Norwegian Mountains, Nordland

Ramntinden, Lislramntinden and Kjerringlorten, May 16 2007

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Trip report, May 16 2007

My final day in Brønnøysund, and my final top. I had visited Ryptinden and Kråkneshesten earlier in the day, but as the evening was on its way, I got restless. Again. I chose to visit Ramntinden. I visited this top in July 2000, but didn't have any good pictures. Did I sense a vague shake on Mom's head when I told her that I was going out for a little while? Again...

The going out sentence is a forever thing. The only difference is that when I was a young boy, the sentence was followed up by I'll take the keys. Can I have some money too?.


I left the Ramntinden trailhead 18:30PM and reached the top 18:55PM. This time, I found the path. Back in July 2000, I headed up an ugly couloir between Ramntinden and Lislramntinden. Once on top, I took a closer look at the cool ridges leading up to the mountain. My initial thought was Cool ridges, rotten rock, and guessed that no one in their right minds would climb here. The boulder below told the whole story.

The bird

I stopped by Lislramntinden on the way down, and THEN I noticed the ugly couloir that I mentioned. It led straight down to the car, so I decided to follow it down. Half-way down the couloir, I noticed that a rough-legged Buzzard (No:Fjellvåk) was watching me. I sat down on the ground and tried to get some pictures of it.

I actually had to lay down backwards to get a stable position for the camera. The bird must have thought I was dead. Or dying. Because it came closer and closer. This was the first time I ever had a thing going on with a wild bird. It was a whole new experience, watching the bird from stand-still to super-dive in a fraction of a section. Everything that happened, amazed me. I spent a good 20 minutes on my back before I called it a day. Those who spend 14 days laying still, trying to catch a good shot of a Wolverine, is probably not impressed with 20 minutes. But for me, it was enough. In the aftermath, I should have stayed for hours. Perhaps the bird would land on my chest for the first bite. What a picture that would have been...


I was back at the trailhead 19:40PM and decided to visit Kjerringlorten before heading home. I had noticed this pointy top on my way down, and remembered that Kjell Iver had recently mentioned this top. I'm not quite sure how to translate this name, but if I say female droppings, you should get the idea..

I took the side road to the Clay Pidgeon shooting range and headed upwards. The plan was to scramble the south ridge, but on closer contact, I didn't. Instead, I scrambled up on the side and took the top from behind. THEN I noticed an even more poo-like top further south, and I said Damn.. that's Kjerringlorten. But it turned out that I was on the correct top. The other top was Skårklumpen

Then I headed back down and home, and packed down my hiking gear. Can't wait to get back. There's so much more to do. Dønnamannen, Vist-tindan, Snøfjelltinden, Finnknean...

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Pictures from the May 16 2007 trip

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To Ramntinden trailhead

0. My GPS tracks (205KB) 1. Ramntinden seen from RV17 (217KB) 2. Ramntinden seen from RV17 (200KB) 3. Ramntinden seen from RV17 (181KB)

To Ramntinden

4. Heading out (317KB) 5. Broken-up terrain (285KB) 6. The trailhead (288KB) 7. On the ridge (543KB) 8. Cave (415KB) 9. The ridge to Mosfjellet/Mosaksla (220KB)

Wide-angle view from Ramntinden

10. Wide-angle view from Ramntinden (876KB)

50mm views from Ramntinden (2 parts)

11. 50mm view from Ramntinden (Part 1/2) (991KB) 12. 50mm view from Ramntinden (Part 2/2) (732KB)

Other pics from Ramntinden

13. Torghatten seen from Ramntinden (130KB) 14. Kjerringskardet pass (282KB) 15. Tilremshatten (208KB) 16. Ridge below Ramntinden (388KB)

To Lislramntinden

17. Lislramntinden (368KB) 18. Ridge below Ramntinden (509KB) 19. The pass to Lislramntinden (343KB) 20. Wide-angle view from Lislramntinden (879KB) 21. Ridge below Lislramntinden (466KB)

Descent and the rough-legged Buzzard

22. Heading down the couloir (476KB) 23. Avoiding rockfall (304KB) 24. Fjellvåk / Rough-Legged Buzzard/ Buteo Lagopus (125KB) 25. Fjellvåk / Rough-Legged Buzzard/ Buteo Lagopus (284KB) 26. Fjellvåk / Rough-Legged Buzzard/ Buteo Lagopus (228KB) 27. Fjellvåk / Rough-Legged Buzzard/ Buteo Lagopus (173KB) 28. Fjellvåk / Rough-Legged Buzzard/ Buteo Lagopus (219KB) 29. Fjellvåk / Rough-Legged Buzzard/ Buteo Lagopus (267KB) 30. Fjellvåk / Rough-Legged Buzzard/ Buteo Lagopus (201KB) 31. Fjellvåk / Rough-Legged Buzzard/ Buteo Lagopus (68KB) 32. Fjellvåk / Rough-Legged Buzzard/ Buteo Lagopus (190KB)


33. Kjerringlorten (212KB) 34. Kjerringlorten up close (208KB) 35. Skårklumpen (194KB) 36. Kjerringlorten -from behind- (270KB) 37. The trailhead (252KB) 38. View from Kjerringlorten (1063KB)

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