Lønahorgi, 1410m

Mountain area : Stølsheimen/Voss
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Voss
Maps : 1316-III Voss; (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: 260m
Hiked : Sep 1999
See also : Volafjellet
See also : Horn (Hornet)
See also : Kvitanosi
Lonahorgi seen from the air

Lonahorgi seen from the air
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Lønahorgi is one of the few truly dominating mountains in the Voss region. You can see Lønahorgi from almost any mountain in this region, and the large scale of this massif is truly majestic. Several routes leads to the summit, but Bavalen is the normal starting point. A road takes you up along side the ski-lifts, and then a "T" trail takes you along the long ridge towards the summit.

Lønahorgi is the second highest mountain in the enormous mountain region north of highway E16 (Bergen-Voss), west of highway 13 (Voss-Vik), east of highway E39 (Bergen-Førde) and south of Sognefjorden. The greater part of this region is known as Stølsheimen. People in Voss refer to the surrounding mountains as "Vossafjella", and do not consider Lønahorgi as part of Stølsheimen. However, on this web-page, for practical purposes, I refer to this mountain region as Stølsheimen. "Vossafjella" spans several mountain areas, and is difficult to define explicitly.

Primary Factor

Lønahorgi has a primary factor of 260m, towards the higher Kvitanosi (1433m). The high route between these mountains runs northbound via Storebrekkuna, point 1226 and Svartenut. On the M711 map, you will find 1160m contour lines defining the lowest point north and south of Storebrekkuna. Interpolated, this gives a saddle height of 1150m.

Trail descriptions:

Note: Class ratings are in reference to YDS (Yosemite Decimal System).

Note: The trail described below is not necessarily the easiest trail to this mountain.

Bavalen - Lønahorgi (summer/autumn)

Difficulty : Class 1
Comments : See route description below
Distance : Approx. 9 Km to summit, shortest route
Time : Approx. 3-4 hours to summit
Starting Elev.: Approx. 320m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 1100m

Detailed map
Detailed map


From Voss, follow highway E16 towards Oslo. After a few kilometers, exit left towards "Bavalen". Follow a paved road until you reach a large parking area. Park here.

The route

A more detailed route description will follow when I do this hike again.

Follow the gravel road that runs upwards from the parking. The road will take you onto the ridge between Slettafjell and Lønahorgi. The trail begins near a cabin at the beginning of the long ridge (Vådalseggi) leading towards Lønahorgi. Follow a "T" trail all the way to the summit.

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Lonahorgi seen from Bavalen (225KB) Lonahorgi seen from the trail (198KB) Lonahorgi tower (197KB) Kvitanosi (1433m) seen from Lonahorgi (233KB) Lonahorgi (1410m) seen from Horndalsnuten (75KB) Lonahorgi by Voss and Kvitanois in Stolsheimen, seen from Ingebjorgfjellet (147KB) View towards Stoelsheimen (Kvitanosi and Lonahorgi) from Store Dustingen. (194KB) Lonahorgi (1410m) by Voss, seen from Store Dustingen (139KB) Kvitanosi, 1433m and Lonahorgi, 1410m seen from Fuglafjellet summit (198KB) Morning mist and Stoelsheimen. Seen from Blaakoll, Dec 2001 (123KB) Morning mist and Stoelsheimen. Is that a rainbow?. Seen from Blaakoll, Dec 2001 (64KB) Lonahorgi seen while climbing Blaakolll, Dec 2001 (140KB) Panorama from Dale to Voss seen from Oyaseteggi, Dec 2001 (393KB) Lonahorgi seen from Grim/Herdabreida, Sep 2002 (147KB) Lonahorgi seen from the Rong road, Sep 2002 (134KB) Lonahorgi seen from Horn, Dec 2002 (315KB) Lonahorgi seen from Volafjellet, Apr 2003 (82KB) Lonahorgi seen from Volafjellet, Apr 2003 (199KB) Lonahorgi close-up from Tverrfjellet (130KB) Close-up of Lonahorgi from Oppheimsdalen (119KB) Lonahorgi by Voss, seen from Hogahorgi (169KB) Passing Lonahorgi and Voss (103KB) Kvitafjellet summit views (327KB) View towards Lonahorgi from Torfinnshorgi (243KB) Lonahorgi seen from Byrseteggi (632KB) Southwest view from Skrednuten (470KB) West to north view from Kaldanuten (zoom) (708KB) Vikafjellet (1088KB) Lake Store Volavatnet (582KB) Kvitanosi summit views (480KB) Lonahorgi seen from Solbjorgonipa (132KB) Uraskarfjellet summit view (845KB) Lonahorgi seen from Uraskarfjellet (157KB) Lønahorgi seen from Norddalsfjellet (205KB) Oksen

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