellet before, but never on the top. I certainly plan to come back for more sunset panoramas.



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The first section is from Hareid and the ferry to Sulesund, on my way from work to Leirvågfjellet:

1. Hareid harbor view (430KB) 2. Ferry arriving (382KB) 3. Jønshornet (155KB) 4. Kolåstinden (165KB) 5. Saudehornet (140KB) 6. Masdalshornet (757KB) 7. Klovetinden zoomed in (167KB) 8. Bergehornet (195KB) 9. Liahornet (136KB) 10. Åvasstinden - Liahornet range (564KB) 11. Sykkylven mountains (390KB) 12. Jønshornet (138KB)


13. Hornindalsrokken seen from Leirvågfjellet (92KB) 14. Sykkylven mountains (520KB) 15. Terje, Markus & Troll (305KB) 16. Hjørundfjorden mountains seen from Leirvågfjellet (733KB) 17. Troll on Leirvågfjellet (161KB) 18. Masdalshornet (689KB) 19. Haram mountains seen from Leirvågfjellet (562KB) 20. Leirvågfjellet point 251m (not the summit) (167KB) 21. Leirvågfjellet views (206KB)

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