Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Myklebosthornet from Myklebost, Jan 30 2006

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Trip report, Jan 30 2006

I "sensed" a spectacular sunset this Monday afternoon, and hurried home from work. I still hadn't visited Myklebusthornet, but I was about to. It doesn't take long to drive out there, and 16:20PM, I was ready to get going from the upper trailhead (thanks to the "Ålesund Turkart" map). My dog "Troll" attempted to put up his usual "if-you-think-I'm-gonna-walk" act, but wasn't able to grin before he entered the backpack. I was in a hurry. 5 minutes later (dog memory duration), I let him out of the backpack, and he seemed like every other happy dog.

"Who made this trail?" was a question that came early to mind. The forest trail was clearly heading the wrong way, but I had assumed that I was on the "scenic route". This was true, and after a while, I was on the ridge, turned west and headed for what I thought was the top. I admit I hadn't spent too much time looking at the map, and was taken by surprise when I noticed that the high point was still a good walk further west.

I found the necessary calm. The sunset was spectacular, and I got the pictures I had come for. It didn't matter if it got dark after this. We reached the high point 17:05PM and I wished I had brought a tripod. I knew most of the pictures would get blurry. I chose not to bring a tripod because of the wind. Still strong, after the recent coastal storm.

Troll was very eager to get back down. He had this "I've earned goodies" style and rhythm on the way down, and adressed me for not keeping up. I didn't have to switch on the headlight until we entered the forest 17:30PM. Not long ago, it was dead dark in the forest at 17:00PM. Summer is coming. Yeah!

I would have found my way down the forest without the headlight, but it was needed in order to see the dog. We were back at the car 17:40PM. The forest trail was quite boggy, and Troll was wet as ... well, you know - as a dog. I looked forward to looking at the pictures and in the passenger seat, Troll had this "OK, let's discuss the goodie QUANTITY" face that was impossible to resist.

Pictures from the Jan 30 2006 hike

Note: Some pictures are blurry. It got dark, and I had no tripod.

1. Myklebusthornet seen from my place (294KB) 2. North-to-east view, on the way to Myklebusthornet (242KB) 3. East panorama from (lower) Myklebusthornet (450KB) 4. Troll on lower Myklebusthornet (184KB) 5. Ålesund view from Myklebusthornet (216KB) 6. Sunset (134KB) 7. Myklebusthornet high point (83KB) 8. Sunset (104KB) 9. Sunset (87KB)

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