Mosvasstinden, 1033m
Durmålstinden, 978m

Mountain area: Ohtjejælla/Tosenfjell, Nordland

Map: 1825 I Tosbotn (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)

See also: Rismålstinden

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Mosvasstinden seen from the lake


On highway 803 between Brønnøysund and highway E6, on the east side of the Tosen tunnel, park at the east end of lake 388. There is a large rest area on the south side of road.

The trail:

From the parking area, just behind the toilet (if it's still there), look for a large cairn, about a meter high. There is a string of these cairns running up the mountain in the northwestern direction. If you follow these cairns, you will arrive at the foothills of Durmålstinden. It may be a little difficult to follow the cairns down in the lowlands, but they are there. Just look for them. If you see an old hunting cabin, the cairns run by this cabin.

At the foothills of Durmålstinden, just head straight up the first ridge. The summit block is beyond the two lakes you see when you get up on the first plateau.

From here, just head straight southeast towards Mosvasstinden, which you easily see on the other side of lake Mosvatnet. Stay on the left (eastern) side of the lake. (You can also hike over peak 923 on the right-hand side of the lake). Cross a river and head straight up to Mosvasstinden, 1033m.

On returning, head back down to the lake and continue for a while, the same route you came. On your right is the steep eastern side of Mosvasstinden. But soon, it is possible to safely descend down towards Kildalen valley, and head for the cairns just above the parking.

Mosvasstinden Map


This is a nice and easy hike, accessible from the highway. It took me 4 hours altogether, but you could plan for a little more. Enough running water for refill, but try it out first. Some streams have a bitter taste.

I intercepted a small herd of reindeer, and had two in front of me and three just behind me. They seemed used to people, and didn't take off.

Great views as the pictures indicate. I could see all the way to Andalshatten, by the ocean.

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On the way from Bronnoysund, you arrive lake Tosenfjord before you go through the tunnel (137KB) By the Tosenfjord, Tosen mountains appear. Here is Middagstinden, 1005m (109KB) At the parking, the near and far ridge that takes you up and down (130KB) The trail to Durmaalstinden runs by this hut, seen from the highway (190KB) The old hunting hut, up close (218KB) It's good to have company.. (128KB) Durmaalstinden (170KB) View from Mosvasstinden. Southern Helgeland mountains (376KB) Mosvasstinden seen from the lake (201KB) View towards Boergefjell from Mosvasstinden (215KB) View towards Kvannlitinden from Mosvasstinden (189KB) View towards S. & N. Snofjellet from Durmaalstinden (318KB)

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