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Livarden, 683m

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Pictures from the Mar 15 2002 hike from Riple:

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1. The Riple trailhead. Livarden in the background (97KB) 2. View towards Solbakkafjellet from Livarden trail (357KB) 3. View towards Gullfjellet, Kvamskogen and Sveningen (395KB) 4. Close-up of Kvamskogen (184KB) 5. View towards Stord, Uskedalen and Moesnuken (238KB) 6. Close-up of Stord mountains (194KB) 7. On the way up towards Livarden 8. Livarden summit (139KB) 9. View towards Ulriken from Livarden (146KB) 10. North-west view from Livarden (381KB) 11. North view from Livarden (325KB) 12. View towards Gullfjellet from Livarden (349KB) 13. View towards Folgefonna, Rosendal alps and Uskedalen from Livarden (440KB) 14. South view from Livarden (146KB) 15. Troll on Livarden (119KB) 16. Sunset on Livarden (75KB)

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