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Leirvågfjellet, Feb 27 2008 - 3 guys and 3 dogs

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On Leirvågfjellet

On Leirvågfjellet (Click for larger image)

Leirvågfjellet is..

not a tall or large mountain. It is 254m high and measures only approx. 1,5Km from east to west. However, it is offers some nice walks and a fairly good view towards a.o. the mighty Sykkylven and Ørsta mountains.

This evening, Kåre Olav, Åsmund and I met at the eastern trailhead. This was the first time Kåre Olav and Åsmund met, but they had already one thing in common; they had both ascended Trollråsa with their dogs, 14 weeks old. I had done local walks with both, and in 2007, I visited Øverøystolen (1393m) with Åsmund and a common friend.

Along came our dogs Cæsar, Ronja and Troll. The weather was unstable, and we counted a handful of good hailshowers. The dogs didn't mind much about the weather. Cæsar and Ronja instantly bonded (also physically...) while Troll was paying attention to Ronja, seemingly radiating an irrestistable scent.

Cæsar and Ronja ran back and forth, passing Troll, over Troll, and Cæsar saw the opportunity to give Troll a fair tackle every now and then. It's not easy being small and almost blind. 

I had been to Leirvågfjellet a couple of times before, but I always turned around the trig. point. Today, we also headed over to the high point, some 80 meters southbound and 3 meters higher than the trig. point. We then descended our ascent route and were back down just before dark. 

Pictures from the Feb 27 2008 hike

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1. Showers seen as I leave home (90KB) 2. En route to Leirvågfjellet (334KB) 3. Åsmund, Kåre Olav and the dogs (429KB) 4. Troll, trying to catch up (388KB) 5. Another hailshower (301KB) 6. Yet another hailshower (342KB) 7. Almost on top (338KB)

On Leirvågfjellet

8. View from Leirvågfjellet (914KB) 9. Ronja (268KB) 10. Cæsar (252KB) 11. Troll (238KB) 12. On Leirvågfjellet high point (138KB) 13. The dogs chat (239KB) 14. Everybody takes in the views (130KB) 15. A touch of sunset (187KB)

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