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Livarden from Unneland, Aug 02 2004

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This evening, I was heading towards Dale after work. Not a cloud was seen above Bergen, and it was a tremendously hot evening. The goal was to hike Dustingen and Kvamsnovi. When I had passed Arnanipatunnelen, I saw dark clouds above Vaksdal. After coming out of the last of the long tunnels before Vaksdal, it was pouring down. I turned around. My planned route was steep enough without wet rock.

I drove back towards Bergen and wondered where I should go. Livarden was sunny, although there were clouds above Gullfjellet. I decided to make a quick attempt from Unneland. Troll was unwilling to walk, and I put him in the backpack. That was fine by me, allowing me to move faster. The hillside above Unneland is however steep, and when I finally came to the last hill, the rain set in. After a few minutes, I could watch a strange scene. Below me was a major rainshower whipping above Unneland, and above me was only sunshine.

The local sheep isn't eating enough, and the hillside was overgrown. I scrambled the local stream instead of walking on grass, and the small obstacles here and there took away some of the agony about the hillside that never seemed to end. At 17:45PM, we reached the top. Both of us dripping wet. To my surprise, the Vaksdal and Dale regions now had good weather. It must have been a lonely rainshower touring towards the sea. Too late to do anything about Dale now, so I sat down and enjoyed the familiar scenery towards Gullfjellet and Sveningen instead. Troll had big problems on the way down. The grass was 3 x his height, and he had to really work hard, getting his feet in the right place. But he managed to hike all the way down - quite an achivement on his part.

Pictures from the Aug 02 2004 hike from Unneland

1. Livarden seen from the road (111KB) 2. Racing the weather (127KB) 3. Rain sweeping in over Unneland (89KB) 4. Weird weather (154KB) 5. Livarden summit cairn (214KB) 6. Close-up of Sveningen ridge (363KB) 7. Troll on Livarden (229KB) 8. Summit view from Livarden (547KB) 9. Valley view from Livarden (258KB) 10. Troll on Livarden (233KB) 11. Close-up of Unneland (165KB)

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