Muen, 1424m

Mountain area : Ringebu/Venabygdfjellet
Fylke/Kommune : Hedmark/Ringebu
Map : 1818-III Ringebu (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor:
Hiked : May 2000
Muen, 1424m

Muen, 1424m


Muen reside in a mountain area I don't know well. Thus, I have taken the liberty to translate an introduction from a thorough web site (in Norwegian language) that discuss the naming confusion around Ringebu- and Venabygd mountain areas:

Venabygdsfjellet is a mountain area between the valleys Gudbrandsdalen and Øterdalen. For simplicity - the mountain areas nearby highway 27 - from Venabygda in the south-west, where the road begins by the beautiful Venabygd church, and almost all the way to Enden in Sollia in the north-east. The most familar peak, visible from almost everywhere in this region, is Muen, 1424m. However, the highest peak is Ramshøgda, 1463m. Ramshøgda reside partly in Stor-Elvdal kommune, while the greater part of this area belongs to Ringebu kommune.

From the web site Venabygdsfjellet by Per Ingulf Lillevold.

Trail descriptions:

Highway 27 - Muen trail

Difficulty : Easy
Risk : Low
Distance :
Time : 45min - 1 hour to the top
Starting Elev.: Approx. 1060m
Map of Muen

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On highway 27 between Ringebu (highway E6 Gudbrandsdalen) and Enden (highway 3 Østerdalen), locate lake Muavatnet on top of the Snødøldalen valley, closer to the enden side. Muen is a pyramid-shaped mountain close to the road (east side), and should be hard to overlook unless the fog has set in.

East/South-east of lake Muavatnet, there are several parking opportunities.

The trail:

From the parking areas, you will find trails that leads east towards the mountain. The trails head towards the south side of the mountain where you enter rocky terrain.

The hike to the top is quite rocky, and may be slippery when wet. The summit consists of a myriad of cairns. The true summit is on the northern end of the summit plateau.


For me, there were three reasons why I wanted to hike Muen: a) It was the highest point in Ringebu kommune, b) It was close by the road I travel a couple of times per year, so it was a good stretch for the legs and c) I was curious about the views from the top.

The views are awesome. Especially towards the Rondane 2000m peaks, but also towards Sølnkletten and Rendalssølen. Do not drive highway 27 without hiking Muen. Highway 27 is a wonderful alternative to E6 when heading north of Oslo. Exit just north of Ringebu, and head north at Enden towards Folldal. From Folldal, head towards Hjerkinn and join E6.


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