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Livarden from Riple, Feb 29 2004

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The weather this 2004 leap day was by no means anything near the wonderful weather the day before, but I wanted to start the day with a quick ski-trip. I drove to Riple and was surprised when I was asked to pay a fee for parking. I had no money, but after agreeing to pay next time, I was allowed to drive up the road and to the parking area. I had never been up here before (always parked down by Riple) and was amazed over the number of people. The number of children was overwhelming. I then discovered a floodlit track, and understood why this was a popular area. 11:00AM, I found my way down to the gate that led to the Livarden trail.

My goal was to reach Livarden within the hour. A few groups of people was moving up the ridge. There were good ski tracks up the mountain, although grass popped out here and there. The higher summit ridge was cold. A snowfall was expected later in the afternoon, and the light snow already falling felt like needles in the face. I reached the summit in 58 minutes, took a few pictures and returned. I picked up the dog and drove to Ulriken. We reached the tower 14:05PM, and I looked back at Livarden which I had been on two hours earlier. After a quick descent (the weather was growing quickly worse), Troll managed to injure his foot while entering the car. Poor bastard. There won't be any more Ulriken ascents for him for the next week.

Pictures from the Feb 29 2004 hike:

1. Sveningen seen from Livarden ridge (437KB) 2. Approaching the summit (296KB) 3. Bergen mountains seen from Livarden (385KB) 4. On the way back to Riple (208KB)

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