Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Leirvågfjellet after dark, Feb 8 2007

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A late evening hike under a starry sky and in cold weather (-10 deg. C). My little buddy Troll wanted to be carried to the top, foremost because of soft powder snow on the path. We reached the top 21:00PM, and it was the third day in a row, with gorgeous weather.

On the way down, I took a wrong turn and was descending northbound until I realized the mistake. Back on track, Troll walked on his own back to the trailhead near Valldal Trevarefabrikk.



Solavågseidet (Click for larger image)



1. Orions Belt (177KB) 2. Wide-angle view from Leirvågfjellet (767KB) 3. Vegsundet (254KB) 4. Solavågseidet (209KB) 5. Troll and a snowy forest (253KB)

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