Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Kverveaksla from Hovland, Feb 4 2006

This route is described as route #4 on the main Myklebosthornet page.

Trip notes, Feb 4 2006

This was my third stop on my "island-hopping" project this Saturday. My dog "Troll" and I had just been to Signalen on Valderøya and Molnesfjellet on Vigra. Troll was seemingly tired of this project, and I decided to leave him in the car while I took a quick hike up to Kverveaksla.

I asked a guy about the trail, and he seemed very pessimistic about my ability to locate it, since I wasn't one of the locals. As a compensation, he allowed me to park the car outside his house. I went into the bush with a direct course towards the top. Halfway up, I came across the path, and 15 minutes later, 15:20PM, I reached the top. The wind was still strong, it was raining and I didn't stay long. I followed the path back to its trailhead, and wondered why it was so difficult to describe it.

Upon returning to Ålesund, it struck me that I would have to pay additional NOK 60,- since I stopped by Ellingsøya. It would have been cheaper if I visited Kverveaksla before going to Signalen on Valderøya. Oh well. Sightseeing is never free anyway.

Pictures from the Feb 4 2006 hike

1. Kverveaksla panorama (617KB) 2. Valderøya seen from Kverveaksla (494KB) 3. Kverveaksla high point (277KB) 4. Godøya seen from Kverveaksla (111KB) 5. Hovland - the starting point for this walk (223KB) 6. Where the path begins (232KB)

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